If a Father Can be Described as a Mother, You Know it’s Time for Publishers of Dictionaries to Update Their Definition of Insanity

I’m thinking of suing my former school for misleading me during what they called “sex education” lessons. Although it is many decades back, I distinctly recall them telling me that the way babies were made was when a sperm, provided by the male, fertilises the egg, provided by the female. They assured me that the one providing the sperm is known as the father, whilst the one providing the egg is known as the mother. So imagine my surprise when […]

“Bigot. Extremist. Homophobe. Fascist. Nazi. Dinosaur.” The Grand Inquisition of Tolerant Intoleristas Throws its Dazzling Lexicon at Jacob Rees-Mogg

I must say that seeing the treatment meted out to Jacob Rees-Mogg on Good Morning Britain, and the subsequent reaction of the Grand Inquisition of Tolerant Intoleristas was actually quite a liberating experience. I came away from it the following thought: “You know. I really don’t care one teensy weensy little jot what these people say or think.” But why? Why oh why do I find myself not caring very much that someone somewhere might be offended at my failure […]

Princeton Scientists Cause Uproar by Discovering “Sex Chromosome”

Warning: This piece may contain traces of satire. Scientists at Princeton University say they have made a startling discovery which could change the way we think about biological sex. Until now, it had been assumed that the sex of a person was not fixed, and could be changed according to how a person felt, but according to the team of researchers, their new findings could blow that idea out of the water. According to the scientist leading the research, Professor […]

From Servants of the People to Servants of the Agenda

As a resident of Salisbury, I was interested to see a number of – shall we say – agenda-driven Tweets this week, from an organisation calling itself “Wiltshire Police”. There was this, for instance: “Hate has no home in Wiltshire. Report anything that makes you question if you’re being treated fairly #999WhatsYourEmergency”. Anything? My children were particularly pleased to see that. They often find themselves to be the apparent victims of terribly unfair treatment, such as not having the same […]

More Transgender Rights? No, its Only the Death of Meaning, Dear!

So here we are on the cusp of gaining the “right” to alter our own birth certificates to change the sex that the midwife proclaimed when we exited our mother’s womb. Midwives? They know nothing. For millennia they have had the audacity to look between the legs of newborn babes and declare them to be boys or girls, solely on the basis of certain anatomical features. All about transgender rights is it? No. It’s the latest in a long line […]

Our Implacable and Unmerciful Commitment to Tolerance

In the second half of the first chapter of his epistle to the Romans, the Apostle Paul gives a grim picture of what happens when a society that once had some knowledge of God rejects him. One of his major themes is that their view of sex and sexuality becomes horrendously skewed (sound familiar?), but he also gives a list of the sorts of attitudes and behaviours society will experience in their wilful rejection of God. Amongst other things, he […]

The Modern’s Creed

We believe in one God, Ourselves, the Almighty, makers of heaven on earth, of all that is now and future. We believe in one correct ideology, Tolerance’n’Diversity, the only acceptable thought system, begotten by us after all ages (of patriarchal oppression); Good from the Intrinsically Good, Light after eons of Darkness, true Tolerance from the truly Tolerant, of one being with Ourselves. Through it all things have been remade. For us and our own self-justification, it came down to cast […]

Ofsted Sets New LGBTQWERTY Benchmark for Outstanding Education

Warning: This piece may contain traces of satire Ofsted inspectors have awarded an Outstanding grade for a school in Hackney, North London, despite its pupils getting poor GCSE grades. Égalité House, which was established in 2012, saw only three of its 129 pupils achieve A grades in maths and two in English last year, and a total pass rate for both subjects of less than 30%. Yet despite the low grades, along with what inspectors noted as “the poor quality of […]

Napoleon’s Puppies Come Down From the Loft

It’s been fun learning over the past week or so that I am an extremist. I hadn’t previously considered myself to be one, but it’s now been pointed out so many times over the past few days, by certain young left-leaning folks, that I can no longer be in any doubt. In fact I assume that I, along with other like-minded people, must now just wait for the powers-that-be to start issuing little badges with the letter “E”, in order […]

Sales of Paracetamol up as the English Language Undergoes a Sex-Change

I came across a new word the other day. Themself. I chanced upon it quite by accident after happening to see a story about someone called Jack Monroe who had apparently been awarded a sum of money in a court case against Katie Hopkins. The case itself intrigued me about as much as statistics on 17th century wool production, but what caught my eye was that Jack didn’t appear to look very much like I’d expect a Jack to look. […]

