“That’s not the way the world really works anymore. We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

Thus spake Karl Rove, Deputy Chief of Staff in the Government of George W. Bush.

I do wish people would study Rove’s words more carefully. Judiciously study them. If they did, then whenever the next alleged atrocity occurs and the United States, together with its coalition of supine vassals, starts yelling and hollering 10 minutes later for action to be taken, on the basis of a test-tube full of washing powder, or pictures of injured women and children in a war zone, and the entire media of dutiful stenographers shrieks that “something must be done”, then perhaps we might pause and wonder if we are being played. Instead of falling into an emotional spasm, maybe we would instead reject the deafening drumbeats of war – wars that have a habit of killing immeasurably more women and children than the alleged incidents on which they are based, by the way — and ask ourselves whether “Rove’s Law” has come into play.

As an aside, the West’s interventionist wars remind me of that wonderfully cynical exchange in the film, The Man With Two Brains:

Dr. Hfuhruhurr: “The only time we doctors should accept death is when it’s caused by our own incompetence!”

Dr. Necessiter: “Nonsense! If the murder of twelve innocent people can help save one human life, it will have been worth it!”

Here’s Dr. Necessiter selling us into war in Iraq: “Nonsense! If it costs us the deaths of 500,000 people to topple the evil dictator Saddam Hussein, it will have been worth it!”

Here he is selling us bombs on Libya: “Nonsense! If turning Libya into a failed state, a terrorist’s playground, and causing a mass exodus of refugees is the price for getting rid of Gaddafi, it will have been worth it.”

And here’s Dr Necessiter again, this time trying to sell us into bombing Syria: “Nonsense! Risking a catastrophic clash with a country armed with thousands of nuclear weapons is worth it in order to respond to the alleged deaths of less than a hundred people in a totally unproven chemical weapons attack.”

Behold, the “logic” of the interventionists!

But back to Rove. What was he saying? Three things:

Number one: We – that is the Globalist Deep State, centred in Washington DC – are sovereign over the entire globe and we will do as we please.

Number two: That we don’t follow reality, we create it.

Number three: That we are prepared to do things that will make your jaws drop, your hair stand on end, and your eyes boggle as you wonder what is going on, and while your jaws, your hair and your eyes are busy doing their thing, we will have moved onto create our next reality.

In other words – we are God – and not a kind and merciful God, but a God who lords it over all peoples’, nations and tongues, who tells lies, and then tells more lies to cover up those lies and – when you poor saps are trying to work out what it is we’re really up to – before you know what has happened, those lies and those lies to cover up lies will have become the new reality. We’ll have moved on and the world with it, and the narrative we have created will have been written in the history books, which we ourselves shall write.

The cases of Sergei Skripal and the alleged chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta seem somehow to represent the zenith of this ideology.

I do not know who poisoned Sergei Skripal or for what reason. It could be that the Russian Government was behind it, although this would mean accepting the highly improbable thesis that they decided to target a has-been MI6 spy, who they released from prison eight years ago, using perhaps the dumbest assassination method in the history of the world – an ineffective, slow-operating, “military-grade” nerve agent, which could be traced back to them, and which they smeared on a door handle in rainy Salisbury –, a week or so before a Presidential election, and less than 100 days before they are due to host the World Cup. In other words, the official narrative does not rest on accepting that the Russian state is the epitome of pure evil; it rests on accepting that it is the epitome of insanity and bumbling incompetence.

I do not know what happened in Eastern Ghouta. It could be that the Syrian Government was behind what is alleged to have happened (if it indeed did happen), but this would mean having to accept the thesis that just 24 hours away from completely liberating the last pocket of resistance in Damascus, after the US, the UK and France had all warned that they would attack if chemical weapons were used, just a week or so after the US President, Donald J. Swamp, announced that the US would be pulling out of Syria (which they occupied illegally, by the way), they made the decision to use a weapon that gave them no military advantage whatsoever, but which was practically guaranteed to be used as a pretext for airstrikes against them. In other words, like the Skripal case, the theory does not stand on accepting that the Syrian state is the epitome of pure evil; it stands on accepting that it is the epitome of self-defeating stupidity on an epic scale.

But you see what I’ve done? I’ve fallen right into Karl Rove’s trap, haven’t I? I’m asking questions about whether the narratives in these cases stack up. In the Skripal case, I’ve been judiciously studying reality by asking lots of questions that ought to have occurred to anyone with a keen interest in arriving at the truth (here and here, for instance). I could do the same with the Syrian case, if I had the time.

Yet while I’m doing so, the narrative is moving on. I’m falling into exactly the trap that Karl and his disciples have laid. They want two sorts of people: those who just blindly accept that it was the Russians wot did it, or that it was Assad wot did it; and those who spend their time asking questions about the official explanations. The first group call the second group conspiracy theorists and nutters. The second group call the first group dumb sheeple. And the Globalist Deep State laughs and laughs and laughs as the two groups battle it out to make sense of what has happened, leaving it free to march on to create the next reality. Truly I tell you, these Bolsheviks have learnt their Hegelian Dialectics well.

