Brexit Ice Cream

Brexit: It’s Not the Economy, Stupid!

With just a few more weeks to go before the EU Referendum, I must confess to finding myself suffering from what I believe is an entirely new syndrome. Known as Brexit Boredom Condition (BBC), it flares up at least once a day when I click onto the website of Britain’s “impartial broadcaster,” to once again find myself being accosted by the “Scare the Living Daylights out of Them” Campaign. Unfortunately for them, their tactics are lost on the likes of […]


How to Tell When Your Culture is in Free Fall

Here’s 10 quick clues to let you know when your culture is heading in a downward trajectory, poised to go splat at sometime in the near future: The choice you are given at the ballot box is between a narcissistic, egomaniac serial adulterer who is quite capable of making utterly contradictory statements in the same sentence just to get elected, and a demented psychopath who just loves the killing of unborn babies, never found a war she didn’t like, and who greeted […]

Church of Zengland

One More Thing and I’m Leaving the Church of Zengland

My latest little gripe against the Church of England for Conservative Woman Forgive me, but I need to begin with a joke (adapted from one I once heard told about Episcopalians): Two elderly Anglican gentlemen are sitting in their pew in their local church waiting for a service to begin. Both are true believers, but have become distraught at the way the CofE has been going in recent years. Suddenly the lights dim, and a laser show accompanied by hardcore […]

Moderate Salafist Jihadists

U.S., Britain, France Attempt to Bring Peace to Syria by the Clever Use of Salafist Jihadi Terrorists

According to Reuters: Britain, the United States, France and Ukraine blocked a Russian proposal at the United Nations to blacklist Syrian rebel groups Jaish al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham for links to Islamic State and al Qaeda militants, diplomats said on Wednesday. Russia made the proposal late last month and the U.S. mission to the United Nations had signalled it would oppose the move, saying it would undermine attempts to get a sustained halt in the fighting in Syria. According to […]

Philip Hammond

The Tasteless Philip Hammond is Unable to Rejoice at the Liberation of Palmyra From the Wahhabi Death Cult

Imagine that a group of the most fanatical ideologues on the planet had seized an historic city and carried out unspeakable atrocities there. Imagine they had lined up 25 soldiers in the ruins of an ancient ampitheater and filmed their teenage recruits executing them. Imagine that they had tortured and beheaded the 82-year-old head of antiquities in that city and hung his mutilated body on a column in a main square. Now imagine that a foreign power teamed up with […]


Logic Dies as A no Longer Identifies as A

“Hi A. It is A, isn’t it? I hardly recognised you there. It’s B. Remember me? How are you doing?” “I’m fine. Well I’m … well it’s just … I’m …” “What is it A? Is something the matter? You don’t look quite yourself.” “Look, B. There’s something I need you to know. I’m no longer known as A.” “What do you mean you’re no longer known as A, A?” “I mean I no longer identify as A. In fact, […]


Civilization Goes Splat!

My latest piece for Samaritan Ministries International What do you call a civilization that cannot tell the difference between a man and a woman? How about a civilization that allows men to use the female restroom because they identify as female? And a civilisation where large multinational companies boycott whole states because those states pass laws defining the terms “male” and “female” as a person’s “immutable biological sex as objectively determined by anatomy and genetics at time of birth”? What […]

Why Won’t Safe-Sex Advocates Advocate Safe-Sex to Prevent STIs?

A few weeks ago, the BBC reported on a rise in a new strain of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s), which are proving to be resistant to treatment. Here is an extract from their report: “Doctors have expressed ‘huge concern’ that super-gonorrhoea has spread widely across England and to gay men. The new superbug prompted a national alert last year when it emerged in Leeds, as one of the main treatments had become useless against it. Public Health England acknowledges measures to […]

Pushing Mr Obama and the Globalist Project to the Back of the Queue

To those conservatives who have been operating under the assumption that Britain has a special relationship with a special friend called America, I do hope that Mr Obama has managed to rid you of that notion. I hope that if nothing else, Mr Obama’s typically crass intervention in the affairs of another country will have made you see the glaring truth. Although Mr Obama has made this clear in previous statements, his “back of the queue” line last Friday was […]

Chicken Licken & the Brexit

Brexit Referendum Latest: Chicken Licken Joins the ‘Staying in’ Campaign

Once upon a time there was a little chick called Chicken Licken. One day as he was scratching about in the farmyard, he was hit on the head by Government EU Referendum Propaganda. “Oh no,” cried Chicken Licken. “If we vote for sovereignty and independence the sky will fall down. I must go and tell the Queen”. On the way, Chicken Licken met the third little pig who was carrying bricks to build a house. “Where are you going in […]

The King Who Wanted to Increase His Power and Fulfil His Every Desire (or How the Graveyards are Full of Indispensable Men) Chapter 5

This is the fifth and final chapter in the adventures of the power-hungry King. Here are chapters one, two, three and four And so it came to pass that most of the womenfolk did leave off from raising their own children, and instead went to work for the barons, merchants and captains of industry. And as they did so, those who continued to refuse were declared to be stupid and backward, and in any case the cost of housing and […]

Tolerant Baker Joke

Three men walk into a bakery. “Good morning,” says the owner, “what can I do for you all?” “I’d like to order a cake iced with all the colours of the rainbow and the words ‘Celebrating same-sex marriage,’” said the first man. “Certainly. And how about you,” said the owner turning to the second man. “I’d like a cake iced with the words ‘Celebrating Tolerance and Diversity.’” “Yes of course. That’s what we’re all about here. And how about you?” […]