On Telling the Difference Between Historic Anglicanism & ISIS: Clue – One Does Baptisms, the Other Does Executions

If you happened to visit my church on a Sunday, here is what you would find: a group of people of all ages – we don’t do age segregation – participating in a worship service in the historic Anglican tradition. After the service you would enjoy coffee and tea, along with plenty of fellowship and laughter. If you happened to turn up on the first Sunday of the month, we would ask you to join us for lunch – an […]

The Essence of Modern Totalitarianism

My latest piece for Samaritan Ministries International The essence of modern totalitarianism lies in creating new, subjective realities, and then insisting that everyone else accept them or else. There are many examples of this. For instance, there is the idea that there really are no differences between men and women, and that both can perform all tasks to the same degree. There is the idea that marriage is something that can take place between two men or two women. There […]

Ashers Bakery, Wine That Doesn’t Turn Into Blood, Bodies That do Rise From the Dead and More — A Response to a Commentator

My recent article on the Ashers Bakery case generated a few comments from a gentleman named Oliver Green. I promised Oliver that when I found the time I would respond as best I could to what he wrote. However, rather than just posting underneath his comments, I thought it best to post on the main page. So below are Oliver’s comments in normal font, and my comments interleaved in bold italics. This is a fairly long piece, but I hope […]

The Ashers Bakery Case: The Little Sheep Tolerance’n’Diversity Hath Shed its Wool and Bared its Ghastly Teeth

The Ashers Bakery in Northern Ireland has just lost their appeal for the heinous crime of refusing to write a slogan on a cake. The phrase “you couldn’t make it up” is of course long past its sell by date. You couldn’t have made it up 20 years ago (or even ten), but now you can make almost anything up and it will have a good chance of coming true about this time tomorrow. If the McArthurs are weeping, then […]

Online Hate Crime Hub Investigates Offensive Goose Joke

Inside the new “online hate crime hub”, which has been set up by the London Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime, Sergeant David Marshmallow and PC Gary Snowflake are discussing a new Hate Crime case that has just come in: Snowflake: Sarge, I need your advice on this? Marshmallow: What’s that Gary? Snowflake: Just received a complaint about this. Posted on Facebook. Marshmallow: What is it? Snowflake: Not sure, sir. I don’t quite know what to make of it. Marshmallow: […]

Man Who Became Woman but Stayed Man Can’t Get Woman’s Pension

I’m beginning to think that the whole LGBT movement was started by a group of powerful lawyers who rightly foresaw the huge opportunities they would have to make a mint in a society that opted to go full moonbat crazy. The legal cases are coming in thick and fast now, and with each one we find ourselves sailing further out into the Ocean of Absurdity, far away from the Island of Sanity, and the lawyers must be coining it in. […]

Are You a Liberal? Are You a Hater? Take the Liberal Hate Detector Test

Are you a liberal who is genuinely the very epitome of love and human kindness? Or do you find that when you come across a person holding contrary views, you find it hard to restrain yourself from shouting them down, launching ad hominem attacks on them, and screeching about how intolerant they are? Find out which type of liberal you really are by taking the Liberal Hate Detector Test. Are you able to hear a reasoned position and engage with it, […]

The Totalitarianism of #Uniteagainsthate

Where do you stand on hate? Are you for it or against it? Surely you can #uniteagainsthate, or one of the many similar hashtags trending on Twitter? I mean what could possibly be wrong with uniting against hate? We should all hate hate, shouldn’t we? The first response to those peddling this nonsense is to say that we are all haters. As creatures made in the image of God, we are designed to hate. We are designed to hate because […]

Brexit Rage: The Enlightened Facebook Thoughts of a Disgruntled Young Remainer

Warning: This Piece Contains Levels of Satire Which Could Seriously Damage Your Health I still can’t believe that so many people could be THAT STUPID to vote us out and ruin the country I mean it’s a TOTAL MOCKERY OF DEMOCRACY that so many people who were so ill informed and so full of bigotry and hate could even be allowed to vote about MY FUTURE I tell you I’m so ANGRY about it now that I can’t even tell you how […]

Logic Dies as A no Longer Identifies as A

“Hi A. It is A, isn’t it? I hardly recognised you there. It’s B. Remember me? How are you doing?” “I’m fine. Well I’m … well it’s just … I’m …” “What is it A? Is something the matter? You don’t look quite yourself.” “Look, B. There’s something I need you to know. I’m no longer known as A.” “What do you mean you’re no longer known as A, A?” “I mean I no longer identify as A. In fact, […]

Civilization Goes Splat!

