The Post-Truth, Pre-Truth Society

As we enter a new year, one thing we can say for certain about the old year is that it was truly breath-taking in terms of unexpected political and geopolitical changes. There was the Brexit vote, a result that the British government and much of the media did just about everything they could to prevent, and were genuinely shocked at the outcome. Then there was the defeat of Mrs Clinton at the hands of Mr Trump, and once again the […]

2014: Blessings in the Midst of Troubles

2014 was probably the busiest and most exhausting year of my life. Yet it was also one of the most joyous and rewarding. I’m convinced that there is a connection. Before I come back to this last point, let’s get personal for a moment. Back in February my wife gave birth to our sixth child. As you can probably imagine, having six little ones to love and to look after is not the easiest of tasks. In fact at times, […]