Saudi Arabia’s Best Friend Cries About Human Rights in Iran

Are the recent street protests in Iran a genuine grassroots uprising against that country’s repressive government? Or is thus yet another regime change attempt from the people that messed up Ukraine, Libya and Syria? The jury may still be out on that one, but one thing is obvious, which is that the chief suspects in the regime change theory sure are enjoying themselves exploiting the opportunity for that end. Ahead of an absurd emergency meeting of the United Nations Security […]

From Servants of the People to Servants of the Agenda

As a resident of Salisbury, I was interested to see a number of – shall we say – agenda-driven Tweets this week, from an organisation calling itself “Wiltshire Police”. There was this, for instance: “Hate has no home in Wiltshire. Report anything that makes you question if you’re being treated fairly #999WhatsYourEmergency”. Anything? My children were particularly pleased to see that. They often find themselves to be the apparent victims of terribly unfair treatment, such as not having the same […]

Ofsted Sets New LGBTQWERTY Benchmark for Outstanding Education

Warning: This piece may contain traces of satire Ofsted inspectors have awarded an Outstanding grade for a school in Hackney, North London, despite its pupils getting poor GCSE grades. Égalité House, which was established in 2012, saw only three of its 129 pupils achieve A grades in maths and two in English last year, and a total pass rate for both subjects of less than 30%. Yet despite the low grades, along with what inspectors noted as “the poor quality of […]

It’s Okay, it’s Just the Good Guys Spying on You

Just imagine that an international whistleblowing organisation released a huge number of files about the FSB (successor to the KGB), containing details on their eavesdropping capabilities which would make George Orwell’s eyes bulge. Just imagine that the files revealed they could spy on anyone, anytime, anywhere. They could do it through your computer. They could do it through your phone. They could do it through your SatNav. Oh, and they could even do it through your fridge. And just imagine […]

Only Willing Serfs Could Possibly Accept the State Giving “Relationship Education” to Four-Year-Olds

According to popular legend, if you place a frog in boiling water it will immediately jump out, whereas if you put it in cold or tepid water and then gradually turn up the heat, it will stay until it is eventually boiled to death. Simmering Frog Syndrome is often used as an analogy to show how people react rather quickly to sudden change, whereas if you spread the change out over time they don’t notice. The analogy is a good […]

The Essence of Modern Totalitarianism

My latest piece for Samaritan Ministries International The essence of modern totalitarianism lies in creating new, subjective realities, and then insisting that everyone else accept them or else. There are many examples of this. For instance, there is the idea that there really are no differences between men and women, and that both can perform all tasks to the same degree. There is the idea that marriage is something that can take place between two men or two women. There […]

Ashers Bakery, Wine That Doesn’t Turn Into Blood, Bodies That do Rise From the Dead and More — A Response to a Commentator

My recent article on the Ashers Bakery case generated a few comments from a gentleman named Oliver Green. I promised Oliver that when I found the time I would respond as best I could to what he wrote. However, rather than just posting underneath his comments, I thought it best to post on the main page. So below are Oliver’s comments in normal font, and my comments interleaved in bold italics. This is a fairly long piece, but I hope […]

The Ashers Bakery Case: The Little Sheep Tolerance’n’Diversity Hath Shed its Wool and Bared its Ghastly Teeth

The Ashers Bakery in Northern Ireland has just lost their appeal for the heinous crime of refusing to write a slogan on a cake. The phrase “you couldn’t make it up” is of course long past its sell by date. You couldn’t have made it up 20 years ago (or even ten), but now you can make almost anything up and it will have a good chance of coming true about this time tomorrow. If the McArthurs are weeping, then […]

Brexit: It’s Not the Economy, Stupid!

