An Alien Anthropologist Attempts to get his Head Around “Same-Sex Marriage”

Imagine an alien anthropologist turning up on planet Earth at the moment — someone who knew nothing about our ways of doing things and nothing at all about marriage. He arrives in the middle of a campaign to change the law to introduce something called “same-sex marriage” (quotation marks are used around this term throughout this piece to remind readers […]

The Irish Vote to Redefine Triangles

Today sees the Irish going to the polling stations to vote on whether or not the constitution should be changed to redefine triangles. Those who are voting against the motion — a motley crue of bigots, extremists and Polygonaphobes, according to those in the Yes camp — continue to insist that triangles must have three straight sides and three angles, such as this one:   […]

Coleen Nolan and the ISIS on the Cake

I can’t claim to have ever watched the TV programme Loose Women, or that I am ever likely to do so. Yet a fuss that has arisen from the show has aroused my attention. Apparently the ladies on the programme were discussing yesterday’s verdict against Ashers Bakery (which I wrote about here) when one of them, Coleen Nolan, made the […]

The Irrational Invisible Unicorn

A further excerpt from my soon-to-be-published book, A Christian & and Unbeliever Discuss: Life the Universe & Everything As Alex popped to the toilet and I thought on the subject of irrationality, I recalled the Invisible Unicorn Challenge, was one of the main attractions at Camp Quest, an atheist summer camp for children in the UK that aims to be […]

The Ashers Bakery Case: Gay Cakes, Nazi Cakes & Jesus Cakes

So Ashers Baking Company in Northern Ireland has just been found by a court to have discriminated against a homosexual customer for refusing to bake a cake for him with a “pro-gay marriage slogan”. The company, based in County Antrim and run by the McArthur family, had been taken to court by Gareth Lee, a gay rights activist and after a three day hearing […]

How the Theory of Evolution Helped me Overcome my Phobia

Regular readers of this blog might be bracing themselves for a shock after reading that headline. Is TheBlogMire about to embrace Darwinism? And having embraced Darwinism, has this led to the overcoming of certain beliefs about the sexual revolution which are sometimes described as a “phobia”? Well I’m sorry to disappoint, but no. It’s actually rather more mundane than that. I recently […]

Trident, Wimbledon & the General Election: How to Counter “Russian Aggression”

I must say it was jolly nice of the Russians to suspend their aggression during the UK General Election campaign. In the months running up to April this year, the BBC and other media outlets were awash with headlines involving the Russian threat. There was a Russian submarine just off the coast of Sweden (actually it turned out to be a fishing […]