The King Who Wanted to Increase His Power and Fulfil His Every Desire (or How You Pay the State to Pay You to Look After Your Children) Chapter 4

Following on from chapters 1 and 2 and 3… Now it came to pass that after the King, together with the barons, merchants and captains of industrie, had spent a deal of resources on advertising and heavy propaganda to entice the womenfolk to leave off from raising their own children, that many of the womenfolk did indeed oblige. And as they did, the profits of the barons, merchants and captains of industrie grew, as did the Royal Treasury and the King’s […]

The King Who Wanted to Increase His Power and Fulfil His Every Desire (or How the State and Corporations are in Cahoots to Make us Slaves) Chapter 3

Following on from chapters 1 and 2… Now it came to pass that many marriages were dissolved, and as the bonds between the menfolk and the womenfolk grew faint, social problems were multiplied throughout the realm. But the more the problems grew, the more did the people look to the King as their benefactor, and he duly obliged by raiding the Royal Treasury to pay for a multitude of solutions. Thus did his power and the fulfilling of his every […]

The King who Wanted to Increase His Power and to Fulfil His Every Desire (or Why the State Wrecked Marriage to Turn us Into Serfs) – Chapter 2

Following on from Chapter 1 … Now it came to pass that some of the womenfolk did indeed leave their little ones and entered the workforce, and the King was delighted to see the Royal Treasury grow. Yet most of the womenfolk continued to ignore the Royal Emancipation Proclamation, choosing instead to stay at home to raise their own children. And so by and by the King’s countenance fell and once again he grew sorrowful in his heart. At last […]

The King who Wanted to Increase His Power and to Fulfil His Every Desire (or How we Became Slaves of the State) – Chapter 1

There was once a King who, despite his great wealth and power, found that he was unable to be happy. So one day, he called his twelve wise men to gather before his throne, to see if any could help. “O Great King, may you live forever,” they said. “What aileth thee and why is thy countenance fallen?” “I am indeed in very great distress of mind,” replied the King sadly, choking back tears. “I find that my thirst for […]

Cooking up a Recipe for Contentment

This is my latest piece for Samaritan Ministries International, looking at the importance of parents instilling thankfulness in their children around the meal table. One of the most common complaints I hear from other parents is how they have been unable to get their children to eat certain types of food. As you will no doubt guess, I am not talking here about burgers, or candy, or other items packed with sugar or fat. Somehow the problem most of us […]

Emotion, Scaremongering and Meaningless Platitudes: Nicky Morgan Makes Her Entry into the EU Debate

The Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, has now waded into the debate on EU membership, bringing with her just about every device from the toolbox of the modern career politician: good use of emotive scaremongering, lots of high sounding but meaningless platitudes, all topped with a good drizzle of disingenuous nonsense. Let’s just interact with it for a few moments:  “It’s clear, that if Britain leaves Europe it will be young people who suffer the most, left in limbo while we struggle […]

Urgent Advice to the Mainstream Media in the Event of Raqqa Being Retaken

This is another letter to mainstream media journalists from TheBlogMire’s resident “Russia expert”, Russell O’Phobe Dear Friends & Colleagues, It’s been some time since I wrote to you all, and you must forgive me if in this epistle I come across as angry. No, angry is not strong enough a word. Furious would be far more appropriate. As you will know, the Syrian Army, backed up by the Russian Airforce, took back the city of Palmyra from ISIS. It is […]

Happy Resurrection Day

  Nobody prior to the resurrection anticipated it. The Jews of the 1st century believed in a general resurrection at the end of time, something that is clear from Martha’s statement to Jesus about Lazarus, that “I know he will be raised on the last day”. But they had no concept of a resurrection in the midst of time. You can read this time and time again in the reaction of the disciples when Jesus tells them what is to […]

Why is This Friday so Good?

You are in the first century and you are part of a conspiracy trying to produce tracts persuading people that a certain man was God’s Messiah (Anointed One, or Christ). Here’s a few tips to make it authentic: 1. Avoid putting in anything other than an ordinary birth narrative. Remember, your audience is just not going to go in for any claims of Messiahship from someone whose circumstances of birth might be shrouded in controversy. 2. At all costs avoid […]

Is Putin Weaponising Stupidity?

For some time I’ve been trying to develop an all-encompassing theory to account for the behaviour of Western leaders and the media over the last few years. At times their actions and the words of many of them have appeared to be, shall we say, unhinged. But it was only when I heard what the British Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, had to say in the House of Commons on 14th March that the penny finally dropped for me and my all-encompassing theory […]

Kennels 4 Kids

Satire Warning: May contain traces of parody, though only separated by a couple of degrees from reality. To many parents, Priscilla Kendall’s holiday plans might seem shocking. Like many others, she’ll be heading off for two weeks in the sun this summer, but unlike most parents, she won’t be taking her children with her. Instead, they will be staying at the controversial “child boarding” company Kennels 4 Kids. For Ms Kendall, who works for an investment bank, this is the […]

Rendering Unto God & Caesar for the 21st Century

If I had a denarius for every time I have heard the “render unto Caesar” argument used as a reason for why we should just pipe down about high taxation and concentrate on “spiritual” matters, I’d sure have a lot of denarii. Well okay maybe not that much, but that’s mainly because the state would no doubt come along to demand half of them upon threat of imprisonment. Still, mustn’t grumble; render unto Caesar and all that… I am on […]

Unpopular and Corrupt Government in Town: Where in the World are Nuland’s Democracy Cookies?

