What kind of person really wants to see relations between the world’s biggest nuclear armed countries deteriorate? Who wants to see the situation between the US and Russia, which has become at least as dangerous as the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, get even worse? Or to put it another way, who would not welcome a genuine dialogue between the leaders of these two great countries? The answer to these questions is of course those who have completely lost their ability to reason.

Given the unprecedented propaganda and irrational absurdities coming out of the US over the past year or so, not even the most optimistic of people could have had very high hopes for the Trump-Putin meeting at the G20 Summit on Friday. The toxic atmosphere in the US, plus the fact that Donald Trump largely capitulated to the Deep State within weeks of his inauguration, meant that any real thawing in relations was highly unlikely.

Yet as it turned out, the meeting was far better than even the biggest pessimist could have imagined. Scheduled to speak for just 30 minutes — which itself was a bad joke, given the urgent need for the leaders of these two nations to have serious and constant communication — they actually went on for over two hours and apparently cordially discussed a broad range of issues.

For any normal person, this would be seen as A VERY GOOD THING. But of course there are many who regard it as A VERY BAD THING.

For instance, on the idea of forming a joint Cyber Security unit so that each country could have a guarantee that the other would not “hack” the others’ election, the plan was met with derision in the US. Senator Marco Rubio, for instance, suggested that such an initiative would be like partnering with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on chemical weapons.

This is a particularly funny retort for a number of reasons. Firstly, the Syrian government’s stockpile of chemical weapons was destroyed by a team of US Army civilians and contractors aboard a US vessel, the Cape Ray, in 2013-14. Secondly, the US still has a stockpile of around 3,000 tons of chemical weapons, despite being a signatory to the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention, which committed it to the destruction of their entire stockpile of chemical weapons within ten years. The complete destruction of the entire arsenal is now due to be completed around the year 2023. And thirdly, the country that leads the world in cyber-spying, monitoring, election interference and regime change by a wide margin is … none other than the country in which Mr Rubio is a senator. Let’s file his remarks in that fat ‘ole bin marked “Hypocrisy”.

Yet Mr Rubio’s remarks pale into insignificance to those uttered by Nikki Haley, the country’s second most important “diplomat”. Here’s what this “diplomat” had to say after her boss’s boss’s apparently cordial and constructive meeting with Mr Putin:

“We can’t trust Russia, and we won’t ever trust Russia. But you keep those that you don’t trust closer so that you can always keep an eye on them and keep them in check.”

Think about that. Let it sink in. After a period of the worst relations between the two countries since — well since ever — the US President finally got to sit down and talk to his Russian counterpart, and by all accounts it went well. Which would be a cause for any normal person to be thankful. And yet just hours after it finished, the US’s second highest “diplomat” blabs her mouth off that the US will never trust Russia! I shudder to think that when looking for a diplomat, Mr Trump saw Mrs Haley as the best person to represent his country.

It would be pointless to go through all the inanities uttered by the stenographers in the so-called free media. Suffice it to say that predictably, rather than welcoming the potential for a relaxation of tensions, they spent their time chiding Mr Trump for “being soft”, for apparently “being played”, and of Mr Putin “winning”. What is the matter with these people? Why does everything have to be about winning and losing? Can they not envisage discussions where grown-up people discuss differences and try to work towards resolution without it being about “who comes out on top”? Apparently they cannot, for reasons I’ll come to in a moment.

And of course they continued to display the effects of the debilitating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder they’ve been suffering from for almost a year, which compels them to talk incessantly about “hacking” and “meddling”, but without ever asking a single challenging question, such as:

Did the 17 intelligence agencies really all agree with a high level of certainty that Russia hacked the election? (Answer: no)

Did the FBI actually examine the DNC servers? (Answer: no)

Who actually did examine the DNC servers (Crowdstrike) and do they have a reliable track record of such things? (Answer: no)

Was there any hard evidence presented of Russian hacking in the January 6th DIA report? (Answer: no)

Has the US ever interfered in the elections of other countries, including Russia’s? (Answer: yes — multiple times)

Words almost fail me. Faced with a choice between the two leaders striking up a rapport and finding some common ground, or the two of them squaring up to each other in a confrontation that would only increase tensions and push us closer to a potential nuclear confrontation, many (if not most) leading US politicians, plus their media lackeys, prefered the second option.

Last year, as the United States for the second time broke an agreement that they had signed with Russia to separate the so-called moderate rebels from groups like al-Nusra, the Russian Foreign Minister described the US administration using a word meaning “not agreement capable”. But it now looks far worse than that. It is not just that the US administration is “not capable” of agreement, it appears to be “not rational-thought capable”. Almost the entirety of Congress and the media seem to think that any détente between Mr Trump and Mr Putin, between the US and Russia, between the two biggest nuclear armed countries on the planet is tantamount to treason.

It is abundantly clear that the political and media elites in the United States are out of control. They have long since left the land of rationality, and have driven over the cliff where they are now floundering in the air of unreason before going splat on the rock of total insanity. They have so imbibed the heresy that the United States is “Exceptional” and “Indispensable” that they are now “not rational-thought capable”. They are incapable of conceiving of an agreement which does not either maintain or increase US hegemony. They are incapable of conceiving of talks with another country where their opposite numbers are treated as anything other than subservient. They are incapable of welcoming a thawing of relations between the leaders of two countries that have enough nuclear weapons to wipe out the lives of millions.