My latest piece for Samaritan Ministries International What do you call a civilization that cannot tell the difference between a man and a woman? How about a civilization that allows men to use the female restroom because they identify as female? And a civilisation where large multinational companies boycott whole states because those states pass laws defining the terms “male” and “female” as a person’s “immutable biological sex as objectively determined by anatomy and genetics at time of birth”? What […]

Tolerant Baker Joke

Three men walk into a bakery. “Good morning,” says the owner, “what can I do for you all?” “I’d like to order a cake iced with all the colours of the rainbow and the words ‘Celebrating same-sex marriage,’” said the first man. “Certainly. And how about you,” said the owner turning to the second man. “I’d like a cake iced with the words ‘Celebrating Tolerance and Diversity.’” “Yes of course. That’s what we’re all about here. And how about you?” […]

Ode to Hurt (or Why my Tolerant Nature Can’t Stand Your Opinions)

I’m hurting I am, and I want you to know, That the pain I am feeling, isn’t likely to go. I’m hurting I am, it’s your opinions you see, I just can’t accept them, I do not agree. D’you not pay attention, d’you not see the news? This post-modern world has no place for your views. They’re outdated, outmoded, outrageous no doubt, And lots, lots more words beginning with out. Reactionary, Dark Ages, Stone Age repression, And other assorted clichéd expressions. […]

Freedom to Think and Shut up

My latest post for Conservative Woman. I have some thoughts in my head, but I’m reluctant to share them with you. I don’t want to land myself in trouble, you see. Some of these thoughts may or not be about marriage, and I may or may not have opinions about whether a marriage really ought to have just one man and just one woman in it. But I’ll leave you to guess. Must keep it all in the head. Letting […]

On the Slippery Slope to Abolishing the Adultery Law

Below is the full version of a piece I wrote for Conservative Woman. One of the arguments used by pro-marriage supporters against the introduction of same-sex “marriage” is that it could lead to a whole raft of other marriage configurations, such as polygamy. Same-sex “marriage” supporters counter this by calling it a slippery slope argument, assuring us that there is no reason to think that redefining marriage to exclude either a man or a woman would lead to a further […]

Can we Thank God for the Supreme Court’s Decision on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’?

Here’s my latest piece for Samaritan Ministries International looking at the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex “marriage” throughout the union.   When I heard of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex “marriage” across the United States, I must confess that a sense of gloom and despondency welled up inside me. It wasn’t only the decision’s effect on America itself that bothered me, although I grieve about that. It was also the fact that this decision is likely […]

Why the Faux Outrage Over Lord Sewel? He is an Icon of Modern Britain

Below is an article I wrote for Conservative Woman: A country that has moved so inexorably away from its Christian roots as Britain has must, from time to time, indulge itself in a little guilt release by pretending to be all aghast at the bad behaviour of a public figure. This is just to reassure us all that no, we’re not so bad as all that yet, and yes, we do still have some standards left. It’s all phoney of […]

“Sex Education” or “Sex Within Marriage Education” Part 2

Below is the second part of my articles for Samaritan Ministries International looking at “sex education”, it’s origins and why Christian parents must wrench it back out of the hands of the state, and begin teaching it once more within the context of monogamous, heterosexual marriage. The link to the first part is here. In the first part of this piece, I began by tracing the roots of “sex education” back to the radical Béla Kun regime in Hungary in […]

Is Nicky Morgan an Extremist?

