What strange times we live in.

Times in which a boy with perfectly normal XY chromosomes and intact male genitalia can think himself to be a girl, and instead of telling him “No Jonnie, it’s not your body or your chromosomes that are messed up, it’s your head,” we are apparently meant to encourage him in his delusion and spit venom at anyone who thinks that lopping off his thingy is a bad idea.

Times in which the institution of marriage, which was mocked, despised and destroyed by Cultural Marxists over many decades, suddenly became oh-so-important again that we were told that men must be allowed to marry other men (unless of course they’re brothers of course, which apparently even in our society still remains a taboo). You’d almost think it was part of the same plan!

Times when a man who is faithful to his wife, loves his children, works hard, and has good relations with his neighbours, can be accused of being something called a bigot, or a homophobe, or a transphobe, or whatever today’s playground taunt happens to be, just because he has the “wrong views”, and hounded out of his job with his reputation shredded.

Times in which being unfaithful, or abandoning your children, or refusing to work, or being a consumer of porn, are apparently no guide to person’s character, as long as he or she has the right views on homosexuality, transgenderism, Climate Change etc.

Times when children go to places called schools and universities, apparently to learn how to think, and yet by and large manage to come out the other end imbibing all the smelly little orthodoxies and Groupthink of the day.

Times when your Government can talk about the threat of Islamic extremism on the one hand, whilst arming and funding Islamic extremists in other countries in order to depose some leader or other that apparently stands in the way of their Grand Plan.

Times when the bar of evidence for accusing another country of meddling in an election is so low that “Because we say so and we don’t need no stinking evidence” counts as proof.

Times when a country can meddle in the elections and societies of countless nations, without a hint of concern or even acknowledgement from the media, and yet when it sombrely accuses another country of meddling in its election – without showing us any evidence for the claim –, it is not met by a horse laugh from every sentient being around the world.

Times in which a country that has launched wars and proxy wars against nations that never even threatened them, leading to the deaths and displacement of hundreds of thousands of people, continually accuses other countries of something called “aggression” and of “violating international law”, and yet the dull masses of media sheep simply reports it without a trace of irony or so much as a cough.

Bit of an asylum really. I reckon someone’s making money out of it. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Somebody is Making Money Out of Turning Planet Earth Into an Asylum

  1. I stumbled upon your website a couple of months ago and I must say I’m frequently astonished at your ability to articulate the fundamental issues that our world faces today. Further, you do it with such humor which conveys such courage in the face of the opposition.
    Please keep up the good work – our world needs such messengers.

    1. Hi Martyn,

      Thanks very much for your kind comment. It really is a great encouragement to hear that the kind of stuff I’m writing is found to be helpful and needed. Much appreciated!

      Best wishes,


  2. I have observed the same behaviour. My conclusions were arrived at by the use of my senses, my ears and my eyes and my soul. You ask’ is someone making money?’
    In this age of supposed austerity (a deceitful lie)the UK NHS state that the budget in 2018 for sex change surgery is £22,000,000 which allows children with no ideas of their own, to be operated on. This is while ambulances wait outside the A and E departments with urgent patients but cannot unload as the corridors are full. The new leaders programme stems from a Government think-tank called COMMON PURPOSE, funded by Deutschebank. Hopefully Deutschebank will be going bust very soon as they are on life support themselves, so perhaps that is the hand that no one sees that will intervene, if we are too spineless to do the job ourselves. Thankyou for your article which covers all the products of our newly trained ‘leaders’.

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