So the 7th Planned Dismemberment sting video is up. This latest one reveals that this grisly organisation actually harvests the brains of aborted babies that are still alive. Yes you read that right. See for yourselves:

David Daleiden, director of the Center for Medical Progress, the organisation that has released these videos, summed up as follows:

“Today’s video contains heartrending admissions about the absolute barbarism of Planned Parenthood’s abortion practice and baby parts sales in which fetuses are sometimes delivered intact and alive. Planned Parenthood is a criminal organization from the top down and should be immediately stripped of taxpayer funding and prosecuted for their atrocities against humanity.”

I am full of admiration for the folks who have made these videos, and for those who have tirelessly campaigned for years to end the gruesome abortion industry. Yet, I want to caution pro-lifers against one thing that I see coming.

Which is worse, the selling or the killing? The killing of course. These videos are appalling, but there is a danger that we end up focusing more on the sale of organs than on the fact that babies are being slaughtered. Certainly this is something that the pro-abortionists will be tapping into. In other words, they’ll move to close loopholes on the sale of organs, and thus try to pacify many people who have become outraged by what is going on. But they’ll do so in order to turn attention from the real issue — the killing of babies — so that they can carry on with their hideous practice of slaughtering babies.

This is already happening, and pro-lifers out there should be on their guard. For instance, in the state of Indiana, The Aborted Fetal Remains Bill (SEA 329) has just been signed into law, establishing rules as to how abortion facilities must “appropriately dispose of the bodies of babies killed in abortions”. In other words, they have tightened the law on what happens with the baby after it has been killed. But it is worth noting that the bill will not save a single baby. The organs will end up buried or cremated instead of being sold. But the baby will still be dead.

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