Has Theresa May Triggered the Little Known Article 50b of the Lisbon Treaty?

Speculation was mounting in Westminster last night that the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has secretly triggered an Article of the Lisbon Treaty connected with the process of withdrawal from the European Union. However, whereas she was expected to invoke Article 50, which would begin the process of withdrawal, it is believed that she has instead opted to trigger the little known Article 50b. Not much has been written about Article 50b for the simple reason that it was only […]

The Tory Party: A Chinese Restaurant Without Chinese Food

Imagine a man who takes his wife to a restaurant on her birthday. It is the Blue Dragon, a Chinese restaurant, because Chinese is her favourite food. They order some dim sum, followed by chow mein, kung po chilli king prawns, and egg fried rice. They then sit talking to one another, anticipating the arrival of the food. The waitress comes and places the food in front of them. A burger and cheese for him and a hot dog for […]

Brexit: Be Prepared for the Mother of all Stitch-ups

I don’t usually like to indulge in prophetic utterances, and I’m not sure I would describe this as such an attempt – more an informed hunch – but I believe that the 17,410,742 people who just expressed their opinion in a democratic vote to leave the European Union are about to find themselves involved in what can only be described as the mother of all stitch ups. Brexit just isn’t going to happen!!! What makes me so sure? Well there […]

Brexit Rage: The Enlightened Facebook Thoughts of a Disgruntled Young Remainer

Warning: This Piece Contains Levels of Satire Which Could Seriously Damage Your Health I still can’t believe that so many people could be THAT STUPID to vote us out and ruin the country I mean it’s a TOTAL MOCKERY OF DEMOCRACY that so many people who were so ill informed and so full of bigotry and hate could even be allowed to vote about MY FUTURE I tell you I’m so ANGRY about it now that I can’t even tell you how […]

Thoughts on Brexit: New Political Force Needed to Counter the Establishment Meocracy

“To my mind, democracy has failed us. Democracy has failed us because it was ill-informed. I just want all of you to know that when you leave here we can change that decision. It is possible.” So said Blur’s Damon Albarn, to resounding applause, at the beginning of this year’s Glastonbury festival. He’s clearly not the only one who feels that way. Social media seems to be abuzz with such sentiments from the sorts of people who constantly trumpet the […]

Sir Ian McKellen Spells Out the Real Choice Before Britain on 23rd June

Sir Ian McKellen recently weighed in with one of the more interesting comments in the run up to the EU referendum. He said: “If I were to look at ‘in’ or ‘out’ from that point of view, there’s only one point, which is to stay. If you’re a gay person, you’re an internationalist. I don’t want us to retract. I don’t want to and I won’t, whatever the vote happens to be.” His own fear is of course misplaced. Even […]

Brexit: It’s Not the Economy, Stupid!

With just a few more weeks to go before the EU Referendum, I must confess to finding myself suffering from what I believe is an entirely new syndrome. Known as Brexit Boredom Condition (BBC), it flares up at least once a day when I click onto the website of Britain’s “impartial broadcaster,” to once again find myself being accosted by the “Scare the Living Daylights out of Them” Campaign. Unfortunately for them, their tactics are lost on the likes of […]

Pushing Mr Obama and the Globalist Project to the Back of the Queue

To those conservatives who have been operating under the assumption that Britain has a special relationship with a special friend called America, I do hope that Mr Obama has managed to rid you of that notion. I hope that if nothing else, Mr Obama’s typically crass intervention in the affairs of another country will have made you see the glaring truth. Although Mr Obama has made this clear in previous statements, his “back of the queue” line last Friday was […]

Brexit Referendum Latest: Chicken Licken Joins the ‘Staying in’ Campaign

Once upon a time there was a little chick called Chicken Licken. One day as he was scratching about in the farmyard, he was hit on the head by Government EU Referendum Propaganda. “Oh no,” cried Chicken Licken. “If we vote for sovereignty and independence the sky will fall down. I must go and tell the Queen”. On the way, Chicken Licken met the third little pig who was carrying bricks to build a house. “Where are you going in […]

Emotion, Scaremongering and Meaningless Platitudes: Nicky Morgan Makes Her Entry into the EU Debate

The Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, has now waded into the debate on EU membership, bringing with her just about every device from the toolbox of the modern career politician: good use of emotive scaremongering, lots of high sounding but meaningless platitudes, all topped with a good drizzle of disingenuous nonsense. Let’s just interact with it for a few moments:  “It’s clear, that if Britain leaves Europe it will be young people who suffer the most, left in limbo while we struggle […]

Brexit: Thoughts on Leaving the European Integration Project

I’ve watched with a sort of detached amusement as Dave Cameron scuttled around Europe trying to get leaders of other countries to give him enough leeway to prevent his resignation on June 24th. I’ve been watching with even more detached amusement as politicians from the Party of the Blue Rosettes seem to have come to their decisions based on the toss of a coin. For instance, my own MP says he has been a Eurosceptic all his life, and continues […]

Little Householders

This piece first appeared on Conservative Woman There’s this guy next door who I just can’t make out. A few years ago, he and his family joined a local co-operative group with a bunch of other families in our village, apparently with the intent of enabling them to buy and sell with those families. They pay a ton of cash into it, but my neighbour claims that it’s worth it and they get more back in return than they put […]

World Motherbash Day?

I’m wondering whether the powers that be have just added another Day to the year. No, I don’t mean another 24 hour day onto the existing 365. Even the elites might baulk at pulling that stunt. What I mean is another protest/celebration Day to go alongside the plethora we already have – Earth Day, International Women’s Day, National Brown Hat Day or whatever it is – days where we are all supposed to join in the deafening chorus of demands […]

An Appeal to Angela Merkel to Fulfil Her Obligations Under Minsk II

Sehr geehrte Frau Merkel, I write this appeal to the person who I believe more than anyone holds the key to peace or war in Ukraine and possibly even Europe as a whole. As you are well aware, thanks in part to the role you played in brokering the 2nd Minsk agreement, there is at this current point in time relative calm in Ukraine. Yes there are occasional ceasefire violations — ceasefires almost never bring about perfect peace — but the […]

Democracy or Idiocracy?

How many times over the past year have we heard some Western leader or other talking in their usual semi-tearful and utterly unconvincing way about Ukrainians sharing “our values”, and just wanting to be part of Europe and the West? Well here we are, a year after Maidan, and with the sinister intimidation of most of the opposition meaning that the Verkhovna Rada has for the most part been purged of any real opposition, surely we should be able to see those […]

Will Minsk Bring Peace?

So what to make of the marathon talks at Minsk? Will they bring peace? Were there any “winners”? Were there any “losers”? I have to confess that I have no great expectations that this agreement will bring lasting peace, for a number of reasons: 1. The first is that the four powers – Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine – signed nothing whatsoever. Contrary to the way this is being reported in the mainstream media, not one of these parties actually […]

You Don’t Get it Angela: WE WANT WAR

I’m still in two minds what to make of Angela Merkel’s and Francois Hollands’s trip to Moscow on Friday. On the one hand, I simply don’t trust either of them enough to think that they are genuinely seeking peace. Why? Because since the start of this conflict, the two of them have known full well how this started, who was behind the violent coup, the calibre of people who gained power in Kiev, the neo-Nazi battalions, the constant bombardment of […]

Alexis Tsipras and the Unravelling EU

Back here I wrote the following: “This is not a good time for the EU and 2015, far from bringing stability, security and prosperity to its member states, is likely to see one upheaval after another. First there is the small matter of Greek elections in January, which could well see the leftist party SYRIZA forming the majority in government, and whose leader, Alexis Tsipras has made it clear that he is not prepared to play ball with Frau Merkel.” […]

Frau Merkel and the Dream of Mitteleuropa

I wrote back here about how Germany has clearly become the dominant power in Europe over the past few years — particularly since the financial crisis in 2008, so much so that it is now clear that the centre of the EU is not now in its official centre — Brussels — but rather in Berlin. Controversial I’m sure, but I then went on to suggest that what has emerged is nothing less than a German Empire in the making. I […]

Gun. Foot. Shoot. Bang. Ouch!

If you have a neighbour, and he supplies you with goods which you cannot do without, and which you cannot produce yourself, it would be good to try and remain on good terms with him, right? It wouldn’t be very clever to poke him and prod him, make up false stories about his intentions, and equate him with some of the worst people in history, would it? That would be very foolish and it’s possible that after suffering enough indignities at your hand, one day he might […]

What’s Not a Trading Bloc and is Dominated by Germany?

