Only Willing Serfs Could Possibly Accept the State Giving “Relationship Education” to Four-Year-Olds

According to popular legend, if you place a frog in boiling water it will immediately jump out, whereas if you put it in cold or tepid water and then gradually turn up the heat, it will stay until it is eventually boiled to death. Simmering Frog Syndrome is often used as an analogy to show how people react rather quickly to sudden change, whereas if you spread the change out over time they don’t notice. The analogy is a good […]

Fifty Shades of Turning the Clock Back to a Canaanite View of Women

So there I was sitting in the living room with some of my children when a bus went past the window. On the side was an advert for the film, Fifty Shades Darker. Oh great. How happy I am to be living in a society where my five-year-old gets to see such things on buses! Thankfully she didn’t ask any questions. Although I refrained from reading the first instalment of the Fifty Shades saga, I read enough reviews to be […]

British Government’s Sex Education Commissar is Heir to Obscure Hungarian Bolshevik

What parent would want an adult they hardly knew speaking to their children about sex, telling them where they can get contraceptives from, and showing them explicit literature and films about what sexual positions are possible? You’d think that the answer to that would be obvious, and in all other circumstances this is no doubt the case. Yet if the one doing the speaking and the showing is called a “teacher” and works in what is known as a “school”, […]

Ann Furedi and the Immoral Case for Abortion

Has Ann Furedi, Chief Executive of Britain’s biggest abortion provider, BPAS, just admitted being responsible for killing 66,000 human beings in the last year? Judging by a comment she makes in her new book, I would say that absolutely she has. In The Moral Case for Abortion, Mrs Furedi has written that there is nothing morally wrong with destroying a “foetus” because: “it kills a being that has no sense of life or death.” There are two parts to this […]

Why Won’t Safe-Sex Advocates Advocate Safe-Sex to Prevent STIs?

A few weeks ago, the BBC reported on a rise in a new strain of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s), which are proving to be resistant to treatment. Here is an extract from their report: “Doctors have expressed ‘huge concern’ that super-gonorrhoea has spread widely across England and to gay men. The new superbug prompted a national alert last year when it emerged in Leeds, as one of the main treatments had become useless against it. Public Health England acknowledges measures to […]

Cartoon Sperm Donors? Or Real Relational Fathers

My latest offering for Conservative Woman. I had always assumed that Brave New World was the sort of book you were supposed to read as a warning rather than as an instruction manual. Unfortunately, it seems that many got the wrong end of the stick and read it thinking, “Hey, that’d be a great idea. Let’s try it.” And so more than 80 years after it was first published, many of the ideas it contains – lab fertilisation, made-to-order babies, […]

Can we Thank God for the Supreme Court’s Decision on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’?

Here’s my latest piece for Samaritan Ministries International looking at the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex “marriage” throughout the union.   When I heard of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex “marriage” across the United States, I must confess that a sense of gloom and despondency welled up inside me. It wasn’t only the decision’s effect on America itself that bothered me, although I grieve about that. It was also the fact that this decision is likely […]

Why the Faux Outrage Over Lord Sewel? He is an Icon of Modern Britain

Below is an article I wrote for Conservative Woman: A country that has moved so inexorably away from its Christian roots as Britain has must, from time to time, indulge itself in a little guilt release by pretending to be all aghast at the bad behaviour of a public figure. This is just to reassure us all that no, we’re not so bad as all that yet, and yes, we do still have some standards left. It’s all phoney of […]

“Sex Education” or “Sex Within Marriage Education” Part 2

Below is the second part of my articles for Samaritan Ministries International looking at “sex education”, it’s origins and why Christian parents must wrench it back out of the hands of the state, and begin teaching it once more within the context of monogamous, heterosexual marriage. The link to the first part is here. In the first part of this piece, I began by tracing the roots of “sex education” back to the radical Béla Kun regime in Hungary in […]

Nonsense & Nonsensibility

The handle of the door of the sitting room in the west wing of Laverwick House turned and in walked a sheepish looking Sir Edward Fitzwalter. He closed the door softly behind him before nervously looking over to the corner of the room where he saw Harriet Melksham seated on the chaise longue, awaiting him. In contrast to his somewhat awkward appearance, she was as ever the very epitome of poise and tranquillity. Her soft, delicate features radiated pleasantness towards her […]