With just a few more weeks to go before the EU Referendum, I must confess to finding myself suffering from what I believe is an entirely new syndrome. Known as Brexit Boredom Condition (BBC), it flares up at least once a day when I click onto the website of Britain’s “impartial broadcaster,” to once again find myself being accosted by the “Scare the Living Daylights out of Them” Campaign. Unfortunately for them, their tactics are lost on the likes of […]

The Tasteless Philip Hammond is Unable to Rejoice at the Liberation of Palmyra From the Wahhabi Death Cult

Imagine that a group of the most fanatical ideologues on the planet had seized an historic city and carried out unspeakable atrocities there. Imagine they had lined up 25 soldiers in the ruins of an ancient ampitheater and filmed their teenage recruits executing them. Imagine that they had tortured and beheaded the 82-year-old head of antiquities in that city and hung his mutilated body on a column in a main square. Now imagine that a foreign power teamed up with […]

The Perils of Terraced Housing & Soft Despotism

If you happen to have been employed as a dressmaker in the past, and you have children of school age, be careful when you tell them about your former occupation, and make doubly sure they know how to spell it. The word “ex-seamstress” might seem harmless enough, but in the hands of a child lacking in either understanding or good spelling, it could see you winding up as the victim of a dawn raid by the police. They’re on the […]

How the British Government’s Defence of “British Values” and the “Rule of Law” is Hostile to British Values and the Rule of Law

The British Goverment is proposing to monitor and inspect all out-of-school education settings that have over 6 hours of teaching per week, apparently in order to stop extremism and radicalisation. This is my letter in response to their consultation on the proposals. Dear Sir or Madam, I write in response to your consultation document, Out-of-school education settings: call for evidence. I write from the perspective of someone who is hugely concerned by these proposals, believing that they are inimical to […]

How Extremists & Radicals Can Prevent Their Children Becoming Radical Extremists

Growing up under Polish communism, one of the things that sticks out for my wife is the practice of having to “unlearn” some of the things she learnt at school. Often the official version of things collided with the actualité, and so needed some gentle challenging by her parents. This was done, however, on the strict understanding that these little factual corrections were to go no further than the four walls of their house, if you take my meaning. For […]

Freedom to Think and Shut up

My latest post for Conservative Woman. I have some thoughts in my head, but I’m reluctant to share them with you. I don’t want to land myself in trouble, you see. Some of these thoughts may or not be about marriage, and I may or may not have opinions about whether a marriage really ought to have just one man and just one woman in it. But I’ll leave you to guess. Must keep it all in the head. Letting […]

Press Freedoms and Making Europe Safer by Banning Steve Rosenberg for 24 Hours

Wednesday 16th September was a bad day for those who have managed to fool themselves into believing that the Ukrainian Government is somehow characterised by “democratic values”, noble intentions and a steadfast commitment to liberty. Although there was really no excuse for not knowing the real nature of this unpleasant regime before, it still seems to have come as a shock to the western media when certain journalists were, by Presidential decree, barred from entering the country for a year on account of their being a “threat […]

No Freedom Without Truth and Integrity

Here’s something I wrote last year for Samaritan Ministries International on the subject of freedom, and its intricate connection to truth and integrity. Quite simply, without truth and integrity, you can kiss goodbye to freedom. A couple of issues ago I wrote about seven principles for evaluating the trustworthiness of media reports. This month I want to talk about the relationship between trustworthiness and freedom. Often, we act like freedom is the most fundamental of human rights, but actually, freedom cannot […]

Sir Tim Hunt: Witch-Hunted by the Cultural Terrorists

The resignation of Sir Tim Hunt, Royal Society Fellow and Nobel prize winner for physiology or medicine in 2001, ought to send a shudder down the backs of anyone who really doesn’t want to live in “Totalitopia” — the totalitarian dystopia being foisted upon us at an alarming rate. Sir Tim resigned after being howled down for comments he made about women in science at the World Conference of Science Journalists in South Korea. Here is the “offending” part of his speech: “Three […]

Coleen Nolan and the ISIS on the Cake

I can’t claim to have ever watched the TV programme Loose Women, or that I am ever likely to do so. Yet a fuss that has arisen from the show has aroused my attention. Apparently the ladies on the programme were discussing yesterday’s verdict against Ashers Bakery (which I wrote about here) when one of them, Coleen Nolan, made the following comment: At the end of the day, if you went in there and two days later they said, “We […]

The Ashers Bakery Case: Gay Cakes, Nazi Cakes & Jesus Cakes

So Ashers Baking Company in Northern Ireland has just been found by a court to have discriminated against a homosexual customer for refusing to bake a cake for him with a “pro-gay marriage slogan”. The company, based in County Antrim and run by the McArthur family, had been taken to court by Gareth Lee, a gay rights activist and after a three day hearing back in March the judge, Isobel Brownlie, has now ruled in favour of Mr Lee. In her finding, she said […]

