That the US political system is in the grip of collective madness ought to be obvious to anyone who has been looking at what has been going on in Washington DC for the last few years. It has been present for some time now, but was to a certain extent hidden under the cover of some fig leaf or other – “nation-building”; “responsibility to protect”; “the war on terror”; “some other slogan”.

But in the past few years, and especially the last 12 months, only someone with a skull as thick as that wall Mr Trump keeps threatening to build could have failed to see that the Washington elites and their Global Pravda Network of Dutiful Stenographers have gone well and truly mad.

Part of the problem with writing about this stuff is that people in the modern era have a tendency to think in binary terms, which means that whatever I say about the madness of the Washington elites is bound to be interpreted by some as an endorsement of Mr Trump. But it is no such thing. I took it to be self-evident before last year’s election that he was not fit for office, and many of his actions as President – particularly his bombing of Syria, his sabre rattling with North Korea, and the way he fired the awful James Comey, following it up with a Tweeted threat for good measure – have confirmed this, and then some.

But Mr Trump is not the real problem here. He only became President because of the real problem, which is that the US is not really run by the people who get voted in, but by a Deep State and a media that have an ideology that is bound to lead the country into a descent into darkness and madness.

To understand what really lies behind what is happening at the moment, forget about the players — Trump, Comey, Flynn, etc — and forget about the supposed actions — alleged Russian hacking, alleged Trump/Russia connections etc. This will only lead to missing the wood for the trees. No, we need to take a step back and look at the ideology that has spawned this entire situation, where the entirety of the US political system and media are now exposing themselves to anyone with eyes to see as the world’s worst joke.

So how is it that in a country where politicians still make claims of their democracy being a beacon of light to the world (even though it’s a Republic, not a democracy), the political system and “free press” has been shown to be a putrid, rotting corpse? In a word: Exceptionalism.

Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US elites have convinced themselves that they have the right, the entitlement and the means to exercise dominion over the rest of the planet. But only by grasping the full extent to which they are in the grip of this idolatry can you understand why we are now in a situation where the Deep State has determined to slowly turn the thumbscrews on an elected President, and why they are simply waiting for the right time and the right opportunity before they move in for the kill.

Their commitment to this ideology of exceptionalism is not some tepid belief that the US has sort of been handed this role in history. It is not something that its adherents are able to quietly put to one side if it seems that the consequences of pursuing it are doing more harm than good to the country. No, it is a fanatical and extremist ideology, and the adherents of it have the kind of zeal for pursuing it which is matched only by the fanaticism of certain Middle Eastern Islamist terrorist groups.

Which means that the people who hold to this ideology won’t drop it. They will not give it up. They will not go quietly into the night. They believe with every fibre of their being that America is destined and entitled to be the world’s hegemon, exercising full spectrum dominance over the entire planet, making its own rules, breaking them when it wants, and destroying anyone who resists. And in their view, the two biggest obstacles to their plans are one, Russia, and two China.

So the suggestion, put about by Mr Trump, that the nation might stop seeing Russia as an adversary and instead start to treat it as an equal partner is anathema to the Exceptionalists. Russia is not a communist country, as many Americans continue to believe. It is a mixed market economy, and it is also an increasingly conservative and Christian nation. There is therefore no ideological divide which would forbid some kind of détente. Unless of course one of the sides had developed another post-Cold War ideology — not communism versus capitalism this time — which forbade détente under any circumstances. Which is exactly what has happened. For the US elites, such is their fanatical commitment to exercise control over the entire planet, that their heads would explode if they started to entertain the thought of being equals with another country — especially the old adversary — for more than a couple of seconds.

Until 2014, the plans of the Exceptionalists (including both so-called “neocons” and so-called “liberal interventionists) were going pretty well. From Yugoslavia to Libya, they carried out their laughably misnamed “nation building” or “responsibility to protect” or “war on terror” like a giant, global wrecking ball. But then things started to go wrong. The plan to bring down Bashar al-Assad using fanatical Islamist proxies disguised as “moderates” failed. Their plan to invade Syria was thwarted when the British Parliament voted against it, and when Mr Obama made one of the few sensible foreign policy decisions of his presidency, which was to back off an invasion. Their plan to kick the Russian fleet out of Sevastopol and install Nato ships there via an illegal coup in Kiev backfired spectacularly. Their plan to bring a coup to Russia by destroying its economy through sanctions failed. Their plan to install the corrupt puppet, Hillary Clinton, failed.

All of which has made the US Exceptionalists madder than a swarm of hornets that has just been poked with a stick. They were used to winning and getting their own way, but they’ve now had blow after blow to their plans. Which has unfortunately meant that the entire planet has been subjected to the horrible spectacle of seeing these deluded people try to cope with being on the losing end of things.

