The Washington Madhouse and Its Imbecilic Front Man Take us to the Very Edge

Just over a month ago, I posed the following question, after Vladimir Putin unveiled Russia’s new weapons systems, which was a response to Washington’s reckless tearing up of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM) in 2002, which had guaranteed international security for 30 years: Will Russia’s Stunning Response to US Aggression Have Any Effect on the Washington Madhouse? At the end of that piece, I wrote the following: Unfortunately American foreign policy was hijacked in the 1990s by fanatical ideologues with […]

That Gigantic Fraud They Call the “War on Terror”

Just over two years ago, 21 Christians were beheaded by Islamists in that haven for terrorists, Libya. The question that haunted me at the time was this: Would they have been murdered if we hadn’t helped to topple Colonel Gaddafi? And now two years later, in the aftermath of 22 people being blown up by an Islamist terrorist in Manchester, my question is essentially the same: If we hadn’t intervened in Libya to topple the leader and produce a failed […]

Donald J. Swamp: How the Man Who Promised to Drain the Swamp Got Drained by the Swamp

There were only three reasons that a rational person might have considered going out to vote for Donald J Swamp. The first was that he wasn’t the psychopath, Hillary Clinton. The second was that he looked to be the least likely of all the candidates to start a war with Russia and therefore WWIII. And the third was that he said he was going to “drain the swamp”. They were always very thin reasons. As I wrote back here and here: […]

“Liberalis-Leftus” Finally Awakens After Eight Years of Hibernation

After eight years of peaceful slumber, in which it has slept on seemingly unaware of the happenings in the world outside its lair, that strange little beast, Liberalis-Leftus, has finally woken from its hibernation to once again lift up its voice in protest at all it deems wrong with the world. For those who have been awake throughout that eight years, it might seem odd that Liberalis has just miraculously rediscovered its voice after so long. However, in its defense, it should […]

Like a Great Supine, Protoplasmic, Invertebrate Jelly, Boris Johnson Falls Into Line With U.S. Foreign Policy

Well that didn’t take long. Like a Great Supine, Protoplasmic, Invertebrate Jelly, (to quote his own words), Britain’s new Foreign Secretary has fallen into line with U.S. foreign policy with remarkable speed. This despite the fact that the position he now apparently supports is fundamentally at odds with the position he held prior to assuming his new role. That position is with regard to Syria, but before I come to the July 2016 Mr Johnson, let me first remind readers […]

An Open Letter to the MPs Who Voted to Back David Cameron’s Motion to Bomb in Syria

Dear MP, I understand you voted for David Cameron’s plan to begin bombing in the sovereign state of Syria. I believe your decision will prove to be disastrous, and one that many of you will come to bitterly regret, but I also want you to know at the outset of this letter that I say this not from the position held by most of those voting against the motion. My guess is that the majority of those who voted against […]

Turkey, Terrorists & Trickery: A Plea Not to be Taken in by Dave Cameron’s Syrian Deception

Any day now, David Cameron is likely to go to the House of Commons to seek approval for bombing in Syria. Having helped to create a failed state in Libya in 2011, Mr Cameron has been itching to become more overtly involved in Syria, especially after being defeated in a Commons vote back in 2013. My view is that he must be stopped. It is not simply that our intervention there is a bad idea; it is that his stated objective for […]

New Online Game: GET ASSAD — A Game of Smokes & Mirrors From @POTUS

The sequel to Kill ISIL: GET ASSAD – A Game of Smokes & Mirrors From @POTUS Aim of the Game You are the President of the United States (@POTUS) and your aim is to topple the Government of Syria to create a failed state. Introduction to the Game As the President of the world’s biggest military spender, you have almost unlimited resources at your disposal to achieve your objective. Not only this, but you also have a number of vassals who you can […]

Note to Mainstream Media: Jihadi John is Not the Name of a Strategic Syrian Airbase

Here’s and interesting game you can play using nothing but Google. Go to the world’s biggest search engine and type in “Kuweires”. You’ll notice that it comes up with a number of different websites all speaking about a stunning victory achieved by the Syrian Arab Army, supported by Russian air cover, in which the strategic military airbase that had been under siege from ISIS for two-and-a-half years was recaptured and hundreds of ISIS terrorists killed in the process. You’ll also notice […]

US Government Involved in ‘State-Sponsored Duping of Olympic Proportions’ — World Anti-Duping Agency

The U.S. Government has been operating a huge state-sponsored duping programme, according to a damning report by the World Anti-Duping Agency (WADA). The allegations of duping go back a number of years and, according to the report, investigations have uncovered a “deeply rooted culture of duping” going all the way to the top of the Federal Government. During a press conference the report’s author, Rick Dollar, pointed to the claims of Weapons of Mass Destruction as a pretext to go […]

