The speed at which the US elites continue their descent into madness is nothing short of astonishing. Their arrogance, which had been par for the course for some time, is now matched by a level of stupidity that truly takes the breath away. Here’s the latest:

Earlier this year a person named Steven Mnuchin was somehow given the job of US Treasury Secretary. I say somehow, because as a former banker at Goldman Sachs and then manager of the George Soros hedge fund, SFM Capital Management, he appeared to be an unlikely choice for a President who had been elected largely on the basis of promising a completely different America than the Goldman Sachs / George Soros Swamp. But then as careful observers have noticed, Mr Trump the President long ago forgot the promises made by Mr Trump the candidate, and has instead transmogrified into the creature now known as Donald J Swamp.

Anyway, as US Treasury Secretary, Mr Mnuchin was asked in an interview earlier this week to comment on the recent unanimous decision of the UN Security Council to adopt new sanctions on North Korea – a decision that was only reached after a number of concessions were offered to China and Russia. Here’s how he began:

“We worked very closely with the U.N. I’m very pleased with the resolution that was just passed. This is some of the strongest items. We now have more tools in our toolbox, and we will continue to use them and put additional sanctions on North Korea until they stop this behaviour.”

But then CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin put this to him:

“We haven’t been able to move the needle on China, which seems to be the real mover on this, in terms of being able to apply the real pressure. What do you think the issue is? What is the problem?”

To which Mr Mnuchin responded:

“I think we have absolutely moved the needle on China. I think what they agreed to yesterday was historic. I’d also say I put sanctions on a major Chinese bank. That’s the first time that’s ever been done. And if China doesn’t follow these sanctions, we will put additional sanctions on them and prevent them from accessing the U.S. and international dollar system. And that’s quite meaningful.”

Hmm? So you’re going to cut lil’ ole China off from the dollar system? Anything else? Apparently so, as he went on:

“I made it clear that the President was strongly considering and we sent a message that anybody that wanted to trade with North Korea, we would consider them not trading with us. We can put on economic sanctions to stop people trading.”

If there was an Arrogance Richter-Scale, this would register about 9.5. Having just sat down with the Chinese to work on a resolution that they could comfortably back, what does the US do next? Continue to work with them as partners to solve the problem on the Korean Peninsula? Nah! They go down the “Let’s threaten them with economic Armageddon” route.

My understanding of Chinese statecraft is very limited, but I have heard that they don’t tend to take kindly to being threatened. In fact, I understand that they take rather a dim view of this sort of thing and are unlikely to be either cowed or impressed.

But aside from the obvious arrogance, the really startling thing about Mr Mnuchin’s statements is that they are mind-bogglingly dumb. More than dumb. Dumbly dumb.

So there he is threatening China with being cut off from the dollar system. Doesn’t he know? Hasn’t he heard? The Chinese have been working quietly and determinedly for the last few years to pull themselves out of the US dollar system. Doesn’t he know that both Russia and China have been developing their own alternatives to the SWIFT payment system in preparation for the day when they extract themselves from the dollar hegemon? Hasn’t he heard that the governments of both countries have been stockpiling gold like it’s going out of fashion to prepare their countries for this eventuality? Didn’t he hear President Putin say at the recent BRICS summit:

“We are ready to work together with our partners to promote international financial regulation reforms and to overcome the excessive domination of the limited number of reserve currencies.”

And most crucially of all, didn’t he hear that the Chinese are shortly to launch a “crude oil futures contract priced in yuan and convertible into gold”, thus circumventing the need to trade oil in dollars?

If he doesn’t know any of this, then it just goes to show that the lights really are out in Washington DC, and what we have is swamp full of creatures so bloated on their own incessant propaganda, that they are literally incapable of hearing anything that doesn’t correspond to it. Like the kid that sits there with his hands over his hears yelling, “I’m not listening. I’m not listening. I can’t hear you.”

On the other hand, if he does know all about it, then whilst his mouth was uttering his ludicrous nonsense, he should have done the following: put his middle and index fingers together like a child imitating a gun, point them downwards, shout “BANG”, before hopping up and down and grabbing the “injured” foot. Because in cutting China off from the dollar system, what would the US end up achieving? Why the end of the global dollar system!

And so the Chinese, who are determined to pull themselves out of the dollar system, have now been threatened with expulsion from the system they are trying to escape. It’s a bit like a prison officer finding a prisoner digging a tunnel, and threatening him with freedom if he doesn’t stop trying to get out.

But what of the other part of the threat? The one where the mighty USA threatens to stop trading with lil’ ole China? A couple of weeks ago, President Swamp made the very same threat in one of his Twitterblabs. This is what he said:

“The United States is considering, in addition to other options, stopping all trade with any country doing business with North Korea.”