But of course they can’t cope. They can’t cope because there is no coping mechanism within their ideology. Their messianic ideology teaches them that the US is fated to be the world hegemon, and it doesn’t allow for any other outcome. It must happen because the ideology says it must happen. Anything that impedes it happening must be demonized, torn down and destroyed. So their response to the monkey wrenches being thrown into their works has not been to abandon the ideology, but rather to double down, triple down, quadruple down on their plots, slander and demonisation propaganda. For any open-eyed onlooker, it is one long painful experience of seeing them go deeper and deeper into darkness and madness.

As I said at the beginning, I have no time for Mr Trump. But I really do fear what will happen if these people succeed in bringing him down, which I have little doubt they will. I have read a good many people arguing that they won’t try to impeach him because constitutionally it would be tricky, or that it might set off mass protests. Sorry, but I don’t believe it. If the last few months and years have taught us anything, it is that these people just don’t know when and how to stop, and they certainly aren’t bothered by trifling questions of constitutional correctness. They are merely waiting for the right time to pounce, but given their fanatical commitment to their hegemonic ideology, I am convinced that they are prepared to take enormous risks, even to the point of bringing the US to the point of civil war or the world itself to the brink of nuclear war, rather than drop the pursuit of their messianic and maniacal cause.

I realise that this will sound alarmist. I suppose it is. But that’s because the alarm bells have been ringing louder and louder and louder over the past few years, and they just became deafening. It’s time to start dusting off the imprecatory Psalms and pleading fervently to God to bring these people down before they wreak havoc.

6 thoughts on “Madness Grips the Imperial City

  1. Preliminary a bit background: though I agree with your article, I still believe the US policy is the continuation of something that has been for long the policy of the West (mainly the UK, but also France, Belgium, the Netherlands, …). It finds its origin in the theory of Thomas Mun (“England’s Treasure by Foreign Trade”, 1661, but written as a policy document 30 years earlier). Basically a mercantilism where international trade is war and military hegemony is the key to success. And the starting sign for Western colonialism and largely the very sources of our wealth. This change was part of a changing world (Enlightenment, humanism, reformation and contra-reformation, industrial revolution, … and all during that apocalyptic little ice age), a period where reason was combined with hypocrisy (John Locke, Voltaire, …).

    But that’s a poor (incomplete) historic description to indicate that a long term evolution led to something that seems to reach its zenith in US exceptionalism.

    I wonder what the motive of the elite is. Okay, wealth, power, total control, … are the most obvious arguments but imo the cause has changed. Violence starts to lead a life of its own. It has become uninterested, unmotivated, and needs to exist for its own survival. Kafka and Hasek confronted us with this paradox: as we entered Modern Times, Cartesianism slowly erased our inherited (real Christian) values one by one and now that rationale is on the doorstep of total victory, irrationality overwhelms the world stage, precisely because there’s so little left of what once was a common and dominant value system. Without that inheritance our much lauded “norms and values” and “international law” are empty. Our house (world) now rests on quicksand.

    1. I call Mun & C° the pre-neocons (maybe better would be the forefathers of neoconservatism or political warriors of capitalism) and the atrocities they committed during centuries were far worse than what happens today. However in nature the present neocons are equally evil but I guess that the check and balances that still exist in our ailing democracy prevent them from being so.
      After a long walk now, it occurred to me that this is seemingly in contradiction with my statement that we reached a zenith. Not so, as the scope, manner and hypocrisy is far greather than back in the early years.

    2. Very interesting thoughts about the departure from rationality, GV, and especially the violence for violence sake bit.

      You’ve given me food for thought.



  2. Rob, fantastic post and right on! Thanks for taking the time to put into words what we all have been thinking. I believe you are spot on and the only hope to end the madness is repentance. May God help us and have mercy on us!

  3. Your analysis is I think correct. The only trifle I have is with the implied motive. I don’t think these people take American Exceptionalism seriously. I think rather it is a marketing strategy designed to flatter the deplorables whom they need to keep paying and dying for their schemes. The motives for the schemes are varied: 1) Zionism – Israel wants to continue to expand and thus needs to “fail” any competing regional states. 2) The military / industrial establishment – they need to stay relevant, thus they need an enemy to justify their expensive, continued existence. 3) Venial politicians – always with us, but trumped up foreign threats are much easier to blame than your own failure. There are more layers and more perverse interests, but this is the gist. If some significant percentage of these wicked players still feared God, I think it would be very different. But these folks are “sophisticated” don’t you know. I hope the Russians and Chinese see clearly what is going on, especially the Russians, ironically Christendom’s last best hope.

    1. I agree with Bill that it seems to me fanaticism ideology about American exceptionalism (manifest destiny?) is only part of the story. But I agree with Rob that it is a MAJOR part of the story. It really is only a guessing game for me, sitting on the sidelines. But it seems to me that the most troubling part is not the American hegemon (patriotic?) ideal, especially if that were peaceful world leadership, but the “Make America Great Again” white supremacist English-speaking-only Evangelical-Christian-only point of view

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