Now, this is not to rule out that in the Salisbury and Eastern Ghouta cases the official narratives might – just might – be the correct ones. That both Vladimir Putin and Bashar Assad might be the Laurel and Hardy of Geopolitics. Yet it has to be said that whatever else you think about them, neither of them tends to come across in interviews as being what you might call dumb or inept. Nor do either of them give the impression that they have sudden insane impulses to do things which have absolutely no benefit to them, but which hand their enemies massive PR victories.

But this is besides the point. The point is not whether these particular incidents are what the official narrative says they are, or whether they are provocations. It suffices for the “new reality creators” to create their realities on occasion, or perhaps to distort occurrences which they didn’t create, and before you know it you have your two groups battling over events which may be real or fake: the conspiracists – who are studying every event to try to work out the details and the inconsistencies – and the sheeple – who believe that their Government is full of good hearted, white hatted chaps and lasses who would never, ever do anything bad – unlike those orcs over in Mordor.

Rove and Co have basically created a “reality” where truth is no longer discernible, where assertions of guilt are taken as fact, and where holes in these kinds of incidents only serve to divide the people further, so that the Globalist Deep State can move on to create their next reality.

But let’s not get gloomy. The good news is that although they clearly think they can get away with it indefinitely, they can’t. No kingdom or empire built on a mountain of lies can stand indefinitely. They all fall. And can’t you start to sense the signs that the empire’s “new realities” – or what are known as lies in laymen’s terms – are reaching boiling point? Don’t you sense that they have just got too confident and in doing so have begun to get careless? They are making mistakes. And as they do, they are having to resort to bigger and bigger lies to cover up the ones they’ve already told.

Sadly for Rove and Co, but happily for the rest of us, the world doesn’t actually work the way they think it does. Reality — I mean real reality, rather than the phoney reality they have created — will catch up sooner or later. I sense that it’s on its way even now. And when it finally comes, the whole rotten edifice that these “history’s actors” have tried to create will crash and burn. Bringing much rejoicing.

13 thoughts on “From Skripal to Syria – The Empire’s “New Realities” Are Reaching The End of the Road

  1. Dear Rob Slane,
    thank you very much for this great article. Found it at infowars.
    I read it not only once but a couple of times, just great.
    It shows how journalism can be and should be, but today, there are no more journalists in MainstreamMedia who are able and willing to analyze.
    I would like to see your article in every American, French, British and German newspaper, at least. It would help make people start thinking again by themselves.
    May God bless you and your family in these dark times.
    With kind regards from Nuremberg, Germany,

    1. Hi Dorothea,

      Thank you very much for your kind and encouraging comments. I’m really glad you found the article useful.

      Every blessing to you and your family,


  2. Thank you. Good article. Yes I do think it will get harder and harder for them to pull the wool over our eyes.

  3. “I’m falling into exactly the trap that Karl and his disciples have laid …. [I’m one of] those who spend their time asking questions about the official explanations.”

    A factor worthy of note to add to your above Rob – the increasingly complex, steps required to wade through the treacle of statutory bureaucratic process each lengthy stage of querying / challenging anything… The associated cost / time demands of such are crippling, and they become ever more so. This I know from personal experience of challenging wilful arrogant injustice against a bunch of us hoi polloi which consumed my life over a period of four years, fighting through the system against ranks of legal eagles and their ongoing threats of immense legal costs against me until finally a three day hearing ruled in my favour.

  4. Perhaps people need a better understanding of first principles or premises..Your article was great and you are on my bookmarks to read now. Great work!!! Please keep it up!!



  5. Please follow ‘UKColumnNews’ Mon-Fri. – ukcolumn.org
    It is indispensable viewing to those who value truth in a day of lies and treason.
    We must reach as many people as possible with the truth. Too many remain in ignorance of it. I especially commend this episode to you from a couple of days ago –

    ***UK COLUMN NEWS – 12 04 18
    video – 52 minutes 21 seconds
    ‘Qui tacet consentire videtur’ – ‘Who is silent seems to agree’
    Please follow link for content.

  6. Israel Shahak was a Polish Jew who spent most of his life in Israel. In his book Jewish History, Jewish Religion he writes that ‘Judaism is imbued with a very deep hatred towards Christianity, combined with ignorance about it. This attitude was clearly aggravated by the Christian persecutions of Jews, but is largely independent of them. In fact, it dates from the time when Christianity was still weak and persecuted (not least by Jews), and it was shared by Jews who had never been persecuted by Christians or who were even helped by them.’

    That hatred of Christianity is alive and kicking. See, for example, the comments of an Israeli rabbi when asked in 2012 about the Islamization of Europe.

    My point is that it is not in Jewry’s interest for the West to be on good terms with Christian Russia; much better to set one against the other to prevent the formation of a Christian bloc. Henry Wickham Steed, a former editor of The Times, wrote in 1925 that the ‘gulf that severed Western Europe from Russia during the latter half of the 19th century was dug and kept open by Jewish resentment.’ (Full disclosure: Wickham Steed was inclined to accept the authenticity of The Protocols.)

