I must say that seeing the treatment meted out to Jacob Rees-Mogg on Good Morning Britain, and the subsequent reaction of the Grand Inquisition of Tolerant Intoleristas was actually quite a liberating experience. I came away from it the following thought: “You know. I really don’t care one teensy weensy little jot what these people say or think.”

But why? Why oh why do I find myself not caring very much that someone somewhere might be offended at my failure to assent to their idea that a marriage needeth neither a woman or a man? I think it must be something to do with the fact that whenever someone does come out with this perfectly reasonable view, held by almost everyone up until about 10 minutes ago, the Grand Inquisition without hesitation comes out in its by now well practiced, and frankly tedious squawk: “Bigot.” “Extremist.” “Homophobe.” “Fascist.” “Nazi.” “Out-of-touch.” “Dinosaur.” “Blah.” “Blah.” “Blah.” Well I don’t know about you but I learned to stop caring for puerile taunts when I heard them yelled by the playground bully some decades ago. I’m not sure why I should start listening to them again all these years later.

My favourite of all those taunts is the dinosaur one. That’s very funny, and not a little ironic. There was Christianity doing a marvellous job of civilising us, yet in a few short years all the progress we were making has been flushed down the toilet. Those who routinely try to drown out their opponents by saying things like, “You just want to turn the clock back”, have managed to turn the clock back in a manner that not even the most crusty conservative reactionary type could ever have thought possible. If indeed Colonel Barking from Royal Tunbridge Wells really had wanted to turn the clock back, he might have gone for the 1950s perhaps. But these people have managed the momentous achievement of hurling us back nearly three-and-a-half thousand years, to the land of Canaan, circa 1,400 BC. Molech now gets his fill of 200,000 infants every year, and Ashtoreth gets her dues paid once more in the land of the sexual free-for-all. Granted, they didn’t have iPhones back then, but otherwise the similarities are uncanny.

One of the questions asked of Mr Rees-Mogg is becoming a bit of a favourite for the Grand Inquisition. Do you think that gay sex is a sin? Nice question to ask whilst people are munching on their cornflakes, I’m sure, but what I love about it is the way it exposes so much of the folly of modernity:

“Sorry, what was that word you used? Sin? Now what in the world could you be meaning by that?”

“You know, sin. Something that’s wrong or immoral.”

“Ah, I’m with you. But tell me, who gets to define sin? Is it you? Is it me? Is it Good Morning Britain presenters? Is it the media? What are you going to go for?”

“Well the majority of people in Britain don’t think it’s a sin.”

“Oh so it’s defined by the majority, is it? Well the majority of people in Africa think it’s a sin. So I guess it must be a sin in Africa then. The majority of people in Britain used to think it a sin. So it must have been a sin back then, right?”

“Well, we’ve moved on since then.”

“Oh I see. There I was, supposing that sin and morality must be fixed, else they are meaningless, but you’re telling me they’re on wheels, ready to be moved to wherever the zeitgeist and the majority want to place them?”

The question is a delightfully ironic one in modern secular Britain. Last time I looked it was God who defined what is and what isn’t sin, not you, not me, not Good Morning Britain presenters and not the 51%. But since we decided as a nation some time ago that we didn’t want him to rule over us, what exactly do we even mean by sin? The concept is completely meaningless. It’s just a sea of competing opinions, and you never know, one day the majority just might change its mind again.

If you want to ask questions like “Do you think gay sex is a sin?” you’re going to have to do better than expect everyone to answer on the basis of the received wisdom of the day. You’re going to have to define what you actually mean by the word sin and – here’s the shocker – it’s going to have to be a bit more robust than “whatever we say so.”

So how about this for a definition. It was written by some very learned chaps back in the 17th century who appear to have thought about the issue in rather more detail than your average Good Morning Britain presenter in the 21st century:

“Sin is any want of conformity unto, or transgression of, the law of God” (Westminster Shorter Catechism Q.14)

Ah, so sin is something to do with not complying with, or wilfully breaking God’s law. Okay, so what does God say about the issue at hand? Through his chief apostle, the one who also wrote the famous “love” passage that even the Grand Inquisitors think is great:

“Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God” (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).

Pretty clear huh? There’s some sins defined. There’s what they prevent you from entering. And there’s the remedy – repentance towards God through the death of his Son.

But it’s interesting that the members of the Grand Inquisition only choose to focus on one issue from that list. It’s a shame really because there’s so much more they could choose. “So, Mr Rees-Mogg, do you think being a drunkard is a sin?”. Shock, horror: Politician thinks being a drunkard is a sin. So, Mr Rees-Mogg, do you think reviling is a sin?”. Shock, horror: Politician thinks reviling is a sin. That would be an interesting one for the Grand Inquisitors themselves, since their treatment of Mr Rees-Mogg undoubtedly falls into that category.