This article is something I wrote for Conservative Woman. No I’m not a woman, but I am a conservative and they seem okay with that!   What exactly do they do to them at Conservative Party HQ? I’m referring to the long list of folks in that Party who once had what appeared to be ostensibly conservative leanings but who have, one by one, capitulated to the agenda of the Cultural Marxists. Clearly the party was infiltrated by out-and-out progressives decades […]

Nonsense & Nonsensibility

The handle of the door of the sitting room in the west wing of Laverwick House turned and in walked a sheepish looking Sir Edward Fitzwalter. He closed the door softly behind him before nervously looking over to the corner of the room where he saw Harriet Melksham seated on the chaise longue, awaiting him. In contrast to his somewhat awkward appearance, she was as ever the very epitome of poise and tranquillity. Her soft, delicate features radiated pleasantness towards her […]

10 Questions for Same-Sex Marriage Fans

“Marriage is not just a relationship or a contract, but a lifelong covenant.” Would you agree with this statement? If not, what is it and what is its purpose? If you do agree that it is a covenant, do you believe it is possible to break the covenant? Is it possible to commit adultery in a same-sex “marriage”? If not, what is the purpose of promising to be faithful for life? If you do think it’s possible to commit adultery […]

Bruce Jenner’s “Bravery”

I was recently asked in a radio interview to comment on the Bruce Jenner saga, and in particular the near universal reaction of the media that what he had done was “brave”. The answer I gave was no, I don’t think this is “brave” behaviour, and set beside the kinds of actions and behaviours that have historically been called brave it tells us quite a lot about our current state. I just wanted to flesh that out some more, but […]

Change and Changeability: Are you a Transkindophobe?

This is an article I wrote way back when for American Vision. Seems to me to be as relevant now as it was back then.   Doctor Clive Gledhill looked down at his watch – 4:30. Only half an hour until the surgery shut and then he could head off home for the day to his family. He looked at the screen in front of him and saw that he had just two more patients booked in. Perhaps they might […]

How the Cultural Marxists Stole our Culture

I did an interview for Chris Fabry Live on Monday this week on the topic of sex education. We covered some of the history behind how teaching on sexual matters was wrenched out of the hands of the family, and into the hands of the state. We also looked at how the man who first introduced this into Hungary then went on to become a major influence on the (Marxist) Frankfurt School, and how that institution then went about spreading all […]

Sir Tim Hunt: Witch-Hunted by the Cultural Terrorists

The resignation of Sir Tim Hunt, Royal Society Fellow and Nobel prize winner for physiology or medicine in 2001, ought to send a shudder down the backs of anyone who really doesn’t want to live in “Totalitopia” — the totalitarian dystopia being foisted upon us at an alarming rate. Sir Tim resigned after being howled down for comments he made about women in science at the World Conference of Science Journalists in South Korea. Here is the “offending” part of his speech: “Three […]

He is He and He is not She!

So there is a clamour in the Church of England to start using feminine pronouns to refer to God in worship. It is of course inevitable that this would happen. Firstly, it is inevitable because the church has been feminised over the last century or so, and this process led to the ordination of women ministers and recently to the ordination of women bishops. It is only inevitable that the process would continue with demands being made to make God conform […]

An Alien Anthropologist Attempts to get his Head Around “Same-Sex Marriage”

Imagine an alien anthropologist turning up on planet Earth at the moment — someone who knew nothing about our ways of doing things and nothing at all about marriage. He arrives in the middle of a campaign to change the law to introduce something called “same-sex marriage” (quotation marks are used around this term throughout this piece to remind readers of its oxymoronic nature). His initial conclusion, based on seeing the campaign, the slogans and the impassioned arguments for marriage […]

The Irish Vote to Redefine Triangles

Today sees the Irish going to the polling stations to vote on whether or not the constitution should be changed to redefine triangles. Those who are voting against the motion — a motley crue of bigots, extremists and Polygonaphobes, according to those in the Yes camp — continue to insist that triangles must have three straight sides and three angles, such as this one:       However, their claims are being challenged as being intolerant, bigoted, old-fashioned, outdated and extremist by their opponents. According to a spokesperson […]

The Ashers Bakery Case: Gay Cakes, Nazi Cakes & Jesus Cakes

So Ashers Baking Company in Northern Ireland has just been found by a court to have discriminated against a homosexual customer for refusing to bake a cake for him with a “pro-gay marriage slogan”. The company, based in County Antrim and run by the McArthur family, had been taken to court by Gareth Lee, a gay rights activist and after a three day hearing back in March the judge, Isobel Brownlie, has now ruled in favour of Mr Lee. In her finding, she said […]

A Tale of Two Elections Part 1: The Real Significance of the 1997 and 2015 Elections

The two most important British elections since the Second World War were the one held in 1997 and the one held just last week. However, it seems to me that the majority of people, including many political commentators, have not really grasped what happened in these elections. Actually, I would go as far as to say that most people tend to draw the opposite conclusions to the ones that ought to be drawn. The common belief is that in 1997, Labour won by […]

