If a Father Can be Described as a Mother, You Know it’s Time for Publishers of Dictionaries to Update Their Definition of Insanity

I’m thinking of suing my former school for misleading me during what they called “sex education” lessons. Although it is many decades back, I distinctly recall them telling me that the way babies were made was when a sperm, provided by the male, fertilises the egg, provided by the female. They assured me that the one providing the sperm is known as the father, whilst the one providing the egg is known as the mother. So imagine my surprise when […]

SHOCK: The Island of Self-Gratification is Surprised to Find its Inhabitants Lack Self-Restraint

Imagine a couple of islands. Although they share many similarities — a similar climate and a similar population, for example — in terms of their values they could hardly be more different. The Island of Self-Restraint has what you might call a distinctly Christian ethos, especially in matters of family and relationships. For instance, marriage is seen as a sacred, lifelong covenant, and the overwhelming number of men and women on the island take their vows very seriously. In the island’s […]

How to Prevent the Islamisation of Europe: Stop Stopping Children!

Once in a while politicians say something interesting. However, rare as such utterances are, unfortunately most of the really revealing comments get drowned out by the slurry of media commentary focusing on really important things like what trousers someone is wearing or how someone eats a bacon sandwich. Last week saw such an occasion where something revealing was said, and it was almost universally ignored by the media. It occurred at a conference in Malta, and the one making the […]

Mistaking Baby Food for Meat: How Christians Are Taught to Stay in Perpetual Infancy

Imagine trying to give a baby solid food before it is ready. Not a happy idea, and I don’t recommend trying it. Now imagine giving a grown adult baby food. Kind of a weird thought that one, and again not one that I can heartily recommend. Now imagine one more scenario, but this time after moving their child onto solid food, after a while the parents decide to take him off it, and go back to feeding him breast milk […]

What Happens When a Society Destroys the Institutions Which Are Designed to Protect Children?

Imagine you have a really bad back. You go to the doctors, but instead of examining you properly, he says that he’s sorry you are in discomfort, before writing a prescription for some strong painkillers. The painkillers help numb the pain somewhat, but the problem persists, and the reason for this is that you actually have a slipped disc – something you find out only after going to another doctor for a second opinion. The remedial action – an operation […]

Creating Islands of Stability in an Unstable World

This is my latest piece for Samaritan Ministries International A year ago, I entered my 40s, by which you will rightly deduce that I was born in the 1970s. When I think back to the world at the time of my childhood, and then compare it to the world of 2016, there are a huge number of differences, far too numerous to mention. Yet if I had to pick one thing among all others that stands out as the defining […]

The King Who Wanted to Increase His Power and Fulfil His Every Desire (or How the Graveyards are Full of Indispensable Men) Chapter 5

This is the fifth and final chapter in the adventures of the power-hungry King. Here are chapters one, two, three and four And so it came to pass that most of the womenfolk did leave off from raising their own children, and instead went to work for the barons, merchants and captains of industry. And as they did so, those who continued to refuse were declared to be stupid and backward, and in any case the cost of housing and […]

The King Who Wanted to Increase His Power and Fulfil His Every Desire (or How You Pay the State to Pay You to Look After Your Children) Chapter 4

Following on from chapters 1 and 2 and 3… Now it came to pass that after the King, together with the barons, merchants and captains of industrie, had spent a deal of resources on advertising and heavy propaganda to entice the womenfolk to leave off from raising their own children, that many of the womenfolk did indeed oblige. And as they did, the profits of the barons, merchants and captains of industrie grew, as did the Royal Treasury and the King’s […]

The King Who Wanted to Increase His Power and Fulfil His Every Desire (or How the State and Corporations are in Cahoots to Make us Slaves) Chapter 3

Following on from chapters 1 and 2… Now it came to pass that many marriages were dissolved, and as the bonds between the menfolk and the womenfolk grew faint, social problems were multiplied throughout the realm. But the more the problems grew, the more did the people look to the King as their benefactor, and he duly obliged by raiding the Royal Treasury to pay for a multitude of solutions. Thus did his power and the fulfilling of his every […]

The King who Wanted to Increase His Power and to Fulfil His Every Desire (or Why the State Wrecked Marriage to Turn us Into Serfs) – Chapter 2

Following on from Chapter 1 … Now it came to pass that some of the womenfolk did indeed leave their little ones and entered the workforce, and the King was delighted to see the Royal Treasury grow. Yet most of the womenfolk continued to ignore the Royal Emancipation Proclamation, choosing instead to stay at home to raise their own children. And so by and by the King’s countenance fell and once again he grew sorrowful in his heart. At last […]

The King who Wanted to Increase His Power and to Fulfil His Every Desire (or How we Became Slaves of the State) – Chapter 1

There was once a King who, despite his great wealth and power, found that he was unable to be happy. So one day, he called his twelve wise men to gather before his throne, to see if any could help. “O Great King, may you live forever,” they said. “What aileth thee and why is thy countenance fallen?” “I am indeed in very great distress of mind,” replied the King sadly, choking back tears. “I find that my thirst for […]

Cooking up a Recipe for Contentment

This is my latest piece for Samaritan Ministries International, looking at the importance of parents instilling thankfulness in their children around the meal table. One of the most common complaints I hear from other parents is how they have been unable to get their children to eat certain types of food. As you will no doubt guess, I am not talking here about burgers, or candy, or other items packed with sugar or fat. Somehow the problem most of us […]

