There are Three Kinds of Lies: Lies, Damned Lies, And Lies That Could Lead to a Conflict With a Nuclear-Armed Country

Part of me had wondered just how long the neocon fanatics and their legion of useful idiots could keep up the whole Russian hacking, Russian aggression, “Russia is trying to undermine our democracy/way of life/economy/fill in the blank with any garbage you like” meme? The whole thing is so wearyingly tiresome, not to mention dangerously stupid, that the optimist in me had hoped that at some point even those who have perpetuated this nonsense for so long would get fed up […]

The Fearless Dr. Sahra Wagenknecht Tears Mrs Merkel’s Grotesque Foreign Policy to Shreds

I know nothing about the domestic policies of Dr. Sahra Wagenknecht, but I suspect that as the Chair of the German ‘Left’ Party I would be unlikely to agree with her on much, me being a SGCCL and all that (small government, conservative, Christian, libertarian). But her understanding of foreign policy is bang on, and unlike many so-called conservatives, who seem to think that regime changing other nations and meddling with their sovereignty is a conservative thing to do (it’s the opposite), […]

An Appeal to Angela Merkel to Fulfil Her Obligations Under Minsk II

Sehr geehrte Frau Merkel, I write this appeal to the person who I believe more than anyone holds the key to peace or war in Ukraine and possibly even Europe as a whole. As you are well aware, thanks in part to the role you played in brokering the 2nd Minsk agreement, there is at this current point in time relative calm in Ukraine. Yes there are occasional ceasefire violations — ceasefires almost never bring about perfect peace — but the […]

You Don’t Get it Angela: WE WANT WAR

I’m still in two minds what to make of Angela Merkel’s and Francois Hollands’s trip to Moscow on Friday. On the one hand, I simply don’t trust either of them enough to think that they are genuinely seeking peace. Why? Because since the start of this conflict, the two of them have known full well how this started, who was behind the violent coup, the calibre of people who gained power in Kiev, the neo-Nazi battalions, the constant bombardment of […]

Frau Merkel and the Dream of Mitteleuropa

I wrote back here about how Germany has clearly become the dominant power in Europe over the past few years — particularly since the financial crisis in 2008, so much so that it is now clear that the centre of the EU is not now in its official centre — Brussels — but rather in Berlin. Controversial I’m sure, but I then went on to suggest that what has emerged is nothing less than a German Empire in the making. I […]