Brexit: Be Prepared for the Mother of all Stitch-ups

I don’t usually like to indulge in prophetic utterances, and I’m not sure I would describe this as such an attempt – more an informed hunch – but I believe that the 17,410,742 people who just expressed their opinion in a democratic vote to leave the European Union are about to find themselves involved in what can only be described as the mother of all stitch ups. Brexit just isn’t going to happen!!! What makes me so sure? Well there […]

Sir Ian McKellen Spells Out the Real Choice Before Britain on 23rd June

Sir Ian McKellen recently weighed in with one of the more interesting comments in the run up to the EU referendum. He said: “If I were to look at ‘in’ or ‘out’ from that point of view, there’s only one point, which is to stay. If you’re a gay person, you’re an internationalist. I don’t want us to retract. I don’t want to and I won’t, whatever the vote happens to be.” His own fear is of course misplaced. Even […]

An Appeal to Angela Merkel to Fulfil Her Obligations Under Minsk II

Sehr geehrte Frau Merkel, I write this appeal to the person who I believe more than anyone holds the key to peace or war in Ukraine and possibly even Europe as a whole. As you are well aware, thanks in part to the role you played in brokering the 2nd Minsk agreement, there is at this current point in time relative calm in Ukraine. Yes there are occasional ceasefire violations — ceasefires almost never bring about perfect peace — but the […]

Chapter 21: In Which Barack Obama Gets the Wrong Country Again

I posed the question last week of whether Kiev has any obligations under Minsk II. This was not of course intended to be a serious question, but rather a cynical one, the point being that two of the guarantors of that agreement — France and Germany — along with the UK, US, Italy, and the European Council had made a statement speaking of Russia’s obligations (even though Russia has no such obligations, not being a party in the conflict, nor […]

The Wrong Rift? Why US Attempts to Create a Rift Between Russia and the EU Might Well Backfire

One of the most obvious aims of the US in orchestrating their coup in Ukraine last February was to create a permanent and lasting rift between the EU and Russia. It seems to me that a statement made back in 2010 by the Russian President (then Prime Minister) in the German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, set the alarm bells ringing in Washington, and paved the way for much of what is happening right now. This is what he said: “We propose the creation of a […]

Does Kiev Have Any Obligations Under Minsk II?

The leaders of Germany, France, the UK, US, Italy, and the European Council held a video conference on Tuesday. After the talks, the German Chancellor’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, had this to say: “This means the sanctions [against Russia] can only be lifted if the Minsk agreement is fully implemented. At the same time, they confirmed they were ready to apply further sanctions in the case of a renewed escalation.” Ain’t that nice. There was me thinking that Minsk II placed […]

Squaring the NAZI circle

I’m assuming that you find this sort of thing disgusting? If not, perhaps best to click away as this site is probably not your bag. Actions like this are always sure to bring swift condemnation from politicians, and the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, for example, called it a “vile, anti-Semitic act.” Indeed it was. It’d be astonishing then, would it not, to find that the governments of the US and EU have been wholeheartedly supporting a country which openly uses neo-Nazi battalions to fight for it, wouldn’t […]

Maidan 3?

I wrote this a few days ago about the recent Minsk agreement: “The fact is he [Petro Poroshenko] was pressured by Merkel and Hollande to agree to this, yet if he were to seriously set about implementing the terms of the agreement, he knows he may as well go and buy himself a length of rope to prepare for his lynching. He knows that there is no way the hardcore nationalists will accept the points in this document, and in fact […]

All We Are Saying…Is Give Sanctions A Chance

The same week as the first Minsk agreement, the EU went and placed sanctions on Russia. The same week as the second Minsk agreement, the US announced it would be sending in troops in March to train Ukrainian battalions, and now the EU has followed up by imposing more sanctions. Some brief questions off the back of this: 1. What does this tell you about who are the real aggressors in this conflict? 2. How blind would you need to be […]

Will Minsk Bring Peace?

So what to make of the marathon talks at Minsk? Will they bring peace? Were there any “winners”? Were there any “losers”? I have to confess that I have no great expectations that this agreement will bring lasting peace, for a number of reasons: 1. The first is that the four powers – Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine – signed nothing whatsoever. Contrary to the way this is being reported in the mainstream media, not one of these parties actually […]

John McCain: Another Contender for Most Absurd Statement of 2015

So far in our ongoing competition to find the most absurd statement made by a public figure in 2015, we have had entries from Pierre Muscovici, Victoria Nuland’s pet poodle Yats, and Victoria Nuland’s puppet Barry. Now we have the first entry from Victoria Nuland’s fellow friend of the far-right, John McCain. To be honest it was only a matter of time before the old warmonger McCain entered the fray. Such is his commitment to starting conflicts all over the […]

You Don’t Get it Angela: WE WANT WAR

I’m still in two minds what to make of Angela Merkel’s and Francois Hollands’s trip to Moscow on Friday. On the one hand, I simply don’t trust either of them enough to think that they are genuinely seeking peace. Why? Because since the start of this conflict, the two of them have known full well how this started, who was behind the violent coup, the calibre of people who gained power in Kiev, the neo-Nazi battalions, the constant bombardment of […]

The End of the Kiev Junta?