And because of their madness, they are driving the US and Russia towards confrontation. Don’t believe it? The Russians do. Here’s what one of their top generals, Lt. Gen. Viktor Poznikhir, said back in April:

“The [US] missile defense system considerably shifts the balance of offensive weapons, allowing the planning of a more efficient pre-emptive strike. Russian military experts believe that the US hopes to gain the capability to strike any region of the world, including Russia and China, with nuclear-tipped missiles with impunity.”

Do you understand what he’s saying and how serious this all is? Unless the leaders of these countries talk to each other, as equals, with a view to reaching tangible agreements, and without their own bureaucracies and media back at home doing all they can to prevent this from happening, then the Russians will continue to view US plans as heading inexorably towards having the capability to launch a pre-emptive strike, with any response neutralised. Only someone that has let the ideology of exceptionalism blind them to what this really means, could fail to welcome the baby steps towards détente that were seen in Hamburg.

In short, too much exceptionalism hath made the US elites mad. They must be stopped. If you are a Christian, please make this a priority in your prayers.

4 thoughts on “Too Much Exceptionalism Hath Made the US Elites Mad

  1. ALL any equivalent nuclear adversary need do to counter any Insane US first strike is detonate in place its atomic bombs And We Are ALL DOOMED ( It only takes about 100 to wipe US ALL 0UT and US’ 4000, Russia 2600, China 260, Jews 300; so any use is Nuking Futs, Folks)

  2. Rob, we are only 2 of many voices crying in the wilderness. There are so many more, but so far it seems nothing changes.

    In the same theme as this article, these comments were posted in The New York Times and the Washington Post Today.

    Ray Joseph Cormier

    Hull, Quebec 6 hours ago

    What did you expect Trump to do? Take that meme of him beating up on CNN and just jump Putin? There are other real serious issues the US and Russia have to resolve to avoid nuclear war.

    Americans are in denial of the realities of this world. The US invades, or the CIA orchestrates regime change of other governments all the Time, and now has the temerity, the blind arrogance, to believe in it’s exceptionalism, it can interfere in the internal affairs of other Nations with impunity, but no other Nation can do likewise. US MSM propagandists for ‘the Deep State’ never raise those realities in the minds of Americans.

    Everyone recognizes hypocrites except Americans in their delusional exceptionalism.

    Ray Joseph Cormier

    Hull, Quebec 3 hours ago

    The US spends more on “defence” than Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and other Nations combined, and Americans are so insecure, you have to spend more. If all a Nation has is a powerful Military without Social Cohesion, it is all in vain.

    When the US CIA/Military-Homeland Security-Police State, and all the supporting private contractors advising those Public Institutions, consume over 50% of all US government tax revenue, Americans will get more bangs for those bucks, but not necessarily more security.

    After 15 years, the US War on Terrorism has created only more Terrorists and Contractors working for Defence and Homeland Security.

    The whole world knows the US went to the United Nations Security Council requesting Legal Authority to invade Iraq and change the regime and the UN said a resounding NO after all the ‘intelligence’ false information was presented.

    US Military and Opinion “experts” given MSM air time, accuse Russia of undermining “The World Order,” that is Projection.

    When the UN said NO to the US invasion of Iraq, the US in FACT and REALITY undermined “The World Order” with the invasion of Iraq in violation of International Law, ushering in the Law of the Jungle to the Middle East and the world.

    PRIDE comes before the FALL, and American blind arrogance, hubris and feigned indignation may be leading this world to Masada II-Holocaust II.

    Ray Joseph Cormier6:05 PM EST

    Americans are in denial of the realities of this world. The US invades, or the CIA orchestrates regime change of other governments all the Time. The US has the temerity, the blind arrogance, the hubris, in the delusion of it’s exceptionalism, it can interfere in the internal affairs of other Nations with impunity, but no other Nation can do likewise. US MSM are propagandists for ‘the Deep State.’

    Everyone recognizes hypocrites except Americans it seems.

    US news media don’t even question after the US Taxpayer/Military spent $Billions arming and training the Iraqi Army, they just ran without a fight, abandoning all that US military equipment with the keys in the ignition when the small band of ISIS terrorist/marauders came out of the Iraqi desert. Thanks to US incompetence or design ISIS just grabbed the equipment to become an equipped fighting force.

    This gave the US Military an excuse for bombing while not inflicting any damage of the growth of ISIS. It was not until the Russians stepped in only in 2015 after the US was in control the previous 4 years, the tide turned against ISIS.

    Of course the CIA hates Russia for foiling the US regime change plan for Syria brought out within weeks of 9/11. Former NATO Supreme Commander General Wesley Clark exposed the 2001 US War Plans 4 years before the CIA started running Gadaffi’s weapons from their station in Benghazi, to their proxy regime change terrorist boots on the ground in Syria following the 10 year old US War plans for the Middle East. Bush took care of the Iraq part of the Plan. Obama started the Libya & Syria part of the 2001 US War Plans in 2011.

    Trump has already made Public he intends to start the Iran regime change part of the 16 year old US War Plans.

    Makes me wonder? Republican Bush, Democrat Obama, and now Trump all following the same 16 year old US War Plan. Could these FACTS be circumstantial evidence there really is a ‘Deep State’ pulling the strings behind the Republican-Democratic facade?

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