The thing in the video below is not a baby. Granted, it looks a little bit like a baby, what with that head shaped bit, and those sort of limby looking bits, plus some of the other things that babies have. But actually it has been growing for just 20 weeks and so any resemblance to a baby is purely coincidental.

The thing in this video may not even be alive. Granted, it does seem to be moving, but there are a lot of different opinions as to when life actually begins. So we can’t say with absolute certainty that the moving thing in the video is a living thing.

The thing in this video is not viable. Granted, if we just leave it there it does have a sporting chance of survival. But because our most advanced incubators couldn’t keep it alive, we can say with scientific certainty that it must be inviable.

The thing in the video is not human. Granted, it is inside a human, and so it may have the potential to become human. But to call it human would give it rights. And since it doesn’t have rights it can’t be human. See?

And so it’s okay to kill thing in the video. It’s not a baby. It’s not alive. It’s not viable. It’s not human. If you do think it does look like a living, viable, human baby, surely you need to go for an eye test. I mean, anyone can see that it’s not. Can’t they?



One thought on “You Think That Thing is a What? A Living, Viable, Human Baby? Are You Blind?

  1. A real tragedy of the pro-life/pro-abortion debate is that unacceptable ideas like the above are allowed to go on. I wish people learned how to compromise more. Just about every hot button issue is like this, with both sides of the issue looking at it as a slippery slope they cannot compromise on. Would the pro-lifers be willing to say that an abortion pre-some-time-period is legal (if not acceptable) just so they can save lives of babies viable outside the womb, like pictured? Would the pro-abortion movement be willing to permit some abortions (babies viable outside the womb) to be illegal so they can have ready access to others? I personally think we all get so wrapped up in our ideologies that we lose track of the important thing: saving as many lives as we can, even if that means not saving them all.

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