Anyone who thinks you can topple a corrupt government with Molotov cocktails, sniper fire and cookies and then get a better Government in its place needs to get out more or read the right books. Anyone who thinks that the ousting of a corrupt President by men in masks with a far right ideology and a Stepan Bandera fixation is going to produce any good, is deluded. Well, just over two years ago, gullible Westerners were expected to believe just that (although of course […]

Brexit: Thoughts on Leaving the European Integration Project

I’ve watched with a sort of detached amusement as Dave Cameron scuttled around Europe trying to get leaders of other countries to give him enough leeway to prevent his resignation on June 24th. I’ve been watching with even more detached amusement as politicians from the Party of the Blue Rosettes seem to have come to their decisions based on the toss of a coin. For instance, my own MP says he has been a Eurosceptic all his life, and continues […]

The Fearless Dr. Sahra Wagenknecht Tears Mrs Merkel’s Grotesque Foreign Policy to Shreds

I know nothing about the domestic policies of Dr. Sahra Wagenknecht, but I suspect that as the Chair of the German ‘Left’ Party I would be unlikely to agree with her on much, me being a SGCCL and all that (small government, conservative, Christian, libertarian). But her understanding of foreign policy is bang on, and unlike many so-called conservatives, who seem to think that regime changing other nations and meddling with their sovereignty is a conservative thing to do (it’s the opposite), […]

Frontman Obama Achieves Full Spectrum Arrogance

Back in 2008, I suppose that the neo-Trot Warlords that now run America were cock-a-hoop at the election of the man who rose from relative obscurity to the Presidency (NB. Can people stop referring to those people as neo-conservatives. Real conservatives conserve things. That’s obvious isn’t it? These revolutionaries do the opposite. That’s obvious too, isn’t it?). Here was a guy who was young(ish) and hip(ish), and what is more, he also appeared to be a one-man principle-free zone. Perfect! A […]

The Cost of Silly Studies into Child-Rearing is Higher than Ever

According to a recent study, the cost of raising a child up to the age of 21 is now just over £230,000. You find this news depressing? Well, please spare a thought for me. I have six children and having totaled up the cost of raising them all, I find that it’s apparently going to cost me in the region of £1,380,000. Now returning to the real world, no you really don’t need to pity me, and no I’m not […]

The High Cost of Fatherhood Part 2

In the first part of this piece, I began by saying that whilst there is much said about the problem of fatherlessness in our society, especially amongst conservative commentators, a lot of what is said tends to focus on the quantitative side of things and not on the qualitative side. Having more fathers that begin and remain in the home throughout their children’s upbringing would certainly be better than the current situation of mass fatherlessness, but it is only part […]

Who Killed Dr Black?

The best thing about having a blog is that I get a free rein regarding contents. Below is something quite different from my ususal stuff — a little whodunnit piece I wrote for a magazine run by the children in my church. No prizes for guessing Who Killed Dr Black, but if you think you know the answer, feel free to let me know in the comments section.   I, Dr Edmund Black, am something of an enigma. To many, […]

The High Cost of Fatherhood Part 1

Below is the full version of my February piece for Samaritan Ministries International Sociologists and politicians on the right of the political spectrum often tell us that one of the biggest problems facing society is the lack of fathers. Very often they will present the problem merely in terms of sheer numbers and statistics: “The number of households where there is no father present from the child’s birth has risen from X to Y in 40 years”. “The number of […]

The Case of Alexander Litvinenko & Soviet Justice (“Probably”)

The inquiry and report into the death of Alexander Litvinenko shows just how far our standards of justice have fallen, and how we no longer appear to even understand the basics. In fact, our legal standards have now been so diluted that we are prepared to pronounce judgement on the basis of mere “probabilities”, rather than the time-honoured standard of “beyond reasonable doubt”. Some may wonder if I am about to defend the alleged killers of Mr Litvinenko, the FSB, […]

Buns in the Oven & The Mythical “Age of Viability”

Sally goes into her kitchen to make a batch of buns. She pulls out all the ingredients from her cupboards – eggs, sugar, flour, a pinch of salt, vanilla, baking soda, butter and sultanas – puts them all into a big bowl and mixes them up. She then tips the mixture into some greased tins, which she then pops it into the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The recipe says to leave the buns in the oven for 25 minutes […]

The Perils of Terraced Housing & Soft Despotism

If you happen to have been employed as a dressmaker in the past, and you have children of school age, be careful when you tell them about your former occupation, and make doubly sure they know how to spell it. The word “ex-seamstress” might seem harmless enough, but in the hands of a child lacking in either understanding or good spelling, it could see you winding up as the victim of a dawn raid by the police. They’re on the […]

Ode to Hurt (or Why my Tolerant Nature Can’t Stand Your Opinions)

I’m hurting I am, and I want you to know, That the pain I am feeling, isn’t likely to go. I’m hurting I am, it’s your opinions you see, I just can’t accept them, I do not agree. D’you not pay attention, d’you not see the news? This post-modern world has no place for your views. They’re outdated, outmoded, outrageous no doubt, And lots, lots more words beginning with out. Reactionary, Dark Ages, Stone Age repression, And other assorted clichéd expressions. […]

New Book Out Now!

