It seems that we still don’t know for sure whether President Swamp did actually refer to certain nations — excluding Norway of course — as s******* countries. Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois is sure he did. Senator David Perdue is sure he didn’t. New reports suggest that he may have said another “s” word — not the same, but equally crass.

Of course it’s easily imaginable that this oaf of a man, not exactly known for his carefulness or his subtlety, might have said such a thing. But just assuming he did, would it have been — as most of the commentary has alleged — an example of Mr Swamp’s racism? That’s what Senator Durbin himself thinks, describing the alleged words as “hate-filled, vile, and racist.”

I think this so misses the point as to be almost laughable. For all I know, Mr Swamp may well personally believe that people whose skin is of a darker colour than his own are inferior. Yet if he did say what he is alleged to have said — or something similar — it wouldn’t represent so much a slander against people of a different skin colour, but simply Mr Swamp’s own typically crass and vulgar expression of the superiority complex that has engulfed the entirety of the US elites since the end of the Cold War. Of course unlike President Swamp, most of them are shrewd enough to know how to express it using far more sophisticated language. But it’s basically what they believe all the same.

Remember how the previous President kept informing the world that America is “the exceptional nation”? Remember when he kept telling us that America is “the indispensable nation”? Meaning what? That all other nations were both unexceptional and dispensable of course. He was far too suave to have called them all s******* countries, but that’s basically the gist of what he was saying, as his comment that the US sometimes has to “twist the arms” of countries that “don’t do what we need them to do” shows.

Remember Madeleine Albright, who after being told that half a million Iraqi children had died because of US sanctions, answered that the US government “thought the price was worth it”? Had she called it a s******* country, it might have caused more of a fuss. As it is, because she didn’t use that word, it was apparently okay.

Or the times when the US Government decided to invade Iraq, destroy Libya or launch their Islamist terrorist proxies against the people of Syria? None of these countries ever threatened the US. Yet they were basically considered s******* countries in the geopolitical games played by the US elites who cared nothing for the distress, carnage, and death they unleashed against the populations of those nations.

I almost hope that President Swamp did say it. Although he attained to the presidency promising to drain the swamp, in many ways he better represents it than anyone else in the US possibly could. The swamp is defined by its arrogance, its hubris, and its absolute conviction that all other nations are inferior to the US. Many of them are savvy enough to hide this disdain behind more diplomatic language. Mr Swamp, on the other hand, just blurts out in his crass and vulgar way what they all think anyway.

2 thoughts on “Did President Swamp Just Say What the US Elites Have Long Thought?

  1. Hi Rob,

    I think the political elites in most countries have a superiority complex in relation to other countries. It probably shows up more in the case of the USA because the USA has the military might and intelligence network to put it’s arrogant attitude into practice abroad. An example you might have mentioned is that the USA surreptitiously fomented revolutions in some Latin American countries in the last century for its own commercial interests.

    But the UK is guilty of the same arrogant attitude. The opium wars in China resulted in many Chinese people’s lives being ruined by drugs. After the First World War the UK practised wholesale slaughter against tribes people in Iraq. And more recently British forces had a hand in destabilising Libya and Syria.

    Non-western countries are guilty of similar arrogance. Most Arab countries are perfectly content to allow the residents of Gaza and the West Bank to continue to suffer rather than to welcome them into their own country as refugees, in order for them to act as a thorn in the side of Israel. When there is a natural disaster somewhere in the world, Saudi Arabia is last in the queue to offer financial assistance despite being one of the countries most able to afford it.

    North Korea’s leader likes to be worshipped as a god and regards western nations as evil. And the list could go on.

    I would go further and say that many political elites are happy even to sacrifice hoi poloi of their own nation for their own advantage. African countries are notorious for having leaders who dress in expensive clothes and have large waistlines, while their own citizens are living in dire poverty and dying from preventable diseases. The UK used unsuspecting National Servicemen as guinea pigs when experimenting with chemical weapons at Porton Down, and even exposed members of the public to potentially dangerous chemicals:

  2. Nail on head best describes your comment. As for us.. ‘ to us belongeth shame of face’
    How refreshing a bit if general sackcolth and ashes would be. A bit more mouring rather than triumphalism and back patting.
    Fewer grins. Esp in Christian circles.
    Sobriety. Dirty word, shame, sorrow.
    Let it begin with us

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