The true nature of the European Union has been emerging clearly and unmistakably over the past few years. I’m not talking about the fact that it is not and never was meant to be a mere trading bloc, but rather has always had political and legal union as its aim. That much has been clear right from the outset, despite the risible attempts of British politicians to deceive the British public into thinking otherwise. For example, the founding document of what was […]

Lithuania, the Euro and the Most Absurd Statement of 2015

Looking at the headline of this piece, you may be under the impression that an error has been made. Given that we are barely two days into 2015 AD, surely it should read “The Most Absurd Statement in 2014”? Well no. Just two days into the new year a statement has been made which I think will be hard, if not impossible to beat over the next 12 months in terms of sheer boneheaded, jaw-dropping, obtuseness. The statement was made by Pierre […]

Game-Changer: Goodbye South Stream; Hello Turk Stream

The news that Russia has cancelled South Stream — a gas pipeline from Russia to Europe, via the Black Sea — was at first reported by many news agencies as a bitter blow to “The New Hitler,” Vladimir Putin. Here was proof that Russia was indeed isolated, and that the stance of the West was paying off. However, just moments after this was reported, a monumental piece of news came through. The news was that instead of going ahead with […]

The Joe Biden Show: Truth, Deception and “Truthful Deception”

Did someone slip something funny into Joe Biden’s coffee before his speech at Harvard University yesterday? Whilst defending US Foreign Policy, the Vice President came out with a mixture of astonishing claims; a moment of truth, a moment of outright deception, and what I think can only be described as a moment of “truthful deception.” First the moment of truth. In a rare moment of candour, Mr Biden let slip who had been behind the decision of the European Union to […]

As Far as East is From West

Because some people believe much of what they read in the mainstream media, and because the mainstream media portray Vladimir Putin as a crazy insane madman who wants to revive the Soviet Union, build Gulags and probably destroy the world, there are many people out there who think Vladimir Putin is a crazy insane madman who wants to revive the Soviet Union, build Gulags and probably destroy the world. Meanwhile in the West, our leaders are portrayed as calm and rational […]

The Last Day of Being British?

It is the morning of 18th September 2014. My nationality is officially British. Although my passport somehow mentions an entity calling itself the European Union, which I am apparently connected with somehow. I was born British, have lived British and am still British. Yet this time tomorrow morning, I may well no longer be British. I will simply be English. But then again, I was that all along as well. And I guess that pesky organisation calling itself the European […]

A Couple of Helpful Articles on the Defining Crisis of the 21st Century

I seem to be writing about Ukraine all the time. I promise I will write about some other issues shortly. However, my reason for doing so is that I believe this crisis to be the defining crisis of the 21st Century so far. It is something that has been brewing at least as far back as 1991, and in many ways all the way back to Otto von Bismarck in the 19th Century. It is also something that may well define the shape […]

The European Union: The Squirrel Nutkin of Geopolitics

If you haven’t read Beatrix Potter’s Squirrel Nutkin story, you really ought. The story begins with Nutkin and his fellow squirrels crossing over to an island to gather nuts for the winter. The “governor” of the island is an aged and very respectable owl called Old Brown, and the squirrels seek his permission to gather nuts by bringing him an offering — mice, moles, minnows — every day. All, that is, except Squirrel Nutkin. Whilst the rest of the squirrels […]

Putin’s Real Missile: Aimed Right at the Heart of the EU

So after nine rounds of sanctions against the Russian Federation, the European Union is now waking up to the implications of the first round of retaliatory sanctions. It is clear that they are none too happy. What have Russia done? They have banned imports of certain foodstuffs from those countries that have imposed sanctions on them, for a period of one year. This includes the import of beef, pork, poultry, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, cheese, milk, and dairy products […]

In the Crocodiles Mouth; Not Eaten by the Crocodile

At the beginning of last year, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, made a speech in which he said: “In Europe, but not run by Europe”. He was, I believe, deliberately echoing the words of Winston Churchill who once said of Britain that it was “with Europe, but not of it”. Churchill was of course speaking in the days before the European Union and his meaning was that Britain was, in many fundamental ways, wholly different from much of the continent. […]