  7. I commend you optimism. However, I am far less optimistic. The ruling elites have been lying ever since they had to seek the votes of ordinary people. We have, therefore, before us a long and consistent history of lies used to promote wars and other atrocities. Yet many, many ordinary people seem unable to see that the ruling elites lie. Many, many ordinary people seem to fall for the corporate media’s jumping up and down, which is, of course, why the Nuremberg Tribunal made a point of trying Julius Streicher and establishing propagandising for war as a crime against humanity. And so we have failed to hold the criminals to account, which has simply entrenched their belief that they can act with impunity.

    By the way, the alleged chemical weapons attack of last Saturday is blatant jihadist propaganda.


  8. Dear Rob
    Well said, with true understanding . The Neocons and those British representatives have all sworn allegiance to Israel, or more accurately the Zionists. There has been no mention of Israel in all this theatre as they are known as the masters of deceit but their servants or ‘Friends of Israel’ as they love to call themselves, are dumb enough to have published their plan to take out seven countries. Syria is the one of the stumbling blocks. Let us pray they fail as Iran will be next in line. Yes, they are over confident. Yes the oligarchs are propping up the bond market and stocks but the West is bankrupt, financially, morally and spiritually and Israel ‘s dreams of a greater Israel is all they care about now. We in the West no longer have anyone representing us. Sadly, people who watch TV are so easily duped and until they wake up we are all in the hands of God. At least something is clear in this daily fog of absolute stupidity.

  9. I also echo: “Very well said, Rob.” Like you said, thank God for His glorious Resurrection and the perfect kingdom to come. I have heard it said that so many people try to make the world (we live in) a better place, but it is an ir-redeemable (is that a word) sick place. Once you accept that, you feel better. We are called as Christians to be Christians and show Christian love and mercy, but we are not God.

    You say it seems we’ve reached a zenith. I suspect, and suspect you also suspect, and wish I was wrong, that this is only a temporary apex and there will be a new zenith while we are busy trying to make sense of this one. (By the way, zenith is a very nice way of putting it)

    They like to say it about mass shootings in schools, but it applies more broadly now…the unthinkable has become thinkable.

    I sound (to myself) almost nonchalant about this whole thing, but I am horrified and disgusted and terrified for my family and all our families.

    Even in my horror, I am fascinated at how the Republican pundits seem to exclusively identify the Deep State as secret liberal infiltrators…while I think your analysis is much more accurate. The Deep State actors are warmongers and oligarchs, of whatever public political affiliation of mindset.

  10. Very well said Rob! Bravo. From your “common” brothers and sisters in America we are astonished at the evil coming from The Swamp. Goodness! You have to be evil to not care that you are drawing the world close to Nuclear War. It is not like they are again picking on poor, defenseless Libya or Iraq. Once the escalation with Russia begins it will be hard to back down. Possible scenario:

    -USA shoots missiles into Syria and hits Russian troops
    -Russia shoots back and destroys a US ship
    -USA returns fire even more powerful perhaps using a tactical nuke
    -Russia responds with some of their new missiles destroying the US fleet
    -US/NATO send bombers towards Russia itself (are they nuclear armed or not?). Br
    -Putin has 30 minutes to make a decision – what would you do in his shoes?
    -Perhaps he will stay cool, but maybe, just maybe he will decide to not allow any bombers to enter Russia and he will unleash the nukes (from his subs, from his land based and send bombers over the North Pole)
    -The USA reciprocates with their Nuclear Triad and billions die

    Is any of this worth it? No way!!! But to the crazed neocons…. I don’t think they care about us common folk. Thank God for his Glorious Resurrection from the dead though! They may kill our bodies but with Faith in our Savior we will join Him forever in His Heavenly Kingdom! Jesus Christ alone is Judge of the Living and Dead, and the neocons will have a lot to answer for when He judges the world with righteousness.

    Peace in the Resurrected Christ!

    1. Thanks David.

      I agree entirely with your comment. Very scary scenario, and the one you have set out is highly possible if the US attacks, but yes – thank God for his glorious resurrection.



    2. Dear David,

      Yes, your scenario is a scary one — yet it is only half of the scenario!

      I was once taught that when everybody looks at the same thing (at the moment Syria) then you would do better to make a half-turn and see what is going on in “your back”.

      Have you noticed with which speed China is mounting it’s show of force to Taiwan — latest news are that they might prepare to bring “offspring” Taiwan back into the “mothercountry”.

      Can you really see the USA fighting a two front war against Russia and China at the same time?

      I would even suggest you forget about the nukes. In my opinion one conventional missle hitting the Yellowstone-caldera would be more than sufficient – as this would provoke the destruction of more than 50% of the US territory.

      Have you noticed how Bill Gates – not really known to be a financial guru – has today warned of a new more drastic financial crisis – saying it is coming for sure, the question is when?

      What really scares the life out of me is the creepy stuff that is happening where there is “no noise/fuss”.

      Life is a gift — enjoy it to the full while you are allowed to do so.

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