Here’s one to ask the Grand Inquisitors themselves: “Do you think that believing gay sex is a sin, is a sin?” Of course they clearly do, which neatly demonstrates how they now think that they are the ones who get to define what is and what isn’t sin. They actually think that believing what God calls sinful to be sinful, is sinful. Well, good luck explaining that one to God when he calls you to account.

But of course they weren’t finished with Mr R-M yet. Smelling blood, they went for the abortion question. But which one? Each year 200,000 babies in Britain are sacrificed to Molech. Of these less than 1% are rape cases. One is a Very Big number. The other is a Much Smaller number. Yet which one does the Grand Inquisition always choose to concentrate on? Why the less than 1% of course. If you listen to the interview carefully again, you can just about hear the presenters as they chomp down their camels and then choke on their gnats.

Apparently the 200,000 that are “lifestyled to death” are not worth asking about. I mean, when was the last time you heard a Good Morning Britain presenter, or any member of the Grand Inquisition going after a politician in this manner:

“So in your view, the slaughter of 200,000 babies every year, most of which are killed out of lifestyle choice, is perfectly acceptable and not at all sinful?”

Of course the answer is never. It’s fine to be in favour of Molech getting his fill and nobody will question your morals and intentions. You could even run for PM and nobody would bat an eyelid. But woe betide that man or woman who believes that killing babies on an industrial scale is a great evil.

The whole interview and aftermath was nothing but a circus, and so much more a reflection of our pitiful understanding of what does and doesn’t constitute sin than it is a reflection on Mr Rees-Mogg’s fitness for office. As I said at the start, looked at in the right light, the whole affair is hugely liberating. The cry of bigot and extremist should be treated as it deserves to be treated: ignore it completely.

11 thoughts on ““Bigot. Extremist. Homophobe. Fascist. Nazi. Dinosaur.” The Grand Inquisition of Tolerant Intoleristas Throws its Dazzling Lexicon at Jacob Rees-Mogg

  1. “I learned to stop caring for puerile taunts when I heard them yelled by the playground bully some decades ago. I’m not sure why I should start listening to them again all these years later.”

    On one hand I agree with you Rob because effectively these taunts are our marks of sharing in Jesus’ sufferings and woe to us if the world speaks well of us. But on the other hand these taunts by people in the media function as powerful propaganda that guides and consolidates public opinion, especially the minds of our young people. It perpetuates and accelerates our society’s downward spiral. And it creates a climate in which Christians will be denied access to jobs as politicians, magistrates, school teachers, company directors, etc. with the loss of influence that will entail. It is a sad era to be living in.

  2. Just to add to my comment above, it is Rupert Sheldrake who has another name for our term Speciel Mind. He calls it “Morphic Resonance” and gives a wonderful example with the tit birds in England. A tit bird learned that it could remove the paper cover on the milk jars and skim off the cream. Before long other tit birds in other areas were doing the same, that is until the dairies started making milk without cream, the skim and 2%, of which they had no interest. It was the fat they wanted.

  3. We are ever so thankful for people like you, Rob, who are so clear-sighted and well-grounded in what is and what isn’t Christianity. We grew up with our parents never taking our Sunday visits to church home with us, except for a perfunctory prayer of thanks at dinnertime. Our parents never really taught us to pray, though we learned later in life our mother did and which saved our brother’s life, and so our only saving grace was to ask of God to come into our life when we felt a sea without rudder, which He did, and then to ask for understanding so our children would not grow up ignorant as had we.

    One of our first questions was the why of homosexuality. We had had two dear male homosexual friends who were so very troubled where they found themselves, and wanting to understand we asked of God for the truth. Yes, the Bible indicates homosexuality is wrong, but we didn’t read the Bible until our late twenties, and then we threw it across the room in disgust when we saw Joshua murdering all these different peoples under the guidance of Jehovah. We couldn’t accept that God would say, “Thou shall not kill/murder”, but you can murder in My Name. It was then the floodgates of understanding burst open and God delivered us into the understandings of Delamer Duverus, an Identification which loosely translates from the French to mean, from the sea or giver of truth. DD called Joshua a bloodthirsty beast and explained that Jehovah was a Gnostic term for a lesser god, the god of war and destruction, which we later realized was a manifestation of what we call the Alien Mind, just as is Molech, Mammon, Baal, Lucifer, Amadeus, etc.

    It was DD who wrote in “The Golden Reed” that male homosexuality can lead to the annihilation of the human species if left unchecked. Why? He didn’t say why. Gradually and over a number of years He began to show us how male homosexuality can be created through the diet and the many toxins found in our food today, how they encourage male homosexuality through the insidious thought projection devices and other means of media propaganda, and eventually He gave this “scientific” gal the understanding of why and how.