Everyone Thinks in Black & White

Another Excerpt from my soon-to-be-published book, a Christian & an Unbeliever discuss: Life the Universe & Everything The basic starting point of truth and logic is A equals A, so A cannot equal non-A. Up to the nineteenth century, people generally thought in these terms: thesis or truth (A equals A) stands opposed to its antithesis or falsehood (A equals non-A). Then along came philosophers such as Hegel and a century later, Satre, who, even if people aren’t aware of them, […]

50 Shades of Grey: Not From My Worldview

As I was walking through the town yesterday with two of my children, I saw two buses advertising today’s release of the film version of 50 Shades of Grey. Haven’t we come far! Aren’t we the enlightened ones! When a film glorifying BDSM is advertised on a bus, you know that the sickness runs real deep. Anyway, in recognition of this latest nail in the coffin for Western civilisation, here is an article I wrote a couple of years ago about the book and the […]

The Love of Law and the Law of Love

This is a slightly longer version of my latest piece for Samaritan Ministries International: The pressure on Bible-believing Christians today to capitulate to the sexual revolution is not about to go away any time soon. On the contrary, it is becoming stronger and stronger. This should come as no surprise, since the agenda of the sexual revolutionaries is to utterly destroy all traces of Christian sexual ethics from society. How are they doing this? In many ways, one of which […]

Does Eric Holder Really Believe His Own Criteria for Marriage?

So the Supreme Court in America has announced that it going to rule on whether the right to same-sex marriage should apply to all states of America. The Attorney General, Eric Holder, said that the Justice Department will file a “friend of the court” brief, urging the Supreme Court to endorse marriage equality. He went on to say the following: “It is time for our nation to take another critical step forward to ensure the fundamental equality of all Americans […]

Torturing 4 Freedom and Tyrannising 4 Tolerance

The irony of governments and their agents “torturing some folks” in the name of protecting freedoms ought not to escape us. And if you fancy overdosing on irony, consider that the governments of those same countries that have been busy “torturing some folks” or allowing it to happen, are the very same ones that are constantly reminding us of how tolerant we all need to be — even to the point of agreeing with their agenda to redefine marriage and triangles. A closer examination, however, […]

Can I Tolerate Your Intolerance?

“Tolerance” is the fastest growing religion in the West. It is the creed that we are all meant to sign up to and endorse wholeheartedly. It is the antidote to old-fashioned intolerance and bigotry. The sure and certain sign of how good and righteous you are is how willing you are to cast off your antiquated prejudices and join with the “Tolerance” crowd. There is a problem though. Say I were to drop my old-fashioned and antiquated views on things […]

Does Nicky Morgan Really Welcome “Anybody” who Enters into a Commitment?

Nicky Morgan, the British Government’s Equalities minister, has apparently now changed her mind over same-sex marriage, and despite voting against the legislation in May last year, now says that if a vote were held now, she would probably vote in favour. Well, people are allowed to change their minds of course, but what intrigued me in the report on her volte-face was her claim that she “welcomed anybody who enters into a commitment.” Really Nicky? Anybody? So I take it from this […]

Jonny Scaremonger and the Myth of Secular Neutrality

Never ones to miss a trick, the BBC has latched on to the Trojan Horse scandal — an alleged plot to take over some Birmingham schools and run them according to Islamic principles — by producing a piece looking at  “fundamentalist” Christian schools. The article — which can be found here — is clearly meant to sow the idea in peoples minds that these schools are much of a muchness with schools run on an Islamist/Sharia basis. Of course they […]

If you give up your parental rights, don’t be surprised when you find you don’t have any.

I am constantly amazed how parents who send their children into the clutches of the state for them to receive an education, are then surprised to learn that they don’t have the rights over their children that they thought they had. Take the case of the 16-year-old boy who is being allowed to wear girl’s clothing and make up at a school in Scotland, even though his mother objects. Thelma McLean, the mother of the boy (for boy he is), said: “I had previously […]


What exactly is meant by the word homophobia? Etymologically it is clearly a compound word, made by the joining of the words homo and phobia, but as to its meaning I am not entirely clear. Phobia is the easy part. It comes to us from the Greek and simply means a fear or hatred of something, as in Arachnophobia. But what of the first part of the compound: homo? Is it Greek or is it Latin? The Latin homo of […]