I am constantly amazed how parents who send their children into the clutches of the state for them to receive an education, are then surprised to learn that they don’t have the rights over their children that they thought they had.

Take the case of the 16-year-old boy who is being allowed to wear girl’s clothing and make up at a school in Scotland, even though his mother objects. Thelma McLean, the mother of the boy (for boy he is), said: “I had previously told the school I didn’t want him to go in dressed that way. I believe my feelings have not been respected when I said no. The school seems to be scared of getting into trouble if they take action.”

So what is going on here. A couple of things. For a start there is the whole issue of transgenderism. Anyone interested can find my views on this here.

But what I really want to concentrate is whether or not the mother has any rights in this issue. The answer is both yes and no. Does she have a right to tell her boy (for boy he is) that he cannot wear girl’s clothing? Absolutely. But the problem is that she has ceded this right simply by sending him to the school.

When you send your child into an institution where they will spend 7 hours a day filling their heads with whatever they want to fill their heads with, how can you then turn around and claim to have any rights over what goes on in that environment? By sending your child to the state to be educated, you are effectively saying, “Oh almighty state, so wise and so powerful. Take my son from me and educate him in your own image. Have him during the hours of 9 until 4 and do with him what seemeth good to you.”

Why would you then be surprised when the state does just that? Yet there are thousands of parents up and down the country who are just that: surprised when this happens.

Why? If you hand over the rights of the education of your child to the state, can it really come as a shock when you find out that you no longer have any rights over the education of your child. Rights? You don’t have any. You gave them up.



2 thoughts on “If you give up your parental rights, don’t be surprised when you find you don’t have any.

  1. Dear Mr. Slane,

    Perhaps you recall about a month ago my posts on American Vision mocking your comments. I would like to apologize for my rude comments which were totally uncalled for. Actually, I don’t have anything against the British either, just for the record.

    With no excuses for myself in regard to my posts on your comments, you were in the “cross fire” of the bone I have been picking with American Vision for about five years. Of course I am sure I am banned forever from AV.

    In 2008 I was commenting on AV about something I can’t even remember now. I started out in a civil manner because I did not agree with some opinions being posted. The rebuttals to my comments were extremely nasty. There was no reason for that. So, I decided to be equally rude and nasty. It was probably rather childish of me, although I don’t really regret it as much as I should. Ha!!

    However, I do regret my rude remarks to you. Good luck on your blog site and whatever other endeavors you are engaged in.


    Ray Sifdol (Senior)

    1. Dear Mr Sifdol,

      Thank you for your kind and gracious message. Apology accepted and no harm done. Glad to hear you have nothing against us Brits.

      Every blessing to you,


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