Kennels 4 Kids

Satire Warning: May contain traces of parody, though only separated by a couple of degrees from reality. To many parents, Priscilla Kendall’s holiday plans might seem shocking. Like many others, she’ll be heading off for two weeks in the sun this summer, but unlike most parents, she won’t be taking her children with her. Instead, they will be staying at the controversial “child boarding” company Kennels 4 Kids. For Ms Kendall, who works for an investment bank, this is the […]

The Cost of Silly Studies into Child-Rearing is Higher than Ever

According to a recent study, the cost of raising a child up to the age of 21 is now just over £230,000. You find this news depressing? Well, please spare a thought for me. I have six children and having totaled up the cost of raising them all, I find that it’s apparently going to cost me in the region of £1,380,000. Now returning to the real world, no you really don’t need to pity me, and no I’m not […]

The High Cost of Fatherhood Part 2

In the first part of this piece, I began by saying that whilst there is much said about the problem of fatherlessness in our society, especially amongst conservative commentators, a lot of what is said tends to focus on the quantitative side of things and not on the qualitative side. Having more fathers that begin and remain in the home throughout their children’s upbringing would certainly be better than the current situation of mass fatherlessness, but it is only part […]

The High Cost of Fatherhood Part 1

Below is the full version of my February piece for Samaritan Ministries International Sociologists and politicians on the right of the political spectrum often tell us that one of the biggest problems facing society is the lack of fathers. Very often they will present the problem merely in terms of sheer numbers and statistics: “The number of households where there is no father present from the child’s birth has risen from X to Y in 40 years”. “The number of […]

No Post-Womb Education, no Vote, Says Tory Thinktank

Parents who refuse to send their children to a creche from the age of six months should be denied certain societal benefits, such as the right to go to cinemas, libraries and restaurants, according to an increasingly influential “Conservative” pressure group. The proposed denial of entry to public places is set out in a pamphlet by Shiny Pink, a liberal “Conservative” pressure group and thinktank, and is designed to prevent parents from thinking that it’s still acceptable in the 21st […]

Only the Best for the Children of the Hard Working

Another offering for the excellent Conservative Woman site PR Coach (PRC): What you’ll often hear is that it’s all about getting your polices across to the public. But obviously that’s complete tripe. If you did that it would be a disaster. Politician (P): Hmm. Not quite sure I understand you. PRC: Remind me what you’re proposing again. P: Well, we’re giving parents the right to request that their children stay in school for longer hours, including breakfast and after-school hours. Holidays as well. […]

Cartoon Sperm Donors? Or Real Relational Fathers

My latest offering for Conservative Woman. I had always assumed that Brave New World was the sort of book you were supposed to read as a warning rather than as an instruction manual. Unfortunately, it seems that many got the wrong end of the stick and read it thinking, “Hey, that’d be a great idea. Let’s try it.” And so more than 80 years after it was first published, many of the ideas it contains – lab fertilisation, made-to-order babies, […]

World Motherbash Day?

I’m wondering whether the powers that be have just added another Day to the year. No, I don’t mean another 24 hour day onto the existing 365. Even the elites might baulk at pulling that stunt. What I mean is another protest/celebration Day to go alongside the plethora we already have – Earth Day, International Women’s Day, National Brown Hat Day or whatever it is – days where we are all supposed to join in the deafening chorus of demands […]

I’m Officially Irresponsible

The (un)Conservative Party in Britain are apparently considering limiting payment of child benefit to the first three children. Although they haven’t taken a final decision on this, the Treasury is apparently examining the details and is “softening” to the idea. You can read more here. Now that doesn’t much interest me. I believe the whole tax and redistribution system to be a rather foolish, not to mention counter-productive, endeavour. Redistribution of wealth necessarily destroys wealth before some wealth gets to its […]

The Answer to Self-Harming: Money, Programmes and Information? Or Jesus?

Here is a report on the BBC documenting the rise in self-harming among young people. In Britain, the number of girls aged 10-14 admitted to hospital after self-harming incidents increased from 3,090 in 2009/10 to 5,953 in 2013/14 — a rise of almost 93%. Amongst boys in the same age group, there was a rise from 454 to 659 — 45%. According to the article, these figures may well be the tip of the iceberg. That’s pretty clear. These statistics are […]

Divorce Can Seriously Damage Childrens’ Health

I was walking past an advertising billboard the other day, and as so often when I walk past them I did a double-take. This one had a picture of a young boy — maybe six or seven years old — hunched up on the ground hugging a football close to his chest. He is looking off into the distance and is clearly pretty unhappy. When you see the caption next to him you realise why. It says, “Dad I scored […]

IPPR and the art of holding two contradictory thoughts

I try, as a rule, not to hold too many contradictory thoughts in my head at any one time, since such things are bound to cause headaches. I’m sure I have many failures, but if I do ever catch myself having such contradictions going on, I try to sit down with a strong coffee and do my best to work out which one of the thoughts is wrong. Well one of them must be, mustn’t it? Of course it’s possible […]

Charles Saatchi: Where were you when Nigella was Higella

The lives of Charles Saatchi and his ex-wife Nigella Lawson are once again in the media spotlight, this time because of the trial of their ex-PA’s, Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo at Isleworth Crown Court, West London. The two sisters are charged with committing fraud, allegedly spending something like £300,000 on luxuries, including designer clothes and first-class air travel between 2008 and 2012. As part of the defence, it has been claimed that Ms Lawson had a “tacit understanding” with the […]

Salvation in a box

I had assumed that the family was just about dead. It is not just the fact that nearly half of all children will see their parents separate. Nor is it the fact that most children are now dumped into the crèche soon after they can crawl as their mothers go back to their important jobs in the office. It is not even the fact that the government has just legislated to bring in same-sex mirage, which does its bit to […]