Almost a year on from the illegal coup which toppled the elected government of Ukraine, I think the days of the Kiev junta are numbered. The President, Petro Poroshenko, who took the decision after coming to power last year to carry on the war which had been started by the acting President, Oleksandr Turchynov, now finds himself between a very hard rock and very rocky hard place. On the one hand, his army has been suffering catastrophic losses, after he took the […]

It’s Not for Nothing that Poroshenko is Known as Porky

On January 21st, President Poroshenko of Ukraine spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos and claimed that Russia had sent 9,000 troops into the country. This was not the first time that a member of his government has made a claim of a Russian invasion. Nor was it the first time that this transparent lie has been repeated by Western media and governments. For a fairly comprehensive list of invasions that turned out to be non-invasions, see here. How do we know […]

Lithuania, the Euro and the Most Absurd Statement of 2015

Looking at the headline of this piece, you may be under the impression that an error has been made. Given that we are barely two days into 2015 AD, surely it should read “The Most Absurd Statement in 2014”? Well no. Just two days into the new year a statement has been made which I think will be hard, if not impossible to beat over the next 12 months in terms of sheer boneheaded, jaw-dropping, obtuseness. The statement was made by Pierre […]

Torturing 4 Freedom and Tyrannising 4 Tolerance

The irony of governments and their agents “torturing some folks” in the name of protecting freedoms ought not to escape us. And if you fancy overdosing on irony, consider that the governments of those same countries that have been busy “torturing some folks” or allowing it to happen, are the very same ones that are constantly reminding us of how tolerant we all need to be — even to the point of agreeing with their agenda to redefine marriage and triangles. A closer examination, however, […]

Game-Changer: Goodbye South Stream; Hello Turk Stream

The news that Russia has cancelled South Stream — a gas pipeline from Russia to Europe, via the Black Sea — was at first reported by many news agencies as a bitter blow to “The New Hitler,” Vladimir Putin. Here was proof that Russia was indeed isolated, and that the stance of the West was paying off. However, just moments after this was reported, a monumental piece of news came through. The news was that instead of going ahead with […]

The Joe Biden Show: Truth, Deception and “Truthful Deception”

Did someone slip something funny into Joe Biden’s coffee before his speech at Harvard University yesterday? Whilst defending US Foreign Policy, the Vice President came out with a mixture of astonishing claims; a moment of truth, a moment of outright deception, and what I think can only be described as a moment of “truthful deception.” First the moment of truth. In a rare moment of candour, Mr Biden let slip who had been behind the decision of the European Union to […]

My Enemy’s Enemy is my Friend’s Enemy’s Enemy’s Friend — or US Foreign Policy in a Nutshell

Anyone trying to make sense of what is going on in the Middle East at the moment is going to have their work cut out. Trying to decipher the meaning of it is a bit like peeling an onion — in order to find out the central issues, you are going to have to keep on peeling away past the outside layers until you get to the heart of the matter. On the surface of it all, it appears to […]

As Far as East is From West

Because some people believe much of what they read in the mainstream media, and because the mainstream media portray Vladimir Putin as a crazy insane madman who wants to revive the Soviet Union, build Gulags and probably destroy the world, there are many people out there who think Vladimir Putin is a crazy insane madman who wants to revive the Soviet Union, build Gulags and probably destroy the world. Meanwhile in the West, our leaders are portrayed as calm and rational […]

The European Union: The Squirrel Nutkin of Geopolitics

If you haven’t read Beatrix Potter’s Squirrel Nutkin story, you really ought. The story begins with Nutkin and his fellow squirrels crossing over to an island to gather nuts for the winter. The “governor” of the island is an aged and very respectable owl called Old Brown, and the squirrels seek his permission to gather nuts by bringing him an offering — mice, moles, minnows — every day. All, that is, except Squirrel Nutkin. Whilst the rest of the squirrels […]

Putin’s Real Missile: Aimed Right at the Heart of the EU

So after nine rounds of sanctions against the Russian Federation, the European Union is now waking up to the implications of the first round of retaliatory sanctions. It is clear that they are none too happy. What have Russia done? They have banned imports of certain foodstuffs from those countries that have imposed sanctions on them, for a period of one year. This includes the import of beef, pork, poultry, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, cheese, milk, and dairy products […]