On Telling the Difference Between Historic Anglicanism & ISIS: Clue – One Does Baptisms, the Other Does Executions

If you happened to visit my church on a Sunday, here is what you would find: a group of people of all ages – we don’t do age segregation – participating in a worship service in the historic Anglican tradition. After the service you would enjoy coffee and tea, along with plenty of fellowship and laughter. If you happened to turn up on the first Sunday of the month, we would ask you to join us for lunch – an […]

How Not to Deal With Misogyny

Nottinghamshire Police Force have just expanded their growing list of hate crimes to include misogyny. Quite frankly I’m shocked that they only just got around to including it now, and there is a definite case to be had for suing them for this delay which, under their own definition, is almost certainly misogynistic in nature. And here is their definition: “Incidents against women that are motivated by an attitude of a man towards a woman and includes behaviour targeted towards a […]

Why Won’t Safe-Sex Advocates Advocate Safe-Sex to Prevent STIs?

A few weeks ago, the BBC reported on a rise in a new strain of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s), which are proving to be resistant to treatment. Here is an extract from their report: “Doctors have expressed ‘huge concern’ that super-gonorrhoea has spread widely across England and to gay men. The new superbug prompted a national alert last year when it emerged in Leeds, as one of the main treatments had become useless against it. Public Health England acknowledges measures to […]

Tolerant Baker Joke

Three men walk into a bakery. “Good morning,” says the owner, “what can I do for you all?” “I’d like to order a cake iced with all the colours of the rainbow and the words ‘Celebrating same-sex marriage,’” said the first man. “Certainly. And how about you,” said the owner turning to the second man. “I’d like a cake iced with the words ‘Celebrating Tolerance and Diversity.’” “Yes of course. That’s what we’re all about here. And how about you?” […]

The King who Wanted to Increase His Power and to Fulfil His Every Desire (or Why the State Wrecked Marriage to Turn us Into Serfs) – Chapter 2

Following on from Chapter 1 … Now it came to pass that some of the womenfolk did indeed leave their little ones and entered the workforce, and the King was delighted to see the Royal Treasury grow. Yet most of the womenfolk continued to ignore the Royal Emancipation Proclamation, choosing instead to stay at home to raise their own children. And so by and by the King’s countenance fell and once again he grew sorrowful in his heart. At last […]

Faithful Husbands or Feminist Poster Boys?

If someone with a reputation for dangerous driving and trashing cars came out with his opinions on the problems of driving cars, would you take him seriously? How about someone with a reputation for ruining relationships who comes out with their views on why forming friendships is a bad idea? What if a thrice married man, with a deliberately constructed image of laddishness, and numerous very public “affairs” behind him, came out with his opinions on the institution of marriage? […]

The Inconsistent Morality of Ashley Madison

This is my latest piece for Samaritan Ministries International Ashley Madison, the adultery-promoting internet dating site, recently received a taste of its own relativistic medicine and apparently found it didn’t go down too well. For those who aren’t aware, Ashley Madison is a dating site with a difference, operating not on the principle of bringing singles together, as is usual for such sites, but rather with the intent of bringing married people together to commit adultery. And they are not in […]

Life is Short. Hack a Company

Here’s my latest offering for Conservative Woman A few years ago, the British Humanist Association and Professor Richard Dawkins paid for some adverts to be displayed on London buses with the slogan, “There’s probably no God, so stop worrying and enjoy yourself.” I always wanted to fine tune it a little. Something like “There’s probably no God, so stop worrying and go get smashed”. If you enjoy getting smashed that is. Or maybe, “There’s probably no God, so stop worrying […]

“Sex Education” or “Sex Within Marriage Education”

Below is my latest piece for Samaritan Ministries International looking at “sex education”, it’s origins and why Christian parents must wrench it back out of the hands of the state, and begin teaching it once more within the context of monogamous, heterosexual marriage. The link to the original is here.   Recently, in my church, our pastor has been going through the book of Ruth. It is a delightful book, hugely instructive in many ways, not the least because we […]

An Alien Anthropologist Attempts to get his Head Around “Same-Sex Marriage”

Imagine an alien anthropologist turning up on planet Earth at the moment — someone who knew nothing about our ways of doing things and nothing at all about marriage. He arrives in the middle of a campaign to change the law to introduce something called “same-sex marriage” (quotation marks are used around this term throughout this piece to remind readers of its oxymoronic nature). His initial conclusion, based on seeing the campaign, the slogans and the impassioned arguments for marriage […]

Eric Pickles Thinks I’m Mean

As I wrote here, being demonised by a member of the British unConservative Party is something I now consider to be a badge of honour. Since they decided to capitulate full-throttle and wholesale to the liberal-leftist aimed at destroying Christianity in these shores, but decided to do so whilst still laughably and deceptively referring to themselves as “Conservative,” I regularly scour the media for signs of their attacks on true conservatives. Back in that article, the attack came in the form of Dominic Raab […]

Does Eric Holder Really Believe His Own Criteria for Marriage?

So the Supreme Court in America has announced that it going to rule on whether the right to same-sex marriage should apply to all states of America. The Attorney General, Eric Holder, said that the Justice Department will file a “friend of the court” brief, urging the Supreme Court to endorse marriage equality. He went on to say the following: “It is time for our nation to take another critical step forward to ensure the fundamental equality of all Americans […]

The Answer to Self-Harming: Money, Programmes and Information? Or Jesus?

Here is a report on the BBC documenting the rise in self-harming among young people. In Britain, the number of girls aged 10-14 admitted to hospital after self-harming incidents increased from 3,090 in 2009/10 to 5,953 in 2013/14 — a rise of almost 93%. Amongst boys in the same age group, there was a rise from 454 to 659 — 45%. According to the article, these figures may well be the tip of the iceberg. That’s pretty clear. These statistics are […]

Does Nicky Morgan Really Welcome “Anybody” who Enters into a Commitment?

Nicky Morgan, the British Government’s Equalities minister, has apparently now changed her mind over same-sex marriage, and despite voting against the legislation in May last year, now says that if a vote were held now, she would probably vote in favour. Well, people are allowed to change their minds of course, but what intrigued me in the report on her volte-face was her claim that she “welcomed anybody who enters into a commitment.” Really Nicky? Anybody? So I take it from this […]

Divorce Can Seriously Damage Childrens’ Health

I was walking past an advertising billboard the other day, and as so often when I walk past them I did a double-take. This one had a picture of a young boy — maybe six or seven years old — hunched up on the ground hugging a football close to his chest. He is looking off into the distance and is clearly pretty unhappy. When you see the caption next to him you realise why. It says, “Dad I scored […]