When I saw that, my immediate thought was something like, “Oh boy, his handlers let him off his leash this morning, didn’t they? And now they’re going to have to take him aside and explain to him that since the US does $650billion worth of trade with China every year, threatening them with ceasing trade is perhaps not one of his very brightest ideas.” But now we find that it wasn’t just a slip of the Tweet. Mr Mnuchin’s remarks appear to confirm that President Swamp’s bright idea is actual US policy. Of course it could just be an idle threat. But what kind of people are these that think they can threaten the nation with world’s second biggest economy with cutting all trade?

The lights are out in Washington DC and the swamp creatures are Comfortably Dumb. That the world’s most powerful nation is run by some of the world’s most ignorant people is surely not something that’s sustainable in the long run.

8 thoughts on “The Lights go out in Washington as the Swamp Creatures Become Comfortably Dumb

  1. We often look to the CIA training manual we read which was based on John von Neumann’s Game Theory, very mathematical and laid out like an electronic schematic, and way above our level, but the gist was the main circuit was the control of gas and oil. We got control of Iraq’s oil, which China was allowed to buy on our terms and with the petrodollar. The Chinese, however, have been attempting to aid other countries like Niger to explore for oil, but terrorist groups like the Boko Haram, which is probably western backed, prevent them from doing so. This is what the struggle in Venezuela is about, we are helping to causes shortages on ordinary things and to cause chaos, so we can get in there to “help” things, but what we really want is their oil.

    So, are we threatening China with sanctions on gas and oil?

  2. Barking dogs seldom bite.
    The US knows it cannot win a war where a decent opponent is involved, it never could and it never will … unless it can achieve some miraculous technological advantage.

  3. We are going to add to the questions here, Bill and Rob. Someone asked the question recently, who gained from our war in Iraq. We thought we did, stealing their oil fields and seed bank, but they said it was the Chinese who bought the Iraq oil. So, did we conquer Iraq just to let China have a source of oil and why would we do this?

  4. Still thinking about this, that intriguing, so I’m going to posit another answer to what it really means. Assuming that our wars in the name of “democracy” and such are really essentially about the preservation of the dollar as the “reserve” currency (“alchemy” anyone?), then how are we to understand Mnuchin’s threat – as you put it, to “free the prisoner if he doesn’t stop trying to escape”?

    He knows that the Chinese have an enormous stake in the dollar as so much of their excess wealth is invested in it. He probably also knows (and I think this is actually true), that the Chinese suffer (unlike than the Russians and perhaps more than any other society else on earth) from a form of Ameri-phila. At the same time they don’t “trust” the long-term stability of their own society. Wealthy Chinese (party members) actually launder money to the US in order to hide it and provide themselves escape routes. They seek to establish their children here. They seek to retire here.

    Maybe “they” (the Swamp class for whom Mnuchin speaks) reason that the Chinese want to be rich more than they want to be Chinese. It’s a bad bargain for them, but they don’t understand. Maybe this is a gambit to stop the “escape attempt” that BRICS and other initiatives represent, and drive a wedge between the burgeoning Russian – Chinese alliance.

    1. Interesting thoughts, Bill. Thanks.

      I tend to think that a lot of this is to do with the fact that US swamp creatures have no concept of how people from other cultures think. Not surprising, because they take no time to study what other cultures think. They assume that other cultures and especially the governments of other countries think in exactly the same way they do. And so what they see as strong (informed by Hollywood stereotypes), the Russians and the Chinese will also see as strong. What they see as weak, the Russians and Chinese will see as weak.

      This has been especially obvious over their treatment of Russia during the past few years. I have been intrigued enough to read the thoughts of a few Russian bloggers, and the thing I learned is this: when the US government comes out with its threats and its bluster, thinking that everyone will see how strong it is, the Russian psyche actually sees it as a weakness. If you are strong, so the thinking goes, you don’t need to continually talk about how great you are, how tough you are, how powerful you are. You quietly demonstrate your strength by your actions, not by shouting to the whole world about them.

      The Chinese, so I’m told, have a very similar attitude. They aren’t impressed by tough talk. They don’t respond well to threats. And like the Russians, they see such bluff and bluster as being a symptom of weakness and not of strength.

      All of which is the diametric opposite of how the West, and the US elites in particular think. They think that by talking tough, others will see how strong they are. By making threats, everybody else will be cowed.

      And so I think Mnuchin’s comments are basically just that. He and the administration he represents think that by using tough talk and threats, they’ll “put the Chinese in their place”. And when the Chinese don’t really respond with similar talk, they assume that their threats have had the desired effect. But in actual fact they will have had the exact opposite effect.

      1. They will convince the Chinese that the US is growing weaker and weaker
      2. They will convince the Chinese to quietly carry on their business of pulling their economy out from the dollar hegemony

      And finally, if you have the time, here’s a very long, but extremely interesting piece that amply demonstrates all this. It basically shows that while the US government was taking credit for the UN resolution against North Korea, and while they were breathing out their threatenings against anyone and everyone — China in particular — the actual resolution far more reflects China’s wishes than it does America’s. In fact, it shows that the US had to climb down significantly. But whereas the US government then goes onto brag about it and what they’re going to do in the event of non-compliance, China says nothing, secure in the knowledge that they got far more of what they wanted than did the US:

      Maybe this is a gambit to stop the “escape attempt” that BRICS and other initiatives represent, and drive a wedge between the burgeoning Russian – Chinese alliance.