A Tale of Two Elections Part 2: The Real Significance of the 1997 and 2015 Elections

In the first part of this piece, I put forward the theory that the generally accepted narrative of what happened at the 1997 United Kingdom election was wrong. That narrative had it that Labour — or New Labour — as they branded themselves, had abandoned “the Left”, and had moved to the “centre ground” where they took millions of votes off the Conservative Party. What I believe actually happened was this: Labour altered Clause 4 of their constitution which had committed them […]

And the Winner is…The Personal Peace & Affluence Party

What to make of this extraordinary UK General Election result? I have to say that in one sense the result makes no difference to me whatsoever. As a Christian conservative I perfectly understood both before and after that there could be no good result in this election. Any combination of unCon/Lab/Lib or any of them gaining an overall majority — as actually happened — would see yet another anti-Christian, anti-conservative government in power. But what I find astonishing is that people actually went […]

General Election Blues

The excitement is almost killing me. Here we are on the day of the 2015 UK General Election, a vote in which some people wearing different coloured rosettes who agree on all the important issues of the day, but pretend they don’t, get to find out whether their particular method of bribing people to vote for them by promising lots of money they don’t have to do things that are the opposite of what is needed, has paid off. Does that sound unnecessarily sardonic? […]

Enoch Powell and the Presumption of Innocence

I wrote a few weeks back about the ironies of a nation celebrating the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, and the liberties it gave rise to, at the same time as we are busy dumping those liberties. What Magna Carta did, was to begin a process of turning the nation from a state where the authorities could effectively prosecute and punish whomsoever they liked, without having to justify their actions, to a state which was itself under the law and […]

I’m Officially Irresponsible

The (un)Conservative Party in Britain are apparently considering limiting payment of child benefit to the first three children. Although they haven’t taken a final decision on this, the Treasury is apparently examining the details and is “softening” to the idea. You can read more here. Now that doesn’t much interest me. I believe the whole tax and redistribution system to be a rather foolish, not to mention counter-productive, endeavour. Redistribution of wealth necessarily destroys wealth before some wealth gets to its […]

Celebrating Magna Carta by Ending the Liberties it Bequeathed

Last year the Lonely Planet Guide named my home town of Salisbury as one of the top 10 places on the planet to visit. Well we were chuffed that they chose us, even if we did think it a little over the top. Indeed, the city has much to commend itself to visitors, such as the magnificent 13th century Cathedral, with its uniform gothic architecture throughout, not to mention being just a short drive from one of the most famous heritage […]

The Archbishop of Missed Opportunity

I see that the Archbishop of Canterbury has weighed in on Stephen Fry’s declaration that the God he says isn’t there is a really bad God (which I wrote about here). Here’s what Mr Welby had to say: “We find it fine to say that a particular church is doing incredibly well and is full every Sunday but at the same time feeling uncomfortable about the Mosque down the road that has people outside because they can’t fit them in. […]

RT Must Be Doing Something Right

The new chief executive of the US Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), Andrew Lack, has distinguished himself with this comment in a New York Times piece, just a few days into the job: “We are facing a number of challenges from entities like Russia Today which is out there pushing a point of view, the Islamic State in the Middle East and groups like Boko Haram,” he said. “But I firmly believe that this agency has a role to play in […]

Charlie Hebdo, Mohammed, Dieudonné and the Question of Freedom of Speech

I posted earlier to pour a little bit of scorn on the idea that the marchers in Paris were as united in their calls for freedom of speech and “our way of life” as they claimed to be. Soon after, I came across this in the Independent: “Anti-semitic French comedian Dieudonné could face charges of ‘apology for terrorism’ after he said that he ‘felt like’ the terrorist who murdered four people at a kosher supermarket in Paris. The Paris state prosecutor […]

3 million and 40 People United by What?

I have refrained from posting anything on the events in France for a few days, simply because I wanted chance to take in a few facts and to see which way the wind would start to blow in the aftermath. About the attacks themselves, I have a few reservations that make me uneasy about the official narrative. This is not to say that I am convinced the narrative is wrong — i.e. that two radicalized Islamists carried out this attack […]