10 Questions for Same-Sex Marriage Fans

“Marriage is not just a relationship or a contract, but a lifelong covenant.” Would you agree with this statement? If not, what is it and what is its purpose? If you do agree that it is a covenant, do you believe it is possible to break the covenant? Is it possible to commit adultery in a same-sex “marriage”? If not, what is the purpose of promising to be faithful for life? If you do think it’s possible to commit adultery […]

“Sex Education” or “Sex Within Marriage Education”

Below is my latest piece for Samaritan Ministries International looking at “sex education”, it’s origins and why Christian parents must wrench it back out of the hands of the state, and begin teaching it once more within the context of monogamous, heterosexual marriage. The link to the original is here.   Recently, in my church, our pastor has been going through the book of Ruth. It is a delightful book, hugely instructive in many ways, not the least because we […]

An Alien Anthropologist Attempts to get his Head Around “Same-Sex Marriage”

Imagine an alien anthropologist turning up on planet Earth at the moment — someone who knew nothing about our ways of doing things and nothing at all about marriage. He arrives in the middle of a campaign to change the law to introduce something called “same-sex marriage” (quotation marks are used around this term throughout this piece to remind readers of its oxymoronic nature). His initial conclusion, based on seeing the campaign, the slogans and the impassioned arguments for marriage […]

The Ashers Bakery Case: Gay Cakes, Nazi Cakes & Jesus Cakes

So Ashers Baking Company in Northern Ireland has just been found by a court to have discriminated against a homosexual customer for refusing to bake a cake for him with a “pro-gay marriage slogan”. The company, based in County Antrim and run by the McArthur family, had been taken to court by Gareth Lee, a gay rights activist and after a three day hearing back in March the judge, Isobel Brownlie, has now ruled in favour of Mr Lee. In her finding, she said […]

A Tale of Two Elections Part 2: The Real Significance of the 1997 and 2015 Elections

In the first part of this piece, I put forward the theory that the generally accepted narrative of what happened at the 1997 United Kingdom election was wrong. That narrative had it that Labour — or New Labour — as they branded themselves, had abandoned “the Left”, and had moved to the “centre ground” where they took millions of votes off the Conservative Party. What I believe actually happened was this: Labour altered Clause 4 of their constitution which had committed them […]

Eric Pickles Thinks I’m Mean

As I wrote here, being demonised by a member of the British unConservative Party is something I now consider to be a badge of honour. Since they decided to capitulate full-throttle and wholesale to the liberal-leftist aimed at destroying Christianity in these shores, but decided to do so whilst still laughably and deceptively referring to themselves as “Conservative,” I regularly scour the media for signs of their attacks on true conservatives. Back in that article, the attack came in the form of Dominic Raab […]

Which is Worst: Sexism or Killing?

This Monday in the House of Commons there will be a vote on outlawing sex-selective abortions. The vote is an amendment introduced by Fiona Bruce MP to the Serious Crime Bill. If the amendment is passed, gender-selective abortion will be explicitly outlawed, bringing an end to what some are calling “the first form of violence against women and girls”. Whilst I welcome any possibility of reducing the number of abortions, I am frankly staggered by the perverse logic of many people […]

50 Shades of Grey: Not From My Worldview

As I was walking through the town yesterday with two of my children, I saw two buses advertising today’s release of the film version of 50 Shades of Grey. Haven’t we come far! Aren’t we the enlightened ones! When a film glorifying BDSM is advertised on a bus, you know that the sickness runs real deep. Anyway, in recognition of this latest nail in the coffin for Western civilisation, here is an article I wrote a couple of years ago about the book and the […]

The Love of Law and the Law of Love

This is a slightly longer version of my latest piece for Samaritan Ministries International: The pressure on Bible-believing Christians today to capitulate to the sexual revolution is not about to go away any time soon. On the contrary, it is becoming stronger and stronger. This should come as no surprise, since the agenda of the sexual revolutionaries is to utterly destroy all traces of Christian sexual ethics from society. How are they doing this? In many ways, one of which […]

R.I.P. Innocence & Dignity: Destroyed by The Sexual Marxists

For those of us who have been saying for years that sex education in schools encourages sexual activity in young people, here is a shocking story that sadly confirms our worst fears in ways that even we might not have anticipated. I can imagine that some people will find the idea of explicitly linking sex education to what happened in this incident as nothing short of scandalous. After all, this wasn’t a case of consensual sex — it was a case of rape — […]