    Humanity is more than just their genetics. We have a Speciel Mind (pronounced spee-shull), given by God, as each sort of animal also has their own Speciel Mind, which we see more clearly in them as instinct, and which governs their behaviors and their genetics, what genes gets expressed and which do not. Humanity was given a mind with which to reason, the ability for language, and considerable free will and we can add and subtract from the strength of the Speciel Mind by how we think, by how much we let ourselves be influenced either by the Mind of Man or the Alien Mind. The “I am”, what some call the Seat of the Soul, is in the Pineal gland, what we call the Pineal Triad, and it is here the Speciel Mind resides and the conscience, which is our Speciel Mind’s counseling of us. This is our connection to God and where He hides within us.

    Humanity was given the ability to think and reason and this advantage can also be a disadvantage if not kept in check. A human mind is like a candlelight of power. One candle will give off one-cubed candlelight of power, which is one. If two minds are thinking together, likened to two candles being lit, they produce two-cubed or a mindset of eight candlelight of power. The more thinking together, the larger the mindset, always cubed by the number involved. The larger the mindset even when thinking in error, the more effect it will have upon the Speciel Mind. In the case of male homosexuality, if the mindset grows too large, we endanger our Speciel Mind of flipping towards homosexuality, and this in turn will lead to annihilation of the species of humanity. This is the reason that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed in the written history in the Bible, not from lack of hospitality as some have reasoned, but for the strength of the mindset of this perversion in those cities.

    In regard to Abortion, it is similar. Say you went to build a home, and then before it is done something comes along and destroys it. You would probably rebuild. If it happened again, still you might rebuild. What if time and time again the home gets destroyed before it is finished? Well, we just might give up. Abortions send the wrong message to the Speciel Mind, for that embryo carries the Speciel Mind and is human from conception. That is the Speciel Memory which creates the Body. However, DD does allow abortions in cases of rape, incest, and if the mother’s life is in jeopardy.

    Delamer Duverus considers both male homosexuality and abortion to be Adulter

    1. We wrote about the cube of the minds above, and there is a reference to this in the Book of Revelations, where it talks about the City, being as high as it is wide as it is deep, and where the temple of it is the Lamb, JeSus who is now our God, and the Lord God Almighty, Man. It is minds, humans, thinking with God.

      The evil on this planet might have their own mind cube, but certainly God’s can be much stronger as we all turn to JeSus to make it so.

    2. Hello Jenny,

      Delamer Duverus has obviously had a big influence on you. It is good when God sends someone across our path to help us know God better. I was hugely blessed as a young man person when I got to know a particular man who helped me out of my darkness, ignorance, and confusion by explaining the gospel clearly to me and establishing me in the fundamental principles of God’s Word. Over 30 years later this person still has a very special place in my heart – I esteem him very highly and I’m always willing to listen attentively to what he has to say. But he is not infallible. I happen to disagree with his some of his opinions, e.g. in regards to divorce & remarriage and withholding the Lord’s Supper from baptised infants. I am ultimately responsible to Jesus alone for my personal convictions. As Jesus taught us:
      “You must not be called ‘Teacher,’ because you are all equal and have only one Teacher. And you must not call anyone here on earth ‘Father,’ because you have only the one Father in heaven. Nor should you be called ‘Leader,’ because your one and only leader is the Messiah.” (Matthew 23:8-10)

      1. Delamer Duverus is a Man, as JeSus said He was the Son of Man. He is also called the Angels, the Lord God Almighty, and Our Father in Heaven. We keep counsel with Him, because we have seen the truth of Him. We always follow His will in everything.

        He is also our Creator, God created the Lord God and the Lord God created Humanity out of the dust of the Earth.

        It was our mentor who followed His will before us, and who, like with JeSus, taught us to do so. We had never really understood before his writings.

  4. Just thankful for bit of fresh sir in grey sludge Britsin. So sick of the cesspit and general obfuscation. I left new age involvement 30 years ago sfter 5 yrs brainwashing. Renewing the mind is ongoing snd costly but how great it is to put the feet on rock.and breathe clesn air. Cant believe what we see in our post christsin filth spewing country. Proud if it too! . You mention Africa. They put us to shame. Or we should be ashamed, and that’s too mild. We have no shame. I am 70 next month. I never hear the words ‘you should be ashamed
    of your self’ I weep for my grandchildre and the children in general led by blind guides. Now the shame thst we spew our filth , tied to loans and aid, to the whole world in the name of good. Are we ashamed, No we dont even know how to blush. Jer 6?

    Thanks Rob, your blog is an anchor in a strong wind. We christians need to wake up. Cold water in the face . In much weskness.. hannah

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