My new book is now out. Here’s what it’s all about: A man with a Bible boards a train and finds himself sitting opposite a man with a copy of The God Delusion. What happens next? An  uncomfortable silence with them avoiding all eye contact? A superficial conversation about the weather and sport? Or an in-depth and sometimes heated discussion covering some of the greatest questions man can ever ask? Thankfully, what takes place in this book fits into the […]

How the British Government’s Defence of “British Values” and the “Rule of Law” is Hostile to British Values and the Rule of Law

The British Goverment is proposing to monitor and inspect all out-of-school education settings that have over 6 hours of teaching per week, apparently in order to stop extremism and radicalisation. This is my letter in response to their consultation on the proposals. Dear Sir or Madam, I write in response to your consultation document, Out-of-school education settings: call for evidence. I write from the perspective of someone who is hugely concerned by these proposals, believing that they are inimical to […]

Little Householders

This piece first appeared on Conservative Woman There’s this guy next door who I just can’t make out. A few years ago, he and his family joined a local co-operative group with a bunch of other families in our village, apparently with the intent of enabling them to buy and sell with those families. They pay a ton of cash into it, but my neighbour claims that it’s worth it and they get more back in return than they put […]

Did Vladimir Putin’s New Year Message Contain a Sinister Coded Message to the West?

This is the latest piece by TheBlogMire’s resident Russia expert, Russell O’Phobe, which was written for the Daily Polygraph. According to some western analysts, the New Year message given by Russian President, Vladimir Putin, may have contained a coded warning about his intentions for 2016. Experts have been analysing the former KGB officer’s body language and words, and believe that behind the message of goodwill to the Russian people his real aim was to send out a veiled threat to […]

Advertisement, by Wisława Szymborska

I’d like to begin 2016 on TheBlogMire by wishing all my readers a very happy new year. One thing I want to do this year is post works of poetry and short stories by other authors that I come across. The first of these is a wonderful poem called Advertisement by the Polish poet, Wisława Szymborska, in which she wonderfully, if rather fearfully, captures that modern curse of believing we can solve the problems of reality by taking chemicals to blot […]

Hail The Incarnate Deity

Back in the day, when I was a card-carrying atheist, one of my main reasons for not accepting Christianity was that it seemed to me to be little more than an escapist option. Here we all are, living in a world that is clearly problematic, and so many Christians seemed to be saying, “Come and join us in escaping it all. Believe in Jesus and you will go to Heaven.” This never felt to me like a very satisfactory or […]

The Bread of Life in the House of Bread

This is my latest piece for Samaritan Ministries International At the beginning of the book of Ruth, an Israelite family leaves Bethlehem to sojourn in Moab. The reason for this is that there is a famine in the land: “In the days when the judges ruled there was a famine in the land, and a man of Bethlehem in Judah went to sojourn in the country of Moab, he and his wife and his two sons. The name of the man was […]

Full Fat Abrahamism (or Believing All of God’s Promises)

A while ago I was going through Paul’s Epistle to the Romans and I came to the bit in chapter 4 about Abraham. What struck me was how full-fat Abraham’s faith was, and how in our own times much of the Christian world has only two thirds of this full-fatness, diluting the final third of his faith to the consistency of some really watery skimmed milk. What do I mean by that? Paul’s argument in chapter 4 is basically that […]

‘Christian Paganism’ Advocate Appointed Bishop of Barking & Batty

Heavy Satire Warning: Readers Should Take Care When Reading the Following Piece and Then Check out This Article The Church of England has appointed a leading advocate of a new form of Christian Paganism as Bishop of Barking and Batty. On 26th November, the Prime Minister’s Office announced The Queen had approved the nomination of Rev Darren Goring to the Suffragan See in the diocese of Nutbury. The new Bishop, who will be consecrated in February at Westminster Abbey, is […]

How Extremists & Radicals Can Prevent Their Children Becoming Radical Extremists

Growing up under Polish communism, one of the things that sticks out for my wife is the practice of having to “unlearn” some of the things she learnt at school. Often the official version of things collided with the actualité, and so needed some gentle challenging by her parents. This was done, however, on the strict understanding that these little factual corrections were to go no further than the four walls of their house, if you take my meaning. For […]

Answering Archbishop Justin Welby’s Doubts: Part 2

This is the second part of my piece answering the Archbishop of Canterbury’s response to the Paris atrocities. The first part can be found here. Walking down the road which says “There is no God” doesn’t actually answer any of our questions (see Part 1). In fact, it throws up more intractable problems for us. Yet those questions still remain – “How does a God whom Christians claim is both good and omnipotent God appear to be utterly impotent or […]

An Open Letter to the MPs Who Voted to Back David Cameron’s Motion to Bomb in Syria

Dear MP, I understand you voted for David Cameron’s plan to begin bombing in the sovereign state of Syria. I believe your decision will prove to be disastrous, and one that many of you will come to bitterly regret, but I also want you to know at the outset of this letter that I say this not from the position held by most of those voting against the motion. My guess is that the majority of those who voted against […]

Turkey, Terrorists & Trickery: A Plea Not to be Taken in by Dave Cameron’s Syrian Deception