      1. Rob,

        I didn’t have the patience to read the entire UN resolution, but I get the gist and take the author’s word for its significance. I see it as good news that China and Russia are standing firm, because it appeals to my sense of justice if nothing else. BTW Paul Craig Roberts put up and interesting piece on the subject that very much echoes your take. Hard to see Mnuchin as that “stupid”, but then I’ve been overestimating people my whole life. Hard habit to break. I guess because it runs counter to what was once described as my “pathological” sanity.

  5. As an American, I am always deeply embarrassed by my government, and though I ask of God what can we do to stem the tide of stupidity, His only answer is to “do more good”, under His guidance, of course.

    There are those who call America the Great Satan, and from the point of view we have been given, we agree that our government/military/industrial/pharmaceutical industry has certainly forgotten the Laws of God. Our mentor who was an empath could see into the spirit world to see demons or entities surrounding the presidents and leaders of our nation, and even other nations, and there was this remote viewer who saw an entity on George Bush when he was calling on war with Iraq in 2003, an Armageddon Entity he called it, speaking for Bush, saying his god guided him to do this. An empath we know saw an entity hanging on the side of Obama when he was campaigning, but as he was inaugurated, that entity surrounded his mind and began to speak for him.

    See a pattern. I don’t really know because I am not an empath, but it seems to me that like Obama, Trump might have wanted to do all those things he spoke of as he was campaigning, but once elected, perhaps he was possessed by an entity. So, perhaps we are the Great Satan, not the regular people, mind you, but those who have gained control. Hillary, of course, has been possessed for many years.

    Regarding China, it is curious to note that much land and many businesses in our nation have been bought by the Chinese, and that many in our nation invested heavily in China, putting in manufacturing concerns after the arms dealer, Armand Hammer, opened China up to the Mormons and other Oligarchs. That’s when Made in America because Made in China. We are sure Wal-Mart had a hand in this, too. They did this for Japan after the war as well. Someone told us that Chinese investors will buy a rental property here, and then only rent it to their own. He also said Chinese women have their babies here, to anchor them, which gives them the right to citizenship.

    When Bush dropped 320 tons of Depleted Uranium bombs in his “shock and awe” on Iraq, Delamer Duverus told us God pulled His blessing from our nation, for this grievous crime of adultery, leaving Iraq contaminated with uranium which will last for hundreds of years and which have now caused mutations in the newborn and much more cancer. DD said God would let the hordes comes against us. We wondered who were the hordes, and it was then a friend called from the other side of our nation to tell us he was listening to a talk radio broadcast about dreams, and there were numerous people calling in to relate similar dreams about an invasion by an Oriental people. Well, we knew of three people prior to this who had a similar dream, one man thought they were Korean, and another saw them hiding in caves and underground buildings ready to spring out simultaneously all over our nation like they appeared out of nowhere. Hmm. Perhaps they are already in our nation.

    Nothing happens by chance in our world, so we wonder what is exactly being planned for us. It is interesting to note that Delamer Duverus also asked us in 2003 where the safest place to be was during a war, and we didn’t know, and He told us it was wherever the Mormons were. We had a big question as to why. They do store food, they do own a lot of guns and run some of the biggest gun shows in the nation, they do control the FBI or so DD told us, and now probably every other alphabet law enforcement or surveillance group, and so we must wonder if this isn’t some hidden agenda by this Lamb with Horns, a religion which is really a government, and if it has anything to do with creating their Nation of Deseret. As God’s chosen people, or so they say, and the rest of us are “gentiles”, we might think they are following in the footsteps of Israel, and are claiming this nation for their own. Reading their history, “Under the Banner of Heaven” by Jon Krakauer, one could see why they want this.

    As DD also said, we would be made slaves on our own soil. And history repeats itself.

  6. I thought it was only I that was dumbfounded at Mnuchin’s quote, which I believe I saw pass with nothing more than “ho hum” comment when it was played on Fox Business. I thought to myself, “Wait, isn’t that a big deal? Isn’t he threatening the Chinese with the end of the world as they know it?” And thought further to myself: “Hasn’t the real purpose of all of these recent US wars (though unstated of course) been about preserving the dollar system?” Has he just told the Chinese “we don’t need you to buy our debt anymore, oh and by the way, we’re keeping the Trillion we already owe you?”

    What is scary about this is that I don’t think he can possibly be that “stupid”. So then what does it mean? We’ve been trying to bait Putin into an attack seemingly since 2014. Maybe like in 1941, we’ll be satisfied to take our casus belli from the East. But it looks like they really want a real war, and sooner than later.

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