Regular readers may be aware of my fondness for recalling these words from George W. Bush’s Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove:

“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

It just so perfectly encapsulates the modus operandi of the rulers of the “free” world. They really do attempt to create their own realities, whether it be WMD’s in Iraq, “moderate rebels” in Syria, or the idea that men can be women and women can be men and we can all be neither or perhaps both at the same time if we feel like it.

It’s all bonkers and full of falsehoods, but because such people have their hands very firmly on the levers of power, we plebeians can either try our best to ignore it all, which would be possible if only there were some caves around these parts, or we can attempt to work our way through the tangled webs they weave, trying to understand at least some of what on earth is going on. I’ve no idea whether it was their intention or whether even the “new reality” creators sometimes find that they are unable to control the monsters they unleash, but one way or other we now appear to have left reality far behind and have entered what appears to be a cross between a Badly Made Spy Drama, and a trashy Hollywood action movie.

The spy drama is of course From Russia, With Hate, so-called because Russians obviously hacked the US election because they — altogether now — “hate our values, hate our democracy, and hate our way of life.” But the thing about this particular drama is that despite its length and its twists and turns, it ain’t half boring. More than a year into its excruciatingly tedious plot and we still haven’t got to the bit where the screenwriters put in some actual evidence of the villain’s villainy. Lots of hearsay and innuendo and anonymous sources and conclusions based on air and propaganda, but so far no evidence. Are we going to get some? Don’t hold your breath.

Oh but there is actually some here. But because it tends not so much towards the “Russians stole our election” direction, but rather in the direction of “the whole wretched and tedious narrative is a highly concocted attempt by the DNC and Deep State to pull off one of the biggest deceptions in history,” the screenwriters of the Badly Made Drama have been reluctant to give it an airing. You’d think they’d be interested, wouldn’t you? After a year of tedious and monotonous plotlines, finally some decent evidence turns up and they don’t want to know. I can’t think why. Oh unless their plan is to spin their yarn out for forever and a day, just because they can and because it still sells.

Yet just as the evidence in the Badly Made Drama is coming in on the wrong side, suddenly we now find ourselves in the middle of another badly made production, the Hollywood blockbuster: Fire and Fury. It’s a real thriller this one. Captain Trump, the intellectually-challenged leader of the “free world” is up against his great nemesis, The Supreme Commander, played by a chubby little bloke called Kim with proper dictator-hair and an uncanny ability to laugh maniacally whenever he comes within a mile of a missile launch.

Unlike most Hollywood epics, where the baddy is depicted as mad, bad and reckless, in contrast to the goody who is cool, calm, and collected, the makers of Fire and Fury appear to have decided to make both main characters equally mad, reckless and unlovely. Like the Badly Made Drama, the plot in this one isn’t exactly a work of genius. First, Captain Trump decides to show how tough he is by promising to sort out The Supreme Commander, once and for all. Unfazed, The Supreme Commander threatens Captain Trump with enveloping fire and shoots a missile into the sea, while squealing with laughter. Unwilling to lose face, Captain Trump says he won’t be spoken to like that, and The Supreme Commander had better stop it or he’ll be facing Fire and Fury such as the world has never known. Undaunted, The Supreme Commander threatens Captain Trump with engulfing fire. Backed into a corner made by his own rhetoric, Captain Trump takes to Twitter to let The Supreme Commander know that he’s Locked and Loaded and ready to go. The Supreme Commander threatens Captain Trump with eternal fire. Or something like that. But not on Twitter, mind. The Supreme Commander doesn’t have a Twitter account you see.

Why doesn’t Captain Trump just arrange a meeting with The Supreme Commander to talk this through and to try to find a resolution, rather than Tweeting the world to the brink of war? Because Captain Trump is mad and thinks that any such display of diplomacy will make him look like a sissy. Why don’t the wise men of the land advise him that talking is less likely to result in nuclear war than Tweeting out threats that look uncannily like those uttered by The Supreme Commander? Because there aren’t any wise men left. Almost to a man and woman, those who should have been relied on to talk some sense to Captain Trump have been missing their marbles for some time. Most of them have prominent roles in the Badly Made Drama, such as those in Congress, that most august of chambers, who recently passed what is probably the stupidest, most reckless, most outrageous, most unlawful and most unconstitutional bill they’ve ever passed with the kind of lock-step, unquestioning, sheep-like majorities that would make The Supreme Commander himself proud.

And of course they didn’t really want to cast Captain Trump in the role. They had hoped to give the part to Captain Clinton, who would have been the first female Captain. But she failed because of Russians and glass ceilings and what not. At least that’s the reality she’s been creating, although of course the uncomfortable truth is that she was rejected in the end on account of her being even more unhinged and disturbing than Captain Trump — if such a thing is possible.

So that’s where we are folks. The world of Badly Made Dramas and dumb Hollywood blockbusters has taken over the real world. All brought to you courtesy of what is apparently the world’s greatest democracy.

One thought on “Fire and Fury? Or Dumb and Dumber? The New Hollywood Blockbuster Featuring Captain Trump and Other Assorted Megalomaniacs

  1. Yes, the whole world is a stage and the Oligarchy, almost a totalitarian dictatorship now, is working hard from every angle to lead us into slavery through their control of everything through every crisis they can invent, papers please, which will only lead to the Abomination of Desolation. We know the end is close when the Abomination of Desolation stands in a place where it ought not to stand.

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