Any day now, David Cameron is likely to go to the House of Commons to seek approval for bombing in Syria. Having helped to create a failed state in Libya in 2011, Mr Cameron has been itching to become more overtly involved in Syria, especially after being defeated in a Commons vote back in 2013. My view is that he must be stopped. It is not simply that our intervention there is a bad idea; it is that his stated objective for […]

Answering Archbishop Justin Welby’s Doubts: Part 1

My latest piece for Conservative Woman The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, recently made the news when he admitted that the terrorist attacks in Paris had caused him to “doubt where God is,” and that they had put a “chink in his armour.” Interviewed for the BBC’s Songs of Praise, he said: “Yes. Saturday morning – I was out and as I was walking I was praying and saying: ‘God why – why is this happening? Where are you in […]

New Online Game: GET ASSAD — A Game of Smokes & Mirrors From @POTUS

The sequel to Kill ISIL: GET ASSAD – A Game of Smokes & Mirrors From @POTUS Aim of the Game You are the President of the United States (@POTUS) and your aim is to topple the Government of Syria to create a failed state. Introduction to the Game As the President of the world’s biggest military spender, you have almost unlimited resources at your disposal to achieve your objective. Not only this, but you also have a number of vassals who you can […]

Guess Who Said: “Every Child Deserves the Opportunity to Live up to Their God Given Potential”

So who said it then? It was a well known and charismatic Christian leader in the US, right? No, try again. Maybe some Republocrat candidate hoping to pick up a few more votes by pledging to fix the public school system? No, one more try. Some soppy wet liberal like David Cameron addressing an assembly of schoolchildren and trying desperately hard to convince them of his coolness and grooviness by showering them with flattery and platitudes? No, wrong again. I’ll tell […]

Note to Mainstream Media: Jihadi John is Not the Name of a Strategic Syrian Airbase

Here’s and interesting game you can play using nothing but Google. Go to the world’s biggest search engine and type in “Kuweires”. You’ll notice that it comes up with a number of different websites all speaking about a stunning victory achieved by the Syrian Arab Army, supported by Russian air cover, in which the strategic military airbase that had been under siege from ISIS for two-and-a-half years was recaptured and hundreds of ISIS terrorists killed in the process. You’ll also notice […]

Why Would 4th Century Propagandists Include a Book About a Woman Returning From Abroad With Her Daughter-in-Law?

Another excerpt from A Christian and an Unbeliever Discuss: Life, the Universe & Everything “Tell me, Alex, the writers of the Scripture and the men who met to agree the canon—who were they attempting to brainwash?” “Anyone gullible enough to swallow it,” he replied. “Okay, so can you tell me what was in it for those you are talking about? I mean, when Moses wrote the Pentateuch or when Solomon wrote the Proverbs, were they thinking to themselves, ‘Ha! This’ll […]

US Government Involved in ‘State-Sponsored Duping of Olympic Proportions’ — World Anti-Duping Agency

The U.S. Government has been operating a huge state-sponsored duping programme, according to a damning report by the World Anti-Duping Agency (WADA). The allegations of duping go back a number of years and, according to the report, investigations have uncovered a “deeply rooted culture of duping” going all the way to the top of the Federal Government. During a press conference the report’s author, Rick Dollar, pointed to the claims of Weapons of Mass Destruction as a pretext to go […]

The Bible Conspiracy Refuted: Featuring Plato, Aristotle, Homer, Caesar, Orwell, Huxley, Lennon, Dylan & Solzhenitsyn

Another Excerpt from A Christian & an Unbeliever Discuss: Life, the Universe & Everything “Look,” said Alex, “everyone knows that the Bible was cobbled together in some shadowy council 300-odd years after Jesus was supposed to have died.” “Hold on a minute, Alex,” I replied. “Are you suggesting that the Bible is the product of some kind of conspiracy?” “If that’s what you want to call it,” he replied. “So let me get this straight,” I said. “A moment or […]

On Scaremongering and The Importance of Keeping the Real Agenda From the Masses — by Russell O’Phobe

From Russell O’Phobe to all journalists working on Russia-related stories in the media Dear Friends & Colleagues, I want to begin this missive by pointing to some of the success stories that we have seen over the past few weeks, before going on to issue what I believe is a necessary warning about some of the challenges that lie ahead. I must say that it has been particularly pleasing for me personally to see many of the rules I set […]

The Goals & Importance of Church Discipline

Below is my latest piece for Samaritan Ministries International As a trustee of a church, I recently sat down with my fellow trustees to draw up a document setting out how we should handle situations where church discipline becomes necessary. Talking these things over was a reminder of just how important it is for churches to have a balanced Biblical approach to this issue, and though I claim no great wisdom in these matters, I’d like to set out a […]

Father God or Mother Feminism?

    It’s remarkable how long it took the church to realise that all those masculine pronouns used in the Scriptures to refer to God – He and Him – are merely arbitrary, and really the biblical writers could have gone either way with the Hes and Shes, Hims and Hers. What is all the more staggering is that you would have thought that some of the giants of church history – Ignatius, Polycarp, Origen, Athanasius, Tertullian, Augustine, Luther, Calvin, for instance – at least […]

Faithful Husbands or Feminist Poster Boys?