On Scaremongering and The Importance of Keeping the Real Agenda From the Masses — by Russell O’Phobe

From Russell O’Phobe to all journalists working on Russia-related stories in the media Dear Friends & Colleagues, I want to begin this missive by pointing to some of the success stories that we have seen over the past few weeks, before going on to issue what I believe is a necessary warning about some of the challenges that lie ahead. I must say that it has been particularly pleasing for me personally to see many of the rules I set […]

Get Your Hands off our Jihadists

Here is my latest offering for the Conservative Woman website, this time on the subject of Syria. The United States and its allies suffered what is known as an Emperor’s New Clothes moment last week. After two decades of tearing up the notion of national sovereignty in their efforts to impose their will upon the world, it took a simple question from the Russian President at the United Nations General Assembly to reveal the nakedness of their utopian ideology: “Do […]

US Foreign Policy: “Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting”

Imagine a kid at school. An intimidating kid he is, packing a lot of muscle, used to getting his own way, and with no scruples about bullying other kids that stand in his way. His goal is to get everyone to acknowledge his authority and leadership over them, and he’s not afraid to use any number of tactics to make this happen. Sometimes he humiliates them. Sometimes he arm-twists them. Sometimes he threatens to take their money. Sometimes he gets other […]

There Was Nothing Conservative About the War in Iraq: A Response to Paul Horgan

I have been writing pieces for the Conservative Woman website of late, which is odd you might think since I am not a woman. Still stranger things have happened. Anyway, on 18th August, they published a piece by Paul Horgan, entitled Blair was right to invade Iraq. I would like to engage with the piece, and so it might be a good idea to familiarise yourself with Mr Horgan’s perspective, which you can find here. Although Mr Horgan makes a lot of points, […]

Dave Cameron Finds a use for the “New Mr Hitler”

Last year the British Prime Minister, Dave Cameron, compared the Russian President to Adolf Hitler and Russia to Nazi Germany on at least a couple of occasions. One was in November, just prior to the G20 summit, when he said: “Russian action in Ukraine is unacceptable. We have to be clear about what we are dealing with. It is a large state bullying a smaller state in Europe. We have seen the consequences of that in the past and we should […]

John Kerry’s Entry for Most Absurd Statement of 2015

It has been a while since I posted an entry for the Most Absurd Statement of 2015. This is not to say that there have been no absurd statements made of late, but rather that the standards are so high this year that we must be careful not to enter every absurd statement made by a political figure, else we shall simply be faced with Absurdity Inflation, which would not do any of us any good. Only the mind-bogglingly ludicrous will have […]

Must Read: Robert Parry — Deciphering the Mideast Chaos

The mainstream media’s coverage of world affairs over the past year has generally speaking been nothing short of diabolical. Proper journalism died at some point in the past decade, and the Ukrainian crisis, along with the Middle Eastern crises, have shown that there are a lot of journalists out there who seem to think their job is to tell the government’s story, rather than holding the government to account. Perhaps the most graphic displays of this I have seen, is the daily […]

NATO Knew the Risks of Creating Chaos in Libya. But They Went and Bombed it Anyway

I wrote back here about the murder of 21 Egyptian Christians, and asked the question of whether these people would have died had NATO not intervened in Libya to help the rebels topple Gaddafi. One of my central points was that since NATO leaders claimed credit for toppling Gaddafi, and told us that this heralded the dawn of a new era for Libya, they cannot then reasonably duck out of responsibility for the actual chaos that followed. The words Cake, […]

3 million and 40 People United by What?

I have refrained from posting anything on the events in France for a few days, simply because I wanted chance to take in a few facts and to see which way the wind would start to blow in the aftermath. About the attacks themselves, I have a few reservations that make me uneasy about the official narrative. This is not to say that I am convinced the narrative is wrong — i.e. that two radicalized Islamists carried out this attack […]

Game-Changer: Goodbye South Stream; Hello Turk Stream

The news that Russia has cancelled South Stream — a gas pipeline from Russia to Europe, via the Black Sea — was at first reported by many news agencies as a bitter blow to “The New Hitler,” Vladimir Putin. Here was proof that Russia was indeed isolated, and that the stance of the West was paying off. However, just moments after this was reported, a monumental piece of news came through. The news was that instead of going ahead with […]

The Joe Biden Show: Truth, Deception and “Truthful Deception”

Did someone slip something funny into Joe Biden’s coffee before his speech at Harvard University yesterday? Whilst defending US Foreign Policy, the Vice President came out with a mixture of astonishing claims; a moment of truth, a moment of outright deception, and what I think can only be described as a moment of “truthful deception.” First the moment of truth. In a rare moment of candour, Mr Biden let slip who had been behind the decision of the European Union to […]