How to Prevent the Islamisation of Europe: Stop Stopping Children!

Once in a while politicians say something interesting. However, rare as such utterances are, unfortunately most of the really revealing comments get drowned out by the slurry of media commentary focusing on really important things like what trousers someone is wearing or how someone eats a bacon sandwich. Last week saw such an occasion where something revealing was said, and it was almost universally ignored by the media. It occurred at a conference in Malta, and the one making the […]

I’m Officially Irresponsible

The (un)Conservative Party in Britain are apparently considering limiting payment of child benefit to the first three children. Although they haven’t taken a final decision on this, the Treasury is apparently examining the details and is “softening” to the idea. You can read more here. Now that doesn’t much interest me. I believe the whole tax and redistribution system to be a rather foolish, not to mention counter-productive, endeavour. Redistribution of wealth necessarily destroys wealth before some wealth gets to its […]

Large Families: Blessings or Plagues?

This is something that I wrote for American Vision a few weeks ago: Sir David Attenborough, the naturalist and television broadcaster, has come out and had another blast at that scourge of modern life, “the large family”. Sir David, who earlier this year described humans as “a plague on the Earth,” depicted those who have large families as irresponsible, saying: “If you were able to persuade people that it is irresponsible to have large families in this day and age, and […]

The sliding scale of congratulations for big families

“You’re going to have a baby? Oh congratulations, I’m just thrilled. That really is fantastic news. So pleased for you. I’m really over the moon.” “You’re having another baby? Oh how wonderful. Your first was a boy, wasn’t it? Well let’s hope this one’s a girl. Ha! Yes I know we shouldn’t really think like that. Just be happy whatever it is. Still it would make a nice set, wouldn’t it?” “You’re expecting…again? Em… let’s see. You already have two, […]

That’s when things could get very messy

Here’s a little quiz. Only one of the following statistics is true, which is it: In 2005, 5% of all a traffic accidents in South Africa were caused by Polar bears wandering into the paths of oncoming cars. In Japan in 2012, more adult nappies were sold than nappies for babies. In Brazil last year, penguins were a more popular pet than dogs. Tricky? Some facts are just so absurd that it takes a good few minutes before being convinced […]