If someone with a reputation for dangerous driving and trashing cars came out with his opinions on the problems of driving cars, would you take him seriously? How about someone with a reputation for ruining relationships who comes out with their views on why forming friendships is a bad idea? What if a thrice married man, with a deliberately constructed image of laddishness, and numerous very public “affairs” behind him, came out with his opinions on the institution of marriage? […]

No Post-Womb Education, no Vote, Says Tory Thinktank

Parents who refuse to send their children to a creche from the age of six months should be denied certain societal benefits, such as the right to go to cinemas, libraries and restaurants, according to an increasingly influential “Conservative” pressure group. The proposed denial of entry to public places is set out in a pamphlet by Shiny Pink, a liberal “Conservative” pressure group and thinktank, and is designed to prevent parents from thinking that it’s still acceptable in the 21st […]

Reclaiming the Media Narrative After Russian Intervention in Syria — by Russell O’Phobe

For urgent and immediate distribution to the foreign affairs departments of all mainstream media organisations. From Russell O’Phobe. Dear Friends and Colleagues, You will recall that I wrote to you back in September with my Primer on the art of writing Russian scare stories. I had felt it necessary to write back then in order to make sure that you were all on-message, and to give you the confidence and the tools you need to maintain the narrative that many […]

Only the Best for the Children of the Hard Working

Another offering for the excellent Conservative Woman site PR Coach (PRC): What you’ll often hear is that it’s all about getting your polices across to the public. But obviously that’s complete tripe. If you did that it would be a disaster. Politician (P): Hmm. Not quite sure I understand you. PRC: Remind me what you’re proposing again. P: Well, we’re giving parents the right to request that their children stay in school for longer hours, including breakfast and after-school hours. Holidays as well. […]

Get Your Hands off our Jihadists

Here is my latest offering for the Conservative Woman website, this time on the subject of Syria. The United States and its allies suffered what is known as an Emperor’s New Clothes moment last week. After two decades of tearing up the notion of national sovereignty in their efforts to impose their will upon the world, it took a simple question from the Russian President at the United Nations General Assembly to reveal the nakedness of their utopian ideology: “Do […]

The Inconsistent Morality of Ashley Madison

This is my latest piece for Samaritan Ministries International Ashley Madison, the adultery-promoting internet dating site, recently received a taste of its own relativistic medicine and apparently found it didn’t go down too well. For those who aren’t aware, Ashley Madison is a dating site with a difference, operating not on the principle of bringing singles together, as is usual for such sites, but rather with the intent of bringing married people together to commit adultery. And they are not in […]

US Foreign Policy: “Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting”

Imagine a kid at school. An intimidating kid he is, packing a lot of muscle, used to getting his own way, and with no scruples about bullying other kids that stand in his way. His goal is to get everyone to acknowledge his authority and leadership over them, and he’s not afraid to use any number of tactics to make this happen. Sometimes he humiliates them. Sometimes he arm-twists them. Sometimes he threatens to take their money. Sometimes he gets other […]

The Biggest Ever Mass Convergence of Candidates for the Role of Antichrist — But no Vacant Position Available

The next few days in the city of New York will see no less than six people considered by many as possible candidates for the position of antichrist attending the 70th session of the United Nations. With Ban ki-Moon, Pope Francis, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Hassan Rouhani and Benjamin Netanyahu all set to attend and give addresses, by my reckoning this is easily the biggest convergence of contenders ever seen in one place. Not only this, but with the assembly set […]

Freedom to Think and Shut up

My latest post for Conservative Woman. I have some thoughts in my head, but I’m reluctant to share them with you. I don’t want to land myself in trouble, you see. Some of these thoughts may or not be about marriage, and I may or may not have opinions about whether a marriage really ought to have just one man and just one woman in it. But I’ll leave you to guess. Must keep it all in the head. Letting […]

Certifiably Crazy Carly: Mrs Fiorina & the Sad Decline of a Once Great Nation

If someone who was seriously vying to become leader of the world’s richest and most powerful country pledged not to even speak to the leader of the world’s biggest country if they became president, wouldn’t that immediately disqualify them for the role? You might think so, yet in the strange world of US politics it apparently qualifies as a plus point. In last week’s dog and pony show between Republocrat tough-guys, Carly Fiorina attempted to establish her tough-girl credentials by saying […]

Press Freedoms and Making Europe Safer by Banning Steve Rosenberg for 24 Hours

Wednesday 16th September was a bad day for those who have managed to fool themselves into believing that the Ukrainian Government is somehow characterised by “democratic values”, noble intentions and a steadfast commitment to liberty. Although there was really no excuse for not knowing the real nature of this unpleasant regime before, it still seems to have come as a shock to the western media when certain journalists were, by Presidential decree, barred from entering the country for a year on account of their being a “threat […]

A Media Primer on the Art of Writing Russian Scare Stories

To be distributed to all major media organisations in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. By Russell O’Phobe. Over the past couple of years we in the media have, by and large, risen to the challenge and the need for publishing a good variety of Russian scare stories. That is all well and good, but it is my belief that unless we continue to publish pieces which adhere to the same journalistic standards, the narrative we have been working so […]

Cartoon Sperm Donors? Or Real Relational Fathers

My latest offering for Conservative Woman. I had always assumed that Brave New World was the sort of book you were supposed to read as a warning rather than as an instruction manual. Unfortunately, it seems that many got the wrong end of the stick and read it thinking, “Hey, that’d be a great idea. Let’s try it.” And so more than 80 years after it was first published, many of the ideas it contains – lab fertilisation, made-to-order babies, […]

After the Planned Parent Videos, What Next?

Below is a full length version of my monthly column for Samaritan Ministries International The series of videos put out by the Center for Medical Progress have done an amazing job of exposing the sheer cruel, greedy, callousness of that woefully misnamed organization, Planned Parenthood. We have learnt a good many things through these videos, but perhaps most glaring is this: the claim that abortion providers do what they do for the sake of women’s health is as hollow as an empty Coke can. […]

MH17 and the Mountain of Fish

Somewhere out there, there’s a huge mountain made of evidence implicating the “pro-Russian rebels” and the Russian Federation in the Malaysian Airlines MH17 plane crash on 17th July last year. We know this because for the last 13 months, the Western mainstream media has been assuring us that the evidence of their complicity in the crash has been “mounting” to such overwhelming proportions that we now have a peak that would take a blind man to miss it. Here’s a […]

Life is Short. Hack a Company

Here’s my latest offering for Conservative Woman A few years ago, the British Humanist Association and Professor Richard Dawkins paid for some adverts to be displayed on London buses with the slogan, “There’s probably no God, so stop worrying and enjoy yourself.” I always wanted to fine tune it a little. Something like “There’s probably no God, so stop worrying and go get smashed”. If you enjoy getting smashed that is. Or maybe, “There’s probably no God, so stop worrying […]

Which is Worse: Killing a Baby or Selling its Organs?

So the 7th Planned Dismemberment sting video is up. This latest one reveals that this grisly organisation actually harvests the brains of aborted babies that are still alive. Yes you read that right. See for yourselves: David Daleiden, director of the Center for Medical Progress, the organisation that has released these videos, summed up as follows: “Today’s video contains heartrending admissions about the absolute barbarism of Planned Parenthood’s abortion practice and baby parts sales in which fetuses are sometimes delivered […]

There Was Nothing Conservative About the War in Iraq: A Response to Paul Horgan

I have been writing pieces for the Conservative Woman website of late, which is odd you might think since I am not a woman. Still stranger things have happened. Anyway, on 18th August, they published a piece by Paul Horgan, entitled Blair was right to invade Iraq. I would like to engage with the piece, and so it might be a good idea to familiarise yourself with Mr Horgan’s perspective, which you can find here. Although Mr Horgan makes a lot of points, […]

On the Slippery Slope to Abolishing the Adultery Law

Below is the full version of a piece I wrote for Conservative Woman. One of the arguments used by pro-marriage supporters against the introduction of same-sex “marriage” is that it could lead to a whole raft of other marriage configurations, such as polygamy. Same-sex “marriage” supporters counter this by calling it a slippery slope argument, assuring us that there is no reason to think that redefining marriage to exclude either a man or a woman would lead to a further […]

Michael Fallon and Those Nice Chaps With the SS Runes

The United Kingdom Secretary of State for Stoking up Conflict, Michael Fallon, just announced during a visit to Kiev that the British Army is going to be investing more UK taxpayers’ money into training the Ukrainian army, increasing the number of soldiers in the programme from just over 1,000 to around 2,000 by the end of the year. Article 10 of the Minsk II Accords states the following: Pullout of all foreign armed formations, military equipment, and also mercenaries from […]

The Bible: Not Written by Bureaucrats, Philosophers or Utopian Political Theorists

Another excerpt from my book, A Christian & an Unbeliever Discuss: Life, the Universe & Everything (which really is going to be published soon. I promise). “Right, in no particular order. Firstly, although it was written by men, it just isn’t at all what we would have expected had it been constructed by men alone acting without divine inspiration. Judging by how men usually set out their decrees, we would probably have expected it to be one long list of […]

No Freedom Without Truth and Integrity

Here’s something I wrote last year for Samaritan Ministries International on the subject of freedom, and its intricate connection to truth and integrity. Quite simply, without truth and integrity, you can kiss goodbye to freedom. A couple of issues ago I wrote about seven principles for evaluating the trustworthiness of media reports. This month I want to talk about the relationship between trustworthiness and freedom. Often, we act like freedom is the most fundamental of human rights, but actually, freedom cannot […]

Planned Dismemberment

Dismemberment: The act of cutting, tearing, pulling, wrenching or otherwise removing the limbs of a living thing. There was a horrific story the other day about a pensioner in St. Petersburg suspected of killing more than a dozen people in the last 20 years. In what is believed to be her latest crime, 68-year-old Tamara Samsonova is alleged to have killed Valentina Ulanova, a 79-year-old woman that she was supposedly caring for, before going on to cut up her body dump the parts […]

Can we Thank God for the Supreme Court’s Decision on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’?

Here’s my latest piece for Samaritan Ministries International looking at the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex “marriage” throughout the union.   When I heard of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex “marriage” across the United States, I must confess that a sense of gloom and despondency welled up inside me. It wasn’t only the decision’s effect on America itself that bothered me, although I grieve about that. It was also the fact that this decision is likely […]

In the Moral Maze

In the wake of my piece for Conservative Woman — Why the faux outrage over Lord Sewel? He is an icon of modern Britain — I was invited to take part in BBC Radio 4’s Moral Maze in which the subject was hypocrisy. You can listen to the recording here, whilst it’s still on iPlayer. My segment begins at about 11:30 minutes in.

Why the Faux Outrage Over Lord Sewel? He is an Icon of Modern Britain

Below is an article I wrote for Conservative Woman: A country that has moved so inexorably away from its Christian roots as Britain has must, from time to time, indulge itself in a little guilt release by pretending to be all aghast at the bad behaviour of a public figure. This is just to reassure us all that no, we’re not so bad as all that yet, and yes, we do still have some standards left. It’s all phoney of […]

News Corp Australia Inadvertently Puncture Another Hole in the Western Narrative of MH17

News Corp Australia have, I believe, inadvertently released some of the strongest evidence yet as to why the official Western narrative behind the shooting down of flight MH17 is to be treated with the utmost suspicion. Even before any new evidence, that version of events — that flight MH17 was shot down by “pro-Russian” separatists using a BUK M1 missile system supplied to them by the Russian Federation — ought to have raised a number of questions in the minds of […]

The Only Right Response to Life’s Contradictions

More from my forthcoming book, A Christian & an Unbeliever Discuss: Life, the Universe & Everything Then, of course, you have the much-maligned Christians who, for all their faults, do actually make a serious stab at finding out the meaning of life. And unlike the other three groups, they have an explanation that perfectly explains the contradiction between the desire to have purpose, meaning and happiness for our lives and our inability to find it because pain, suffering, disease and […]

3 Wrong Responses to Life’s Contradictions: Apathy, Comedy & Gloom

Another excerpt from my forthcoming book, A Christian & an Unbeliever Discuss: Life, the Universe & Everything So the reality of life is one awful contradiction: every one of us has an undeniable, unquenchable desire to find true happiness and true purpose, yet none of us are able to achieve this in this life, because circumstances foil us at every turn. This is the fundamental reality of human existence! Yet instead of admitting this glaringly obvious truth and seeking the […]

“Sex Education” or “Sex Within Marriage Education” Part 2

Below is the second part of my articles for Samaritan Ministries International looking at “sex education”, it’s origins and why Christian parents must wrench it back out of the hands of the state, and begin teaching it once more within the context of monogamous, heterosexual marriage. The link to the first part is here. In the first part of this piece, I began by tracing the roots of “sex education” back to the radical Béla Kun regime in Hungary in […]

Is Nicky Morgan an Extremist?

This article is something I wrote for Conservative Woman. No I’m not a woman, but I am a conservative and they seem okay with that!   What exactly do they do to them at Conservative Party HQ? I’m referring to the long list of folks in that Party who once had what appeared to be ostensibly conservative leanings but who have, one by one, capitulated to the agenda of the Cultural Marxists. Clearly the party was infiltrated by out-and-out progressives decades […]

Nonsense & Nonsensibility

The handle of the door of the sitting room in the west wing of Laverwick House turned and in walked a sheepish looking Sir Edward Fitzwalter. He closed the door softly behind him before nervously looking over to the corner of the room where he saw Harriet Melksham seated on the chaise longue, awaiting him. In contrast to his somewhat awkward appearance, she was as ever the very epitome of poise and tranquillity. Her soft, delicate features radiated pleasantness towards her […]

Most Absurd Statement of 2015: UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon With his Entry

The UK Minister for Warmongering and Sounding Tough, Michael Fallon, has made it clear that bombing Syria is back on the cards. His statement to BBC Radio 4’s World at One was a masterpiece in Orwellian Newspeak, turning reality on its head on a number of occasions, and so deservedly receiving a nomination for this year’s Most Absurd Statement award. Here’s what he said: “We have always been clear that Isil has to be defeated in both Syria and Iraq. We […]

10 Questions for Same-Sex Marriage Fans

“Marriage is not just a relationship or a contract, but a lifelong covenant.” Would you agree with this statement? If not, what is it and what is its purpose? If you do agree that it is a covenant, do you believe it is possible to break the covenant? Is it possible to commit adultery in a same-sex “marriage”? If not, what is the purpose of promising to be faithful for life? If you do think it’s possible to commit adultery […]

World Motherbash Day?

I’m wondering whether the powers that be have just added another Day to the year. No, I don’t mean another 24 hour day onto the existing 365. Even the elites might baulk at pulling that stunt. What I mean is another protest/celebration Day to go alongside the plethora we already have – Earth Day, International Women’s Day, National Brown Hat Day or whatever it is – days where we are all supposed to join in the deafening chorus of demands […]

Francois Hollande, Proconsul de District Régional de la France, Gets the Hump With Caesar

So Francois Hollande, Proconsul of the Regional District of France, has just found out that his bosses in the US Government, through the NSA, have been listening in on him and his predecessors for the last few years. Somehow this seems to have come as a surprise to him, and he is reportedly very unhappy at the news, calling it “unacceptable”. He also commented that “France will not tolerate actions that threaten its security and the protection of its interests”. […]

Hey Atheist: Got a Crutch?

Another excerpt from my forthcoming book, A Christian & an Unbeliever Discuss: Life, the Universe & Everything   “Can you tell me where this conversation is leading?” he asked. “We seem to have headed back to where we began—about proof and evidence. What’s your point?” “I’m just trying to establish a few things here,” I replied. “Firstly, I’m trying to get a working definition of what religion is, so that I